Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hump Day Hunk Who Really Deserves a Beat Down, With Explicit Snippet!

  Sometimes you’ll come across a villain you just love to hate. In my book Talkers the hero Ritter has a twin brother that is the perfect character to hate. Petrus thinks he is God’s gift to not only women, but the whole of existence. He is a womanizer, an arrogant jerk and honestly completely full of himself.

  When Ritter has the nerve to warn him away from Shayle, it gets nasty and sibling rivalry goes from bad to down right ugly. If you have ever seen two brothers get into a fight you know just how ugly it can get.

  I grew up in the south with five brothers all a year or so apart, so you can imagine I’ve seen some doozies. A bunch of redneck teenage boys rolling around like wild apes scraping was a regular occurrence in our house. Writing this sense was way to easy for me.

    From Talkers- 

  Petrus had never liked being told what he could or couldn’t do. There was no way he wanted Shayle for a long term, meaningful relationship, but being told she was off limits pissed him off.

  To keep their arguments contents private, they had it out in their own language of Old Deutsch. It was evident Petrus was just trying to torment him, because it had been a long day, he was tired and peeved, which made Ritter that much madder.

  “She’s a good looking woman, so what if I want to have a go at her? Are you going to tell me I can’t sleep with whoever I want to?” Petrus shot at him.

  Seeing red, Ritter grabbed the edge of the coffee table and flipped it toward Petrus. It sent flowers, magazines, candles and papers scattering. Ritter’s voice rose higher as he yelled and cursed Petrus for being a useless player who only cared about his dick and nothing or no one else.

  Picking up the magazines, Petrus sent them flying at Ritter. “At least I’m not too much of a pussy to play with women. You’re always worried about hurting their feelings in case she is the one. Well maybe an old unloved maid like her would appreciate some action.”

    The pure vulgarity spewing from his brother’s mouth set him off and unable to control himself, he sucker punched Petrus right in the jaw, yelling. “Ich Liebe Sie!”

 Want to see what happens next? Grab your copy of Talkers today!

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