Monday, February 25, 2013

Music Monday to Wrap Up February-

  All February, I've been sharing some of my favorite love songs. But, the thing is. love isn't always perfect. And for the love that needs a little extra help, here is one of my favorite love songs, a classic that never gets old. Love means having to make up from time to time. So, for the days when you fight, here is the love song for fighting to save that love!

If I Could Turn Back Time- Cher

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snippet Sunday With a Girl Pulled Through Time.

Each week I've been sharing a small snippet of some of the powers my heroines possess. In my book One Wish my main character Melanie isn't a vampire, a witch or an alien like most of my characters. No, she is just a poor lonely soul who has lost everything and with one halfhearted wish she gets pulled through time. Unless you consider spunk and pure attitude a super power.

From One Wish-
  As she looked quickly from side to side and happened to catch a small glance of the
Captain swinging his sword wildly, taking out one man, but there was another advancing on
him quickly from behind. Knowing he would never hear her over the roar of the battle, she had
one of two choices do something or stand here and watch him die. She choose to do something.
  A quick survey around and above her gave her the perfect idea. Near by she climbed a
pole, grabbed one of the many ropes holding up their sail and jumped, propelling her weight through the air. Holding on for dear life, grinning for all she was worth, she thrilled at this new
adventure. Well I did dream of being an acrobat as a child.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day Hunks Out of the Ordinary

  If you haven't noticed, I don't like the usual hero. For me every hero should be different, special, a complete original who is his own person. One of my most unique heroes would have to be the mystery man from Megumi's past in New Beginnings, the fourth book in my Zogone Saga.

  So let me tell you a little bit about Megumi's first love.

Ryuu Harada-

  Young Japanese man mid to late 20's. Light honey colored skin. Thin, man muscled, though not as muscled as a solider like Dragunter. Around 6 feet tall, taller than Megumi but an inch or so shorter than Dragunter. Long black hair to mid-back around his shoulderblade bottoms, silky and slightly wavy loosely pulled back in a pony tail or left hanging around his face. Misty grey eyes. Corduroy or fake leather pants, usually with a button up silky shirt that shows off his muscles. Business man with rocker style. He has piercing in both ears though normally just wears the silver star in his left lobe. Likes silver rings and a black bracelet with silver mini swords hanging from it. Always wears a black slightly loose cloth necklace with silver threads running through it, it holds an antiqued silver claw on end of it. 

   Ryuu has been in love with Megumi since the moment they first laid eyes on each other, back before they started high school and had barely become teenagers. They were each other's first love, high school sweethearts and lost their virginity together. Their plan was to be married, live HEA and never be apart again. Ryuu just couldn't fight against the Puritan Vampire in her memories, the monster who had come out of the dark, attacking her mother and leaving a five-year-old Megumi the only witness to such a violent crime. The attack leading Megumi into the welcoming arms of a Yankii girl gang and stealing her from Ryuu. But he never gave of hope of getting her back. When he finally has had enough of waiting for her, he chases her all the way to the alien planet Adrivar to get her back. Stopping at nothing to have the woman who could only be his.    

  What do you think of the hero being a man from the past, swooping back in to reclaim his lost love? And a Japanese hero at that?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Monday for Our Love

  I wonder when was it that couple's started the tradition of 'our song'? I'll have to look it up. For now, I don't really know, but it is a sweet tradition, another way to show that this one person means the world to me.  So, for week three of our month of love I'd like to share the song I share with my own dear hubby. From way back in 1997, a duet between another sweet loving couple who hves stayed happily together despite the woes of our world.

It's Your Love By: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

For Tim, listen and may your Monday be better with my warm loving smile! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday Now Snippet Sunday-

 Today I'm going to share a six snippet about a secondary heroine I pick up in Ancient Enemies. Jade doesn't have her own story, but she does find love along the way through the rest of the Zogone Saga.  Scanning for Sam's D.N.A. sign Josh finds a second matching D.N.A. sign and tracks it to a young woman named Jade, who turns out to be Sam's half sister and another victim of the Puritan Vampire. What's so special about Jade? Being like Sam she is half vampire, but from her mother she is also half Wiccan. Not only does she have the vampire speed, strength and amazing healing abilities, but she also has some interesting Wiccan abilities.

Here is a snippet of one of Jade's rarely used Wiccan abilities. Teleportation and she takes along her horrified alien boyfriend.

  From Ancient Enemies-
 Grabbing an erasable marker off Brian's table and a cantina, she quickly drew a big black circle in the middle of the pristine white floor, and then pulled Borus into the circle behind her holding him tightly in her arms. "Mother goddess hear my plea, let us be in time to save our friend from deathly harm."

  Borus watched as she closed her eyes tightly, while her tiny fingernails clawed his back through his shirt. There was a white flash of light, then the intense feeling of being unbearably stretched like an old rubber band that was very close to dry rotting. His stomach clinched and he was afraid he would embarrass himself at any moment by losing his lunch all over her shoes. But worst of all was the feeling of total blindness.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V-Day with Special Guest Author Raphyel M. Jordan.

  For the day of love Valentine's Day, I'd like to share one of my obvious great loves- Really good books. To help me with that, I have a special guest today. Please welcome my fellow author- Raphyel Montez Jordan.  Raphyel is another special guest introduced to me by The Masquerade Crew. I have to say I love the cover of his debut release Prossia. Thanks for stopping by Raphyel and sharing your book. I hope the rest of the tour goes great!


  Raphyel Montez Jordan grew up in a household sensitive to the creative arts. As a child, his hobbies were drawing favorite cartoon and video game characters while making illustrated stories. This passion for art never left and followed him all the way up to his high school and college years.

  It wasn’t until college when he underwent a personal “renaissance” of sorts that Jordan took his interest in writing to another level. When he was 19, he started writing a novel for fun, taking inspiration from the constant exposure of different ideas and cultures that college showed him while staying true to the values he grew up to embrace. However, when the “signs of the times” influenced the story and the characters to spawn into universes of their own, he figured he might possibly be on to something.

  As he studied graphic design at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia, Jordan also used his electives to study sciences like Astronomy, Psychology, and Biology in order enhance the reading experience in his story. He eventually made it a goal to have the story published after he graduated, and dubbed the goal “Operation Prosia,” the very same project that would develop into his first published book, “Prossia.”

  Even though his novel is not necessarily a religious book, Jordan utilizes his Christian faith by urging people to encourage, not condemn, in his story. Best known for ending his PSFC newsletters with “Unity Within Diversity,” he hopes “Prossia’s” success will inspire people to consider and support the positive outlook in the difference human kind can share, whether it be race, religion, or any other cultural difference.

  Prossia's Universe: Built From What-if

  You know what? The real world's boring. I mean, seriously. Look outside. Did you just see a dragon or UFO fly by? No? Then I rest my case. And if you said yes. . . maybe it's time to talk to a professional. >_>

  One of the reasons why we're seeing sci-fi and fantasy films strike it big in the box office is because people love being able to get lost in a world beyond imagination. It's our natural human nature. Classical stories like Homer's epic poem, "Iliad," centuries beyond centuries old, is a strong evident to that statement.

  Human beings love to imagine the what-if scenario. What if there was magic? What if I had superpowers? What if aliens actually did exist? With those small sentences, with those few words, galactic governments have been put on the brink of peril, wars between elves and goblins have been raged, adventures that have challenged the test of time have been born, and that was exactly how "Prossia" was created.

  After having a basis for the story in mind, I asked myself, "What if I wrote a story about aliens?" Sure, that's simple enough, but that thought would branch off into more avenues and streams.

·    What if they lived on a single planet?

·    What if it was an entire solar system?

·    What if the aliens were spread across an entire galaxy?

·    What if there weren't any even humans around, like so many other stories?

  Did you see what happened? Did you see that snowball-turned-avalanche coming down the mountain? When I asked myself if my story was going to be about aliens, I was already challenging myself to explain why these people's world was the way it was, without even realizing it.

