Saturday, February 2, 2013

Six Sunday will go on!

I went to the site this week to sign up for the weekly posting and found only a post saying...

"Six Sentence Sunday has come to close.
This site does not endorse any sites, Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, etc duplicating the concept of Six Sentence Sunday or its efforts."

I'm not sure what happened with the site. I am asking around and will share if I hear anything. But, for now my own Six Sentence Sunday will still be posted.

  On Wednesday I was talking about heroes having faith in their heroines and their abilities. In the first book of my Zogone saga, Old Dreams, Arlene is just a normal college girl. That is in this life. In her past life she was so much more though she doesn't even realize it herself. In her last life as a young Scottish girl named Colleen she had a secret, a big one. That little secret isn't revealed until book three- Ancient Enemies and it surprises everyone when she learns the truth of what had been erased from Colleen's mind.

  For my Six Sentence Sunday here is a peek at what happens when you have abilities you might not even know about.

  From Old Dreams- 

   In the far corner of the crate her eyes landed on a bow and arrow set and her fingers itched to hold them, not understanding why.

  "What about those?" She pointed them out to Josh.

  "Oh those are Ginger's. She loves them, but I have no idea where she learned to use them. No one we know uses .…"

  He stopped and stared down at her, "Do you know how to use them?"

  Arlene shrugged, "I don't, but something inside me says I do know how."
Update on the Six Sentence Sunday Site- From what I am gathering, the sixsunday event, became to much for the site owner, so it has been closed down.  A few of the participants have gotten together to start up their own version of a Six Sunday on Facebook. The new group and the each weeks posts can be found here.

Six Sentence Sunday Facebook group


  1. Intriguing excerpt - the setup is awesome, and so is the cover. Gorgeous!

  2. Very intriguing excerpt - love how you blend the past in what seems to be a futuristic or post-apocalyptic setup (am I right? *grin*)

    And that cover is pure gorgeousness!

  3. I agree, a totally gorgeous cover. Glad you posted and found the Facebook group!

  4. Lovely cover! Very eye-catching.
    Intriguing six, too. I'm curious to know if she knows how to use the bow and arrow.

  5. Fantastic cover, and intriguing six.

  6. Interesting excerpt, you piqued my curiosity about the bow and arrows.

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by. Of all my books, I think I love this cover the most. Old Dreams was my first publication and Eliza Black did such a fabulous job drawing Arlene, I couldn't help, but love it.
    I'm glad everyone is enjoying my six. Hope to see you back next week too.

  8. Nice, tight writing and storyline tugging me in. Great six!

  9. The cover is amazing and I enjoyed the excerpt, except I wanted it to keep going and her to pick UP that bow LOL! BTW there's also the Weekend Writing Warriors, where we're doing 8 sentences on Sundays. We all miss our beloved Six Sentence Sunday experience, I believe!

  10. I love her pull to the bow and arrow!

  11. Beautiful cover and enjoyed your scene. Will she pull it? :-)