Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snippet Sunday With a Challenge

  Here is a snippet from my favorite of my books, Old Dreams. Sam is some strange human Josh picks up while following the Puritan Vampire. Just like the Zogones, Sam wants to catch the Puritan Vampire and put an end to him. Josh welcomes him along, but Josh isn't in charge of this mission, his sister Ginger is and there is just something about Sam that rubs her the wrong way. So, in order to become a part of their group and g along on their quest to end the Puritan Vampire, Sam has to pass a test. Surviving it might be hard even for him.

  So, I'm going to share the very beginning of their battle and leave you hungry for more.

From Old Dreams- 

  For a moment they just seemed to circle each other, then Ginger struck quickly, but not to powerfully in Brian's opinion. One of Sam's crossed arms shot up and easily blocked her. Time and time again Ginger struck out in the same almost easy gesture. A right here, a left there, a quick kick to the shins. All where easily deflected.

  Sam deflected, but didn't hit back which seemed to anger Ginger. "Are we going to fight or dance all day?"                                                                               


  1. Ooo...Love this right away. They are toying with each other and I love the tension that is building. Nice snippet!

  2. Good tension. He's letting her wear herself out.

  3. I'm with AJ, they are toying with each other and it's very intriguing to ponder who will break first...excellent excerpt!

  4. Sounds like a kata in Chinese martial arts. A dance, indeed!