  And granted, universes aren't made over night, so creating the Prossia Universe has been a very long process. The other challenge of the universe comes from the fact that this is indeed a science fiction story. Meaning, I can't just say something is the way it is by magic. This genre requires a little fact, as much as feasible. So, when I made my main character, Aly, come from people who had infrared vision, had super reflexes and agility, and could form energy out of their hands, I actually had to explain that Aly has infrared vision because it helps her see approaching threats. I have a separate file listing the anatomy of my aliens, from what type of cartilage and muscle tissue would be possible for Goolians to move the way they do, to the extrasensory perceptions they have when it comes to their ability of using fusion to create a ball of plasma.

  And that only covers one of the current nine races! What about the other aliens and their designs? I wanted them to look a certain way, but there had to be a reason why. Humans and other animals look the way they look due to Earth's size, its closeness to the sun, the ecosystems it has, and tons, I MEAN TONS, of other factors. So, it's only natural other life-forms would evolve to fit their environments as well. That is, after all, one of the key functions of life. Seriously, look at how diverse the biology on our very own little rock is.

So, more questions:

   If we must adapt to our surroundings, what if I make aliens that can adapt to their surroundings through an advanced acclimation process? If that were the case, wouldn't that mean what took us millions of years to do capable of being done much sooner? And how much sooner am I talking? Am I still talking millions of years, or just a few thousand?

  And still, the questions continue, and guess what else, so does the world I find myself lost in. Maybe some people would think such world building is just wayyyy too much trouble. I, on the other hand, think it's totally awesome. Being an artist and a writer, I like being able to create, so what's cooler than creating an entire galaxy!?

  To think that I studied Civilization, Psychology, Ethics and Values, Biology and Ecology just so I could have some ideas for Prossia's Universe. Now, I'm not saying that's what all writers should do in order to build their worlds. I was just fortunate enough to be in my college years while I was writing "Prossia," and I needed to fill in some class electives. :P To me, researching is good, and the deeper I go into a universe, the better. Still, in the end, none of this could've happened if I asked the one thing that humans love to ask.

  "What if--" . Why don't you ask the same question? Who knows what wonders you'll bring.

  From Feb 11th to Mar 11th, Raphyel will be holding a special contest, so remember to sign up.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to learn more about Raphyel's work? Here are a few useful links.

Raphyel M. Jordan's Author Web Site

Raphyel M. Jordan on Amazon

Raphyel M. Jordan on Barnes & Nobel

Raphyel M. Jordan on Goodreads.

Prossia's Facebook page

And find Raphyel on Twitter.

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Hump Day Hunks and Heartbreaker Winner!

Winner of the Heartbreaker Blog Hop is- Susan Platt.

A heartbreaker can be so many things. But when it comes down to it they are the ones who leave you bleeding. And for the record Damon is one of my all time favorite heartbreaks, right up there with the character I'd mentioned before, Shotaro Fuwa.

My favorite comment was by Susan-

(For me a heartbreaker is someone who wants an encounter not a relationship and the first time emotions become involved, goodbye.
gfc susanmplatt)

I couldn't have put it better myself! Congrats Susan and thanks for following. And thanks to everyone who stopped by, left a comment and follows my blog. I appreciate all your support.
On to Hump Day Hunks.

 I've been talking about the qualifications of heroes. During my most recent blog hop we were talking about heart breakers. Some times I think the best hero could start out a villain or a heart breaker. Why? Because the ones who don't believe in love or refuse to show any weakness including being in love... Those are the heroes it is the most fun to watch fall, kicking and screaming all the way into the heroine's arms. What do you think of that theory?


