Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tunes Tuesday For a Favorite Character

  Yes, I finally have a weekday off that isn't completely packed with a million items on my to-do-list. I didn't get the promotion I was hoping for, but I opened my eyes to a whole new world. After a few weeks of intense training I have become a certified framer. With my mind filled with art, I thought I would dedicate this Tunes Tuesday to a character whose image brings to mind all sorts of artsy, fantasy worlds, especially Neverland.

  One of my weird quirks is I love the idea of flying off to a fantasy world of magic creatures be they Tolkien's elves or  Tinker Bell herself. And, for some strange reason I love songs about Peter Pan. I've recently come across a country songs that not only tells a story of love, but also puts her own spin on the old tells of Peter Pan, showing how it can relate to today's world. You'll have to check it out and see how nice it is.

Kelsea Ballerini - Peter Pan

  Another of my favorites, since I was a teenager and my go to song for playing billiards, singing along dancing, a usually winning the pool game.

Blues Traveler - Hook

  And my always present EXO even has a Peter Pan song they sing at concerts.

EXO - Peter Pan

  Crazy boys and their even crazier Exo- L's! (yes I'm an Exo Lovely)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thrilling Thursday and Back Into Action

    First, I'd like to apologize for the long absence. Work and life in general has been crazy here. That means I haven't really been writing either. Honestly, I haven't had the motivation to write lately. Between writing myself into a hole, with characters that frustrate me and being lazy I haven't done much. Come to think of it reading used to be one of my favorite things in the world. I have barely picked up a book over the last year, which is sad. That is until recently...

Related image
  I found a web site where I have been reading amateur writer's work. Their excitement and enthusiasm for writing gave me a kick start. I've taken a page from their ideas and started writing short chapters as a writing technique just to get the ball rolling again. I've started making myself tote around a small notebook to add a line here or there, whenever I have a free moment. It isn't much and won't become a book, but I'm writing again using things I know from working at an arts and craft store.

  My main character is written as a sales associate in a similar store. She gives knitting classes and is well loved by her customers. I go into detail having her explain to newbies how to start knitting, which leads to a regular customer introducing her to her son. He takes one of her classes just to have a chance to spend more time with her making sure to let her know he is interested in a lot more than her knitting skills.
Image result for knitting

  Sounds like a great idea for a story and using what I know from work is making the words just pop out of my mind freely. If there is enough interest, I might be talked into sharing it here. But, that is completely up to all of you. Interested? Drop me a comment.

(Pictures from Google. Credit to owners.)