Sunday, February 10, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday With One Scary Alien Chick.

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Last Sunday I shared a six sentence about Arlene and what hidden abilities she might have. This week, I'm participating in the Heartbreaker Blog Hop and giving away a copy of my book Past Regrets. The main character Ginger is an alien, a Zogone
military General. So, today I'll share six sentences about Ginger's hidden abilities. Being an alien she has powers that are strange and unimaginable to us meer humans. Here is her six, which is also a clip from the first Zogone book Old Dreams.

From Old Dreams-

  The ends of Ginger's hair went from sparking to chunks of spirals sticking out in
every direction and each lock turned from lovely red to a pale off-white. The tiny freckles
sprinkled across her nose turned jet black and stood out against her pale face.

  Ginger's vacant eyes settled on Sam's position, then with a barely
audible murmur Ginger attacked. "Uivxpovh zggzxp."

  The black dots on Ginger's face leaped into the air, turned into arrows of light and
fire, then shot straight at Sam. Quick feet had Sam jumping, then he rolled over twice,
before leaping to his feet a few yards away from the small crater that now took up
residence where only a moment before he had been standing.

  Sam shot an angry expression Ginger's way and roared, "What the hell was that?"
What do you think of Ginger's alien Freckle Attack?


  1. I think Ginger may have management issues. :) Very visual.

  2. What was it and why sparks. Can't wait to find out. Very nice job. :-)

  3. Wow, that was fascinating! I'm still blinking LOL - excellent excerpt!