Monday, September 10, 2012

Music Monday- Music For the Uncommitted

  I came across a song on Billboard recently and it just screams Petrus from Talkers. Petrus is my hero's twin brother and the hero of my W.I.P. (with the working title), You Were Wrong!

  Petrus is a womanizer, a player of a celebrity who uses his fame to sleep with groupies daily.  It is all too easy for him to think he is God's gift to women, when they flock to him like hungry pigeons chasing bread crumbs in restaurant parking lots.

  But, even the best player will fumble when they are confronted with their destined soul mate. For Petrus, Val is 'the one' and even though he doesn't realize it at first, he still has to have her. Everyone who knows him laughs out right at his mentioning a girlfriend.

  Petrus... be committed to one woman? Yeah, right! No one believes Petrus can be in a serious adult relationship and stay faithful. He wants Val, because he sees her as a challenge, the one woman who blows him off from her first sight of him.

  The idea of falling in love scares the crap out of Petrus. He secretly worries he could end up an abusive husband like his father. Instead of having relationships, he has a new woman every day. That is until Val walks into his life and he starts to feel things that could shatter his resolve to never commit to anyone.  

Uncommitted By: Xia

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