Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday-

Instead of my usual Hump Day Hunk on Wednesday, I'm doing a Thoughtful Thursday this week to share some interesting info. Recently I had my first guest author Jaleta Clegg. She has returned the favor by posting an interview with me on her site. Stop by and check it out to see some of the cutest pictures I shared and read this fun interview. Find it @

  I also noticed the other day that I have signed up fortwo blog hops that start on the same day. The Autum Blog Hop goes from Nov 9th-12th, while Men & Women of the Military Giveaway Hop is Nov 9th-15th. I thought about which one I should do. But, I promised I would do both of them, so what the heck. I'll do both and give the readers more chances to win. For the Autum Blog Hop, I'm thinking of giving away a copy of One Wish. As for the Military Blog Hop I have to give away a copy of the third book in my ZogoneSeries, Ancient Enemy, becayse my hero Josh is the perfecr military man.

  Keep a watch forthese two exciting blog hops and more to come in the future. Sign up to follow my blog and get a better chance at winning copies of my books.

  Have a great weekend and as always happy reading!

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