   This week. I have a special guest joining me to celebrate Valentine's Day and our great love of books. Raphyel M. Jordan will be stopping by. So, don't miss out on your chance to hear about his book Prossia. During his blog tour, he is also doing a giveaway, so remember to sign up for a chance to win his book.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Music Mondays 2nd Week of Love-

  Stopping by for the Heartbreaker Blog Hop. Go here-

  Everyone will have to agree with me on this, other than Oldies songs, some of the best love songs are 'Monster Ballads'. You know what I'm talking about- Big hair rock love ballads. Some of those songs make you cry, some squeezes your heart, but all of them touch you in one way or another.

  Here is a song I heard a lot growing up, that always me think of true love and what could be if only you have the courage to try.

To Be With You By: Mr. Big

What do you think of the big hair rock days? Do you like their hard rocking songs or the ballads better? That is a hard question for me to answer.And don't forget to come back and see who is the winner of the Heartbreaker Blog Hop and a copy of my book Past Regrets.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday With One Scary Alien Chick.

For Heartbreaker Blog Hop go HERE!

Last Sunday I shared a six sentence about Arlene and what hidden abilities she might have. This week, I'm participating in the Heartbreaker Blog Hop and giving away a copy of my book Past Regrets. The main character Ginger is an alien, a Zogone
military General. So, today I'll share six sentences about Ginger's hidden abilities. Being an alien she has powers that are strange and unimaginable to us meer humans. Here is her six, which is also a clip from the first Zogone book Old Dreams.

From Old Dreams-

  The ends of Ginger's hair went from sparking to chunks of spirals sticking out in
every direction and each lock turned from lovely red to a pale off-white. The tiny freckles
sprinkled across her nose turned jet black and stood out against her pale face.

  Ginger's vacant eyes settled on Sam's position, then with a barely
audible murmur Ginger attacked. "Uivxpovh zggzxp."

  The black dots on Ginger's face leaped into the air, turned into arrows of light and
fire, then shot straight at Sam. Quick feet had Sam jumping, then he rolled over twice,
before leaping to his feet a few yards away from the small crater that now took up
residence where only a moment before he had been standing.

  Sam shot an angry expression Ginger's way and roared, "What the hell was that?"
What do you think of Ginger's alien Freckle Attack?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heartbreaker Blog Hop!

 Welcome to the Heartbreaker Blog Hop, just in time to help us celebrate our month of love!
  Today is the first day in our exiting hop hosted by Carrie Anne's Blog Hops. For the main Heartbreaker Blog Hop link and more exciting blog hops already in the planning, check out her site. Click on the picture to jump to her site.
 And don't miss out on the discussions for this blog hop. You can catch us all week chatting about it on Twitter. Use hashtag-   #HeartHop

 Are our heroes heartthrobs or heartbreakers? Or are they just the same thing? Yummy right? Valentine's Day is just around the corner for this blog hop and we're gearing up to see what exactly is a heartbreaker. Is the song playing in your head line mine? "Cuz he's a heartbreaker!" We love those sexy men, but what about those times in the story when they aren't perfect. Because come on, we know they aren't perfect. What makes those men heartbreakers? What can those guys do to make it better? Is there a way to grovel? Come on! Tell me about your heartbreaker!!

Almost 300 bloggers have giveaways and posts about those men we love!

But that's not all....

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet

2nd Grand Prize: A $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

My post for Heartbreaker Blog Hop-

  What is a heartbreaker to you? Growing up I always heard the word pointed at my older brothers, along with a few words that a lady shouldn't repeat.  To me a heartbreaker has always been a extremely handsome man who knows it and is overconfident, because of it. He is the type of man women flock to,who they love and adore, yet this man ignores them beyond having a good time, then never shows special attention to any specific one of them.

  As I got older my ideas on what a heartbreaker is shifted. What if he leaves her, alone and heartbroken for a good reason? He is still a heartbreaker, but what if leaving breaks him too? Do you think the one that leaves is a heartbreaker or just one really sad individual?

  In my Zogone saga book2-Past Regrets, Sam leaves Ginger to join the Zogone military thinking he needs to make up for all the bad things his biological father has done. He thinks that if he uses the vampire abilities he received from his mother's attacker that caused his birth, he might be able to make up for being half vampire, for being fathered by a monster. What he doesn't tell even his best friend Josh, is that maybe if he saves enough people he will be worthy of love.

  Past Regrets is a story of what happens once the heartbreaker realizes he can't live without Ginger and will stop at nothing to get her back, even volunteering for a dangerous mission, because he knows she will be in charge of it. Off on a mission alone, there is no way for her to avoid him and it gives him the perfect chance to win her back.

  Now there roles are reversed and it is Ginger's turn to be the heartbreaker. But, the more she pushes him away, the harder he tries to slowly break down her barriers.  

  To win a copy of Past Regreat, just be one of my followers and leave me a comment telling me who is your favorite heartbreaker or what does the word heartbreaker mean to you. By commenting, you'll also be entered to win the grand prize from the Heartbreaker Blog Hop's main host Carrie Anne's Blog Hops.
  A rescue mission for a promotion she had more than earned that takes brings about a horrific discovery and shows her the way back into the arms of the only man she has ever loved and regretted losing.

  Sam was a man with a past, one that had taken him years to realize wasn’t his fault. But now he is back to rectify his biggest regret of all, which was losing her.
Ginger’s work had become her life. Nothing mattered except surviving her mission, even if that meant having to deal with him.
Together they made more than one horrific discovery that will force them to fight for their loved ones and what could have been.

Excerpt #1-
  Sam curled up in a borrowed bunk in one of the guest quarters, with his hands crossed under his head and his long legs stretched out to where they crossed at the ankles.  For the last hour, since he had plopped down on the bunk his thoughts had led him a merry chase, forcing him to stare at the wall as if lost in space.
Not only had Ginger paid him the least bit of recognition when he entered Daimlar’s office, but she had gotten the heck out of Dodge the second she was able to.  Instead of being offended by Ginger’s actions, they had given Sam hope.

  If Ginger had shaken his hand and acted like an old acquaintance, he would have been worried, but no, not his Ginger!  No, Ginger acted as if he didn’t exist, then when she was forced to face up to knowing him, she ignored him.  Then she had excused herself formally without directly communicating with him.

  Obviously Ginger was totally pissed off to find out he was going to be her partner for this mission.  People who didn’t care didn’t get pissed.  Girls who still had feelings for a man, definitely did get more than a little upset.  That had to mean Ginger still felt something for him.  Something was better than nothing.

  Four years ago, Sam had blamed himself for all the world’s problems just because of his own violent birth.  It took four hard, lonely years for him to realize he had always helped more than he had harmed the world.
It also took those same four years for him to realize what a damn fool he had been to walk away from the one woman who had ever looked at him as more than a monster.  She had looked at him like a man, one she cared about—and he had lost her, because of stupid pride.

  When Josh had told him about this mission, Sam jumped at the chance to be the appointed Warrior Delegate.  Josh had even worked it to look like the Delegates had come to him, forcing him to prove himself, when everyone there knew he had nothing to prove.  Every Delegate that knew him, knew they could count on him in any situation.  Sam had busted his butt to gain the Delegates’ respect and his position among them.
Screw the military, Sam had volunteered for this mission for one reason, to use the time alone with Ginger to win her back.  No, that wasn’t right.  They had never made it to the point of actually being together, but by the time their mission was finished, they would be together if he had anything to say about it.

  Over the last four years, Sam had made a life for himself with the Zogones.  Not only had he thoroughly became a soldier for the Warrior Delegates, but a well-known one.  All four years were spent working under Josh, whom had been the one to find him on Earth and bring him into their group.  Josh had become closer to Sam than best friends.  It almost seemed like Josh was the brother Sam had never had, but always wanted.

  Being stationed on Adrivar with Josh meant that at any free period of time they had, they could spend it together or on Space Station Swanson with Brian and Arlene.  Considering they looked so young, it surprised Sam that he felt just like one of their grandchildren, just like Josh. Unsurprisingly though they had always treated Sam like family, like one of their own.  Arlene worried about him and Brian was always handy with advice, just like good grandparents should be.

  Being an Earthling like Arlene made them closer than some of the others, though.  So, when Josh had suggested this mission, Sam had talked it over with Arlene first.  Arlene had been his confident where Ginger was concerned for quite a while now.  Arlene didn’t want to give away too much of Ginger’s personal feelings, but did give Sam hope.  She didn’t tell of Ginger’s lost hope or constant love, but she did give Sam hope that he might be able to win Ginger over.  She reassured him that it was the right thing to do.

  With Arlene’s blessing to push her granddaughter as hard as necessary, Sam had boarded the ship to the Galactic Security Headquarters space station. After checking in, he had showered, shaved and dressed in a clean dress uniform before showing up at Colonel Diamlar’s office, all for the sake of catching Ginger’s attention. He thought he might have done that and more, even angering her by looking too good to her.

  He could tell he had gotten her attention, even getting under her skin.  Now all he had to do was keep her focused on him.  They would do their mission, but they would also spend that time getting to really know each other all over again.

  With a grin, Sam decided to give Ginger a wide girth until they left for their mission, but once they were on a ship alone, that was a different story.  From that moment on, he promised himself to be relentless in his pursuit of Ginger.


Excerpt #2-

  With a smile, Ginger knocked on the apartment door.  Josh answered with a sigh of relief and pulled her into a tight embrace.  “God, when Sam told me what happen it scared the living daylights out of me.”  Pulling back, he held her at arm’s length and looked her up and down.  “Are you sure you are okay?”

  “I’m perfectly fine, worrywart.  Besides you know how fast Sam is; you should be worried about him.”

  Waving her into the small living room, Josh shook his head.  “No, I had a look at Sam’s back.  It looked nasty for a few minutes, but you know how fast he heals.  Well now that I have seen you for myself, I’m going to make myself scares.  You aren’t the only one with a date tonight."

  An eyebrow came up, “Is that a problem?  I mean me and Sam, does it bother you?”

  Josh snorted, “No, of course not.  I think you are both damned prideful fools, and it’s about time.”  Giving her a wink he added, “I’ve always wanted to do this.  Sam is in his room.  Why don’t you go have a look around?”

  Mischievous grin and all, Josh slipped out the door, leaving Ginger curious about what he had wanted to do and why she should look through Sam’s room.  Taking his advice, she let herself into Sam’s bedroom.  The sound of the shower running echoed from the next room told her Sam’s location. 

  Feeling a little bad for snooping, Ginger went from table to dresser looking for anything unusual.  There were pictures of Sam and Josh together in uniform.  There were pictures of both Arlene and Brian both together and with Sam.  There were even pictures that were unmistakably taken on Earth.

  One picture showed Becky’s Kitchen where Ginger and Arlene had worked as waitresses and Brian as a cook.  In the picture, Ginger and Arlene were standing together talking in uniform after the place had closed.  There were two taken at Sandlend Beach in Raleigh, North Carolina where they had gone one weekend.  One was a picture of Sam and Josh with Ginger standing in-between them.

  The second picture she had never seen before or even knew of its existence.  It was a picture of her and Sam standing together, facing each other.  They looked like normal Earth teenagers. Ginger in a blue bathing suit and cut-off jean shorts, with her red hair pulled back into a short ponytail.  Sam wore a pair of low riding swim trunks and nothing else.  His young lean form glistened with water droplets that made her mouth go dry.

  From the way they were standing, it looked as if Ginger had stumbled and Sam grabbed on to her to straighten her up.  Whoever had taken the picture had caught them the moment she had looked up into Sam’s eyes.  The picture said more than she had dared say herself.  In other words, Josh had to have been the perpetrator who snapped the shot.

  With a groan, she sat the frame back on the wooden dresser top and marched across the room to sink down on Sam’s bed, and that was when she found what Josh had undoubtedly been talking about.  On the ceiling was a painting.  It had to be a good eight feet long and four feet wide.  It was placed perfectly so the bed’s occupant would fall asleep with the view of the painting surrounded by the four tall bedposts.

