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Update on Talkers

Just an update to let all my readers know, Talkers will be released on March 2nd. Don't forget to grab your copy and enjoy my work of rock stars, aliens, stalkers and a body guard that has a lot to learn about resisting a man who refuses to be without her.

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New Beginnings Excerpt #2


  Excerpt 2-

  Seeing Akland stationed at the door, Megumi spoke to him first not knowing if she would be killed or tortured for entering without permission. "I would like to speak to Queen Shiva for a moment if I may."
Sighing as if she were the universe's worst bother, Akland opened the door then stepped in. "Your majesty the Earth alien would like a word."

  Shiva was stretched out on her back, laying on her platform, playing with a teddy bear. She kept throwing the bear up in the air and catching it in-between all four of her paws. With a grin, she caught it one more time, this time with her mouth, giving it one violent shake, before rolling over on her belly and dropping it between her front paws.

  "Perfect timing, I'm bored, so come entertain me."

  Grimacing, Megumi, then Dragunter stepped into the room, she remembered to bow respectfully as Akland hurried back out, closing the door behind him. "Your majesty, if I may, I would like to ask you about another guest…" She tripped over the word not knowing a politer way to ask. "Another guest you have visiting you here."

  Cheeks spreading wide, showing a sharp row of teeth, Shiva grinned saucily and spoke to Megumi in a rhyming singsong. "You found an Oda in the garden, didn't you?"

  Heart pounding and hoping this meant not only did Shiva know about Earth, but would be able to send them there, nodded excitedly. "Yes and I'd love to know how he got there or rather why if you don't mind my asking."

  "Didn't Mr. Oda tell you I stole him from the battle field?"

  "Honestly he said he was too ashamed to explain why he was there. If I wanted to know the truth I would have to ask you." Megumi explained.

  Laughing Shiva crinkled her nose at Megumi. "Mr. Oda was a gift for my granny. One second…." Shiva held up one claw as if she were a human beckoning for a moment, then turned her head sideways, opened her mouth and actually let off a few high, "Meooooow, Meooooows."

  The one raised claw bobbed up and down to a silent beat only Shiva could hear, but in moments, there was an answering, "Meow," outside the throne room's doors.

  Akland opened the door a crack, nodded to Shiva, then looked at the floor. "Grandmother." Then shut the door back again.

  Glancing at the floor too, Megumi could feel her jaw drop as, ' Grandmother,' walked across the room and leaped up onto the platform in front of Shiva. "Granny, this is Megumi and Dragunter. They are visitor staying with us for a while. This is my Granny cat."

  All Megumi could do was bow her head politely as she had been taught, so far her mouth had refused to close. The visitor who had waltzed across the room like she owned the place, the 'person' responsible for the kidnapping of Oda Nobunaga, a Japanese legend, was an ancient tabby house cat. A black, grey, blue, greenish and white mesh of colors in one tiny, though fat happy house cat. She was not even huge like Shiva; in fact, she was small enough that Shiva easily scooped her up on her paw and tucked her under her armpit comfortably.

  "Why is one of the greatest Japanese heroes ever, a gift for your Granny cat?" Megumi couldn't stop the words from charging out of her mouth, then cringed waiting to be slapped down for them.

  Shiva looked at her like she had just asked the most absurd question ever. "Granny cat like Japanese, so I looked through Japan's history and found the loudest, most fierce person I could find."

  "So you stole Oda Nobunaga so she could listen to him talk?"

  "Well yes… It was either him or Anne Tsuchiya. Mr. Oda yelled more, so he won." Shaking her head, Shiva added. "Give me one minute and you'll understand."

  Waving the paw she was not using to hug the cat, Shiva pulled up a screen in the air in front of them. Straight away Megumi recognized Nobunaga as he charged across the screen on his giant black horse, once again yelling instructions to an invisible army. Within seconds, Megumi was jerking her head back toward Shiva. She could literally hear the cat purring so loudly, she could be heard plainly over Nobunaga's yells.

  Lifting her thin shoulders in a semblance of a shrug, Shiva said. "Granny loves listening to him as you can tell. Mr. Oda makes her happy. That is his mission and he does it so well."

  "What? Then he… she…" Dragunter started to argue, flustered, but Megumi held up a hand to stop him.

  "Then you must let him know this is the greatest honor you have offered him. Let him know how great he is doing, making your most beloved happy. Maybe you could even bring him in the castle and introduce them. You never know they could become the best of friends." Megumi added, trying to find some small thread of hope for Nobunaga.

  "I'll have to remember to pass that on. Now if you don't mind, Granny cat and I are going to spend some time together. Maybe even catch a catnap together." Shiva grinned again, slightly laughing at her own joke.
Letting themselves out, Megumi and Dragunter shut the door having to pull hard on it to get it to close, then Dragunter turned toward Megumi. "You know what this means right?"
"Yep, we are screwed." Megumi agreed.

New Beginnings Excerpt #1


  Excerpt 1-

When Natsuki opened the door to Ryuu's insistent knocking, Natsuki's whole face lit up in a grin. Laughing he threw his arms around Ryuu in a tight almost strangling hug.

  "Jeez Ryuu, I've been trying to get in touch with you for months. You'll never in a million years believe what has happened."

  "What happened to Megumi? The gang girls don't even know who she is. I busted in there and she is just gone." Ryuu grabbed Natsuki's arms and tried to breath.

  "Come on and I'll explain on the way to Tamayama's new place." Natsuki kept grinning, grabbed his keys and pulled Ