Friday, September 28, 2012

Freaky Friday With More Thoughts for a Player-

  Though I'm still not up to par, my health issues have just about cleared up. So, this week I've forced myself back into the grind. I've worked more on my YA W.I.P. and written up most of a new scene for You Were Wrong!  Once again, a secondary character pops his nose into the scene to create havoc.
  I mentioned before that Val is divorced, but I didn't tell you about Aidan. From the first day of school in Kindergarten when they meet, Aidan and Val had been inseparable. Other than Shayle, Aidan had always been Val's best friend. Their relationship naturally evolved into young love. They became high school sweethearts, then partners on the race track.

  Aidan never asked her to marry him. They were so close that it was a given that everyone knew was coming. One day Aidan was doing some painting for Val's mother in the living room of the fancy penthouse she had gotten from divorce number three. He was working side by side companionably with Val and Shayle. Then, out of the blue, he stops, paint roller midway up the wall and turns to Val.
  "We should really plan our wedding soon, so it is all done before we have to leave for Summer Nationals this year."

  Unfortunately their blissful relationship didn't last more than two years after the wedding. Val started to become well known on the racing track, she got more endorsements and was promoted to head of their racing crew, while Aidan's rise came slower. Both of them have quick nasty tempers, add on to that being stuck constantly under each other during travel, working together on the track and garage. Add in Aidan's slow boiling resentment, racer groupies constantly hanging around him and the stress piling up.

  When another crew contacted Aidan wanting him to come in and replace their head of crew, get a pay raise and new endorsements, Aidan didn't think twice. He packed a bag and left both his racing crew and Val for the new crew. When Val received the divorce  papers two weeks later, she singed them with a sigh of relief, tired of all the fighting.

  After this you would think a couple like them would hate each other, but to the contrary distance can make the heart grow fonder. When they run into each other at races now, they hug happy to see each other, hang out, go out to dinner together, still  the best of friends.Aidan would always be the great love of her life, no matter how badly they had harmed each other in the past.  But, when he bumps into her at the main race track on Petrus' home planet Franconia, he has other ideas.

  Seeing his ex-wife involved with a younger man, Aidan realizes what he has lost and makes no bones about telling her he wants her back right in front of Petrus. Petrus learning that Val is still in love with her ex makes him turn possessive for the first time in his life and finds himself stacking a claim on Val. I really think the battle between these two men over Val is going to get nasty. We will just have to see which man can change his ways and win the girl.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday For the Strong Slightly Crazy Heroine-

  When I write my main female character in any story, she has to be strong independent, the type of woman who can take care of herself. Sure, finding love and being able to depend on someone is great. But, being able to kick ass, take names and ask questions later makes a real character.

  In Talkers when Shayle first meets the whole band, Petrus the womanizer being his usual self automatically tries to flirt with her. Shayle having been on a first name bases with a womanizing cheater (A.K.A her ex-husband) instantly shoots Petrus down.

  His reaction to being flatly turned down is mumbling "Bitch!" under his breath. Her reply to that is a straight forward, "Bitch is probably going to be the nicest thing said about me before I'm done here."

  Man, I love a heroine with spine, spunk and pure attitude. And Shayle's best friend is even more. More… out there. Val is wild and plain crazy. In My W.I.P. Book 2 in my Haven Sent Saga, You Were Wrong! Petrus finds his match in Val. Imagine, Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy) as a futuristic motorcycle (metrocycle) racer.
   Divorced from her one true love since childhood, another metrocycle racer. Val travels across universes racing, barely home back on Earth. She is a born rebel, a free spirit and somewhat of a player herself. She does what she wants, sleeps with whom she wants, never planning to be committed again and risk getting hurt.

  There might be a chance that Val and Petrus can change each other, but either way Val has to be strong enough to deal with what may come. To write heroines with enough back bone to make it through, I usually listen to what I lovingly call angry chick rockers. Here is one song that would totally fit crazy Val.
 Since U Been Gone By: Kelly Clarkson

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday With a Stomach Churning W.I.P-- #sixsunday

                9/23- Six Sentence Sunday With a Stomach Churning W.I.P-

  This is a six from the YA sci-fi/thriller I recently started working on. After an alien invasion and an attack on her city my heroine is running through the city with her baby brother trying to make it home. The city streets after the attack is enough to leave the strongest person's stomach churning.