  It was a picture of a woman with flowing red hair.  A thin battle-hardened body was encased in tight black battle armor, silhouetting each lovely curve of her body.  Long peach legs were slightly bent as she took to the air in flight.  Black leather army boots came up to mid-thigh silhouetted the tight calf muscles.  Two beautifully sculpted translucent wings showed from behind her back, and her arms were outstretched if simply waiting for her lover to come into them.

  Ginger didn’t know whether to be furious or mortified, because blushing profusely she easily recognized the woman as herself.  Lying there, a million thoughts ran through her mind.  How long had the painting been there?  Who had painted her so perfectly?  Sam himself or someone else with a vivid imagination?  And why did he have such a thing?  Was this his way of pining for her in secret all this time, while she had sat alone aching for him?

  The sound of the shower died and only moments later Sam made his way into his bedroom wearing nothing but a long white towel and a few errant drops of water that had stubbornly clung to his chest.  Ginger crossed her arms over her stomach, and then raised her eyes to meet his.  Guiltily his eyes shifted from hers, to the painting, then back to meet hers again.

  “Care to explain this, Samuel Paddington?” Ginger asked softly, letting none of her irritation or confusion be heard in her voice.

  “I would think it was pretty obvious.  Most men keep pictures or posters of beautiful women.  She just happens to be mine.”  Eyes averted, he answered, and then turned his back to pull clothes out of his dresser.
Snorting in aggravation, Ginger sat up and shot back, “Don’t give me that crap. I’m not so stupid I can’t recognize myself.  Who painted that and why?”

  His shrug drew her eyes to the angry inch-long slashes across his back that had obviously been caused from stepping in front of her during the explosion.  The sight of the cuts dissipated her anger a little in sympathy.  Taking a sweater and a pair of jeans, he turned toward the bathroom to make his escape.

  “Let me get dressed and we can talk about this later.”

  Ginger grabbed his arm and turned him back to look down at her.  “No we will talk about this now.  Why Sam?  Why would you have such a painting of me drawn over your bed?”

  Setting his clothes aside, he shrugged Ginger’s hand away.  “Just leave it alone Ginger.  I don’t think you are ready for the wormhole you are about to open.”

  She could feel her face flaming as her temper rose and she reached out and grabbed his arm again.  “Leave it alone.  You walked out on me and you have the audacity to have something like that painted?  Well, I want to know why right now and I will not be shrugged aside like some child being overly curious.”

  Teeth gritted, Sam cursed under his breath, before grabbing Ginger by her forearms and literally pulling her up on tiptoes to glare at her.  “Yes, I left you.  I thought it was what I had to do, but I could never get you out of my mind.  So as penance to you, I spent every night painting that picture so I would never forget the accusing look on your face and damn it … so that I would always have some piece of you with me.”

  Shoving her back to her feet, he started to turn away again, but Ginger stopped him halfway with a hand on his back.  “But why, Sam?  If I really meant so little why do it?”

  Growling low in his throat, Sam swung around and pulled her against him.  “Who ever said you didn’t mean anything to me?”

  “Well, I know you cared for me just like for Josh, Arlene or Brian.  Friends, but otherwise …” her voice trailed away as she motioned absentmindedly.

  “God, you are dense.  It almost killed me to leave you.  I thought you knew that.”

  Shaking her head violently their eyes connected and held as she desperately tried to comprehend his true meaning.  “You are just saying that to make me feel better.  Just like you did by kissing me back then.”

  “At first I didn’t even want friends, but your family grew on me.  Then the more I got to know you, the sweet side, the take-charge side and all that spunky fire got to me.”  Slowly he pushed the bangs back from her face and softly slid his lips across hers.  “I was desperately in love with you.”

  Ginger let his lips linger over hers as she whispered back, “No, because if that were true you never would have left me.”

  “I thought it was something I had to do, but now that I am older and wiser, I regret every second of time I missed with you.  It kills me that so much time has been wasted, time we could have been together.  Now I think it is about time I stopped regretting and started doing something about it.”
Sorry I keep getting error codes. I have sent in a repair request so please be patient with me.

Thoughtful Thursday With Special Guest-Author Ralph Shamas

  Today I have with me fellow writer Ralph Shamas, who is a special guest doing a whirlwind blog tour hosted by The Masquerade Crew. You can grab your Kindle Edition copy of his book on Amazon by going here. The Homicide Chronicles By: Ralph Shamas I checked out the link and this book has some fabulous reviews. Sounds like a must read! Thanks Ralph for stopping by and sharing your book.

The Homicide Chronicle

Defending the Citizen Accused

by Ralph Shamas

Blog Tour Hosted by
The Masquerade Crew

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hump Day Hunks With a Lot Going On-

  This week I'd like to share one of my own heroes. Friday I will start participating in the Heart Breaker Blog Hop.

  For the hop, I will be sharing info on one of my favorite heart breakers, Sam from Past Regrets. I'll be sharing excerpts from the book and one lucky follower will win a copy of the book. So, come back and tell me what you think of Sam.

  Also on Thursday I will have a special guest, fellow author Ralph Shamas. Ralph is stopping by on his blog tour to share his book The Homicide Chronicles. It sounds like it will be well worth reading about. So, stop by and help support the tour.

  Hope to see you back all week and don't forget Six Sentence Sundays and keep coming back for the month of love and love songs all February.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Music Monday For the Romantic.

  First of all, sorry for the late post today. Hubby's computer keeps crashing so I've been working on it all day. And of course its still not fixed.

  My Music Mondays in February are going to be love songs, which is only fitting with Valentine's on the 14th. I think of February as the month of love, so would like to share some of my favorites.

This is a song that used to play a lot on Days of our Lives when I was little for special moments and it always reminds me of a true love anthem.

Endless Love By: Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

Last month at the 27th Annual Golden Disk Awards, two K-pop singers did a remake/cover of this song and I loved it. K.Will has a lovely voice and I really love his song Please Don't. And though I don't know much about the band SISTAR, their member Hyorin has a lovely voice. When these two came together to sing this song I was really impressed. Song actually starts at 30 seconds into the video. Watch it and I hope you love it as much as the original.

Endless Love remake By: K. Will and Hyorin (of SISTAR)

Happy Romance Month! And I hope you have the perfect romance novel to go with it. :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Six Sunday will go on!

I went to the site this week to sign up for the weekly posting and found only a post saying...

"Six Sentence Sunday has come to close.
This site does not endorse any sites, Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, etc duplicating the concept of Six Sentence Sunday or its efforts."

I'm not sure what happened with the site. I am asking around and will share if I hear anything. But, for now my own Six Sentence Sunday will still be posted.

  On Wednesday I was talking about heroes having faith in their heroines and their abilities. In the first book of my Zogone saga, Old Dreams, Arlene is just a normal college girl. That is in this life. In her past life she was so much more though she doesn't even realize it herself. In her last life as a young Scottish girl named Colleen she had a secret, a big one. That little secret isn't revealed until book three- Ancient Enemies and it surprises everyone when she learns the truth of what had been erased from Colleen's mind.

  For my Six Sentence Sunday here is a peek at what happens when you have abilities you might not even know about.

  From Old Dreams- 

   In the far corner of the crate her eyes landed on a bow and arrow set and her fingers itched to hold them, not understanding why.

  "What about those?" She pointed them out to Josh.

  "Oh those are Ginger's. She loves them, but I have no idea where she learned to use them. No one we know uses .…"

  He stopped and stared down at her, "Do you know how to use them?"

  Arlene shrugged, "I don't, but something inside me says I do know how."
Update on the Six Sentence Sunday Site- From what I am gathering, the sixsunday event, became to much for the site owner, so it has been closed down.  A few of the participants have gotten together to start up their own version of a Six Sunday on Facebook. The new group and the each weeks posts can be found here.

Six Sentence Sunday Facebook group