Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day Hunks Out of the Ordinary

  If you haven't noticed, I don't like the usual hero. For me every hero should be different, special, a complete original who is his own person. One of my most unique heroes would have to be the mystery man from Megumi's past in New Beginnings, the fourth book in my Zogone Saga.

  So let me tell you a little bit about Megumi's first love.

Ryuu Harada-

  Young Japanese man mid to late 20's. Light honey colored skin. Thin, man muscled, though not as muscled as a solider like Dragunter. Around 6 feet tall, taller than Megumi but an inch or so shorter than Dragunter. Long black hair to mid-back around his shoulderblade bottoms, silky and slightly wavy loosely pulled back in a pony tail or left hanging around his face. Misty grey eyes. Corduroy or fake leather pants, usually with a button up silky shirt that shows off his muscles. Business man with rocker style. He has piercing in both ears though normally just wears the silver star in his left lobe. Likes silver rings and a black bracelet with silver mini swords hanging from it. Always wears a black slightly loose cloth necklace with silver threads running through it, it holds an antiqued silver claw on end of it. 

   Ryuu has been in love with Megumi since the moment they first laid eyes on each other, back before they started high school and had barely become teenagers. They were each other's first love, high school sweethearts and lost their virginity together. Their plan was to be married, live HEA and never be apart again. Ryuu just couldn't fight against the Puritan Vampire in her memories, the monster who had come out of the dark, attacking her mother and leaving a five-year-old Megumi the only witness to such a violent crime. The attack leading Megumi into the welcoming arms of a Yankii girl gang and stealing her from Ryuu. But he never gave of hope of getting her back. When he finally has had enough of waiting for her, he chases her all the way to the alien planet Adrivar to get her back. Stopping at nothing to have the woman who could only be his.    

  What do you think of the hero being a man from the past, swooping back in to reclaim his lost love? And a Japanese hero at that?

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