                 From YA W.I.P.-
  The further she ran toward the city limit’s the more debris seemed to pile up and the site of some of it had her stomach turning. Cars, buildings and parking meters weren’t the only charred remains littering the city.
People had been driving the cars, standing inside those buildings, feeding the greedy meters quarters, even walking across the crosswalk, minding their own business.

  At 3:30 PM on a normal weekday, everyone was just hustling along, waiting for the end of the work day so they could go home to be with their families. All the people she came across would never see their families again. They wouldn’t be seeing anything anymore, like her car, their bodies were charred, bleeding, broken remains of important parts of what had once been someone else’s lives.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Freaky Friday With a Sparkling Idea for the Future

Freaky Friday (Maybe the first of many!)

For a change this week I thought I would do a Freaky Friday, which just about describes my mood. My poor blog has been lacking off and on over the last few weeks, mostly from dealing with medical issues from some nasty reactions from a prescription.

I’ve been feeling so tired and crappy that I haven’t been doing much writing or read. (Other than the new Nora Roberts, which couldn’t be put on hold!) But I have been scheming away in my mind.

The most wonderful thing for a writer to hear is that they have inspired someone to become a writer. I have been blessed to hear that twice now. The first person to tell me I had inspired her was my niece, one of the great loves of my life. Her writing seems to get better and better every time I read it and I have to say I’m really impressed.

Over the summer we had talked about writing together. She is a member of a few sites where groups of people get together and write out role playing stories. Her idea was to start a small RP scenario together. Once I had read her beginning, I started to get a new idea. Maybe I’ll share this RP with my readers here on my blog, because I would love to share this wonderful young woman’s work with everyone.

So, what does everyone think? Would you like to see a Freaky Friday or Sierra Saturday or some such to read our RP? Leave a comment and tell me what opinion you would have on reading something free, fun and cover ever genre possible!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Music Monday With Extra Detail-

  Over the last year or so I've learned I really love music that combins lots of sounds, with extra instruments you wouldn't normally hear from a normal band. It's like writing a first draft of a book and remembering to add in the details.

  Years ago, before I was published, I was in a writing group. Once a week we would read a chapter for a member then talk about it as a group to help each other out. On one of my weeks there was a scene where a character gets mad an throws a vase. A friend said, "Um, Deb... I hate to point this out, but there is no furniture in that house. So where did the vase come from?"

  It is all in the details. The writer might see a perfectly furnished room in their mind, but if they don't write out the details... Then, all you have is an unfurnished house and mysteriously appearing vases. It's all in the details.

  Out of all the different types of music, from all over the world, the most detailed has to be Korean. The dramas that I am pretty much obsessed with always have the best OST's (Official Sound Track). A perfect example of that is the Korean Drama, Dream High. It is about a high school that is like a Korean version of America's Juilliard.

  The song I am sharing is the main theme song for Dream High. It has so many different sounds and genres fixed together that it should be awkward, but actually is really great. The first version I'm sharing is the song with English subtitles and the second is actually a clip of them singing the song in the show. I hope you love it and it makes you hum it unknowingly to yourself all day.

  Remember your details, love the music and read on!

Dream High OST 1 with English subs

Dream High club scene

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday-

Instead of my usual Hump Day Hunk on Wednesday, I'm doing a Thoughtful Thursday this week to share some interesting info. Recently I had my first guest author Jaleta Clegg. She has returned the favor by posting an interview with me on her site. Stop by and check it out to see some of the cutest pictures I shared and read this fun interview. Find it @

  I also noticed the other day that I have signed up fortwo blog hops that start on the same day. The Autum Blog Hop goes from Nov 9th-12th, while Men & Women of the Military Giveaway Hop is Nov 9th-15th. I thought about which one I should do. But, I promised I would do both of them, so what the heck. I'll do both and give the readers more chances to win. For the Autum Blog Hop, I'm thinking of giving away a copy of One Wish. As for the Military Blog Hop I have to give away a copy of the third book in my ZogoneSeries, Ancient Enemy, becayse my hero Josh is the perfecr military man.

  Keep a watch forthese two exciting blog hops and more to come in the future. Sign up to follow my blog and get a better chance at winning copies of my books.

  Have a great weekend and as always happy reading!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Music Monday- Music For the Uncommitted

  I came across a song on Billboard recently and it just screams Petrus from Talkers. Petrus is my hero's twin brother and the hero of my W.I.P. (with the working title), You Were Wrong!

  Petrus is a womanizer, a player of a celebrity who uses his fame to sleep with groupies daily.  It is all too easy for him to think he is God's gift to women, when they flock to him like hungry pigeons chasing bread crumbs in restaurant parking lots.

  But, even the best player will fumble when they are confronted with their destined soul mate. For Petrus, Val is 'the one' and even though he doesn't realize it at first, he still has to have her. Everyone who knows him laughs out right at his mentioning a girlfriend.

  Petrus... be committed to one woman? Yeah, right! No one believes Petrus can be in a serious adult relationship and stay faithful. He wants Val, because he sees her as a challenge, the one woman who blows him off from her first sight of him.

  The idea of falling in love scares the crap out of Petrus. He secretly worries he could end up an abusive husband like his father. Instead of having relationships, he has a new woman every day. That is until Val walks into his life and he starts to feel things that could shatter his resolve to never commit to anyone.  

Uncommitted By: Xia

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- #sixsunday

      09/09 - From His Kiss-

   Those had to be two of the hottest men on the planet, long, hard muscles were covered in that mouth watering red-brown skin. Both brothers had taken a minute to tie their hair back. Taylor actually braided half his hair in a quick expert looking move, leaving the other half hanging lose.

   Her eyes tracked down each of them in a vivid study. Being Native American their chests were smooth and hairless like the most delicious mocha chocolate.
 Want to see which brother she endss up with? Grab your copy of His Kiss here!

   P.S. Don’t miss it tomorrow. I’m off to visit my fellow SFR Brigade member Jaleta Clegg to guest post on her blog site@

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hump Day Hunk Who Really Deserves a Beat Down, With Explicit Snippet!

  Sometimes you’ll come across a villain you just love to hate. In my book Talkers the hero Ritter has a twin brother that is the perfect character to hate. Petrus thinks he is God’s gift to not only women, but the whole of existence. He is a womanizer, an arrogant jerk and honestly completely full of himself.

  When Ritter has the nerve to warn him away from Shayle, it gets nasty and sibling rivalry goes from bad to down right ugly. If you have ever seen two brothers get into a fight you know just how ugly it can get.

  I grew up in the south with five brothers all a year or so apart, so you can imagine I’ve seen some doozies. A bunch of redneck teenage boys rolling around like wild apes scraping was a regular occurrence in our house. Writing this sense was way to easy for me.

    From Talkers- 

  Petrus had never liked being told what he could or couldn’t do. There was no way he wanted Shayle for a long term, meaningful relationship, but being told she was off limits pissed him off.

  To keep their arguments contents private, they had it out in their own language of Old Deutsch. It was evident Petrus was just trying to torment him, because it had been a long day, he was tired and peeved, which made Ritter that much madder.

  “She’s a good looking woman, so what if I want to have a go at her? Are you going to tell me I can’t sleep with whoever I want to?” Petrus shot at him.

  Seeing red, Ritter grabbed the edge of the coffee table and flipped it toward Petrus. It sent flowers, magazines, candles and papers scattering. Ritter’s voice rose higher as he yelled and cursed Petrus for being a useless player who only cared about his dick and nothing or no one else.

  Picking up the magazines, Petrus sent them flying at Ritter. “At least I’m not too much of a pussy to play with women. You’re always worried about hurting their feelings in case she is the one. Well maybe an old unloved maid like her would appreciate some action.”

    The pure vulgarity spewing from his brother’s mouth set him off and unable to control himself, he sucker punched Petrus right in the jaw, yelling. “Ich Liebe Sie!”

 Want to see what happens next? Grab your copy of Talkers today!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tunes Tuesday with RomHop Winners!

   Today is September 4th and a very special day for a lot of people. School started back this morning and my beloved has started the first day of the eighth grade. Amazing how time flies seems like yesterday he was running off gleefully to preschool, while I sat and cried.

  Now a Senior in Junior High, gleefully ain’t happening. Instead today he woke up with a groan and would rather runaway, preferably to hide under the bed instead of climbing on the bus for another year of too much homework, lame textbooks and mean old teacher’s dirty looks.

  This tune is for T.J.

Runaway By: Linkin Park

Now on to the Romancing the Hop winners.
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The grand prize winners have already been notified and have their prizes or the prizes are on their way!
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