Monday, April 1, 2013

MusicMonday for the April Fool-

   Happy April Fools day and praise be that Spring is finally here and I have seen the sun again after the long mean Winter. So, what makes us the biggest fools in this life? That would be Cupid and his mischievous arrow. For April Fool's Day I know the perfect song for fools in love. This song is from a newer singer, a lovely young woman named Juniel. To help her out with this song is a young man from her company that is well known to a lot of K-pop fans. His name is Jung Yong-Hwa and he is the lead singer of C.N. Blue.

  Together, these two very talent singers tell us all about what it is lie to be a fool in love.

Fool By: Juniel Ft. Jung Yong-Hwa

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