Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday For the Strong Slightly Crazy Heroine-

  When I write my main female character in any story, she has to be strong independent, the type of woman who can take care of herself. Sure, finding love and being able to depend on someone is great. But, being able to kick ass, take names and ask questions later makes a real character.

  In Talkers when Shayle first meets the whole band, Petrus the womanizer being his usual self automatically tries to flirt with her. Shayle having been on a first name bases with a womanizing cheater (A.K.A her ex-husband) instantly shoots Petrus down.

  His reaction to being flatly turned down is mumbling "Bitch!" under his breath. Her reply to that is a straight forward, "Bitch is probably going to be the nicest thing said about me before I'm done here."

  Man, I love a heroine with spine, spunk and pure attitude. And Shayle's best friend is even more. More… out there. Val is wild and plain crazy. In My W.I.P. Book 2 in my Haven Sent Saga, You Were Wrong! Petrus finds his match in Val. Imagine, Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy) as a futuristic motorcycle (metrocycle) racer.
   Divorced from her one true love since childhood, another metrocycle racer. Val travels across universes racing, barely home back on Earth. She is a born rebel, a free spirit and somewhat of a player herself. She does what she wants, sleeps with whom she wants, never planning to be committed again and risk getting hurt.

  There might be a chance that Val and Petrus can change each other, but either way Val has to be strong enough to deal with what may come. To write heroines with enough back bone to make it through, I usually listen to what I lovingly call angry chick rockers. Here is one song that would totally fit crazy Val.
 Since U Been Gone By: Kelly Clarkson

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