Monday, April 29, 2013

#MusicMonday For Something Unpredictable

  There aren't a whole lot of really good punk bands left now a days. One that has survived and even recently came out with a new album, is Good Charlotte. If you want a song to make you want to jump up and down to the beat, a song to make you smile and lift up your spirits in a cool rock way, then they are your guys.
  This is one of their older singles. A mixture of art, graphics and pure punk attitude.

Predictable By: Good Charlotte

  And if you are interested in their newer stuff. Here is another one of their songs that will really get you going.

Like It's Her Birthday By: Good Charlotte

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snippet Sunday With a Challenge

  Here is a snippet from my favorite of my books, Old Dreams. Sam is some strange human Josh picks up while following the Puritan Vampire. Just like the Zogones, Sam wants to catch the Puritan Vampire and put an end to him. Josh welcomes him along, but Josh isn't in charge of this mission, his sister Ginger is and there is just something about Sam that rubs her the wrong way. So, in order to become a part of their group and g along on their quest to end the Puritan Vampire, Sam has to pass a test. Surviving it might be hard even for him.

  So, I'm going to share the very beginning of their battle and leave you hungry for more.

From Old Dreams- 

  For a moment they just seemed to circle each other, then Ginger struck quickly, but not to powerfully in Brian's opinion. One of Sam's crossed arms shot up and easily blocked her. Time and time again Ginger struck out in the same almost easy gesture. A right here, a left there, a quick kick to the shins. All where easily deflected.

  Sam deflected, but didn't hit back which seemed to anger Ginger. "Are we going to fight or dance all day?"                                                                               

Monday, April 22, 2013

#MusicMonday With a Yawn

  Despite my best efforts I didn't manage to get back here this week. Spring Break was long and tiring, but today the kid is back in school and I am back to work. So, I need a kick in the butt to get me moving. To help wake us up and get us moving, I'm going to share a song I love by my favorite female Japanese singers Anna Tsuchiya.  She will definitely catch your attention if nothing other than the coffee pot does this morning.

Lucy By: Anna Tsuchiya

  Also I jumped the gun on thinking I was having a guest last Thursday. That guest will be stopping by in June. Keep an eye out for it, because this is going to be a repeat guest we've been looking forward to see what she has been working on. Correction- Dianthia will be here July 17th or 26th.

  Happy Monday and may we all survive the long week, with a good book to help us get by. :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

#MusicMonday When Music Meant Big Hair

    As a romance writer and a hopeless romantic, I'm a sucker for the L word (love). And no one does  love ballads better that the Rock hair bands of the late 70's through the 80's. Honestly, I miss seeing bands lie these. They might have been complete badasses, but on the inside they weresoft as marshmellows and would fall to their knees and do anything for thier woman. Not to mention they were confident enough in their own masculinity to walk around with the long sexy hair. Not to many men can do that now a days. My own dear hubby still keeps his long. :)

  So, for all the readers who miss a good rock ballad, here is a classic that always touches the heart.

I'll be there for you By: Bon Jovi

P.S. Sorry I missed the rest of my posts last week. It was a go do and do some more type of wee. I'll make sure to get myself in gear this week, though my son is on Spring Break. And, I might even have a special guest stop by later in the week.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Music Monday For an Alien's Courage-

  To go with yesterday's Snippet, I have the perfect song for Music Monday. In a scene in my W.I.P. the hero Lee has finally realized he likes the Earth girl heroine. But, it takes a lot of curouage to make a move. Falling in love is a scary thing, but after watching alomst everyone he loves die, taking that leap is daunting even to a warrior like Lee. So, to give him some courage to kiss the girl, I'll let Gloriana help him get a clue. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, so find the courge to live and love while you can.

(Kissed You) Good Night- By: Gloriana

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snippet Sunday from a W.I.P.

  For those who missed this snippet when I first wrote it, I wanted to share this snippet from my W.I.P.  These are the hidden feelings of a young man, Lee, an humanoid alien whose own planet is long gone. Along with what little is left of his race and the few people they have managed to save, they come to Earth to try to finish off the monsters who destroyed their planets. There is just one distraction he never counted on.

From Young Adult/ Sci-fi Romance W.I.P. -

  For a kid who grew up running, hiding, learning to survive and fight, there was no normal life for him. Instead he became a warrior, running on instinct and adrenalin. Coming into contact with our young heroine is a huge shock to him. His usual confident self, becomes shy and awkward. And it takes his brother’s encouragement to realize these strange feelings mean he likes the girl. By why is it that it takes more guts and pure nerve to kiss a girl than kill an alien? 

Yes, this is a very unedited W.I.P., so please excuse the confusion and thanks for stopping by everyone!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hump Day Hunks For the Other Brother.

 I've been talking a lot about my Zogone character Sam lately it seems. It isn't a well known fact that he has a younger half-brother, Tama who shows up in Ancient Enemies. Unlike his two older siblings Tama doesn't show any vampire qualities other than speed and agility. Instead he somehow manages to inherit some of the Wiccan powers the Puritan Vampire absorbed from attacking sister Jade's mother before his own.

Instead of being like his own brother he is more like Ginger's brother, smooth with the ladies and a young heart breaker in the making. Here is a part of a scene when he first finds the girl who was meant to be his.
  From Ancient Enemies-

Laughing merrily at her Brian shook his head and left the room. A room now empty except for Tama and Caroline. Watching her tidy the room and shut the equipment down, he noticed a small frown cross her face.
 Taking the initiative, Tama slid himself onto the side of the bed, so she was between him and the computer stand. "I can tell you are happy for her, but also sad for you. Why? No husband and children of your own?" 

  Ok so it was killing two birds with one stone, but a man had to try, right.
  "No, I have neither a husband nor any children. But I have to say that was a pretty inventive way of finding out if I was single." Skirting around him she headed toward the door.
  "Why don't you? Seeing Ginger's happiness made you envy her, so why hasn't some lucky man scooped you up before now?"
  "Almost every man I know is a cousin of some sorts or intimidated that I am such a well-respected young doctor. It's no big deal. It's just something I have learned to live with."
  Lightly taking her arm he turned her to look at him. "I think it is a big deal. A woman who is obviously as caring as you should have a family. Besides, everyone needs someone. It's human nature."
  She pulled away from his hold, turning her body away from his. "I don't think this is any of your business."
  He went with her movements, until he had her against the edge of the doctor's long tables. "Let's say I want to make it my business."

Monday, April 1, 2013

MusicMonday for the April Fool-

   Happy April Fools day and praise be that Spring is finally here and I have seen the sun again after the long mean Winter. So, what makes us the biggest fools in this life? That would be Cupid and his mischievous arrow. For April Fool's Day I know the perfect song for fools in love. This song is from a newer singer, a lovely young woman named Juniel. To help her out with this song is a young man from her company that is well known to a lot of K-pop fans. His name is Jung Yong-Hwa and he is the lead singer of C.N. Blue.

  Together, these two very talent singers tell us all about what it is lie to be a fool in love.

Fool By: Juniel Ft. Jung Yong-Hwa