Friday, September 21, 2012

Freaky Friday With a Sparkling Idea for the Future

Freaky Friday (Maybe the first of many!)

For a change this week I thought I would do a Freaky Friday, which just about describes my mood. My poor blog has been lacking off and on over the last few weeks, mostly from dealing with medical issues from some nasty reactions from a prescription.

I’ve been feeling so tired and crappy that I haven’t been doing much writing or read. (Other than the new Nora Roberts, which couldn’t be put on hold!) But I have been scheming away in my mind.

The most wonderful thing for a writer to hear is that they have inspired someone to become a writer. I have been blessed to hear that twice now. The first person to tell me I had inspired her was my niece, one of the great loves of my life. Her writing seems to get better and better every time I read it and I have to say I’m really impressed.

Over the summer we had talked about writing together. She is a member of a few sites where groups of people get together and write out role playing stories. Her idea was to start a small RP scenario together. Once I had read her beginning, I started to get a new idea. Maybe I’ll share this RP with my readers here on my blog, because I would love to share this wonderful young woman’s work with everyone.

So, what does everyone think? Would you like to see a Freaky Friday or Sierra Saturday or some such to read our RP? Leave a comment and tell me what opinion you would have on reading something free, fun and cover ever genre possible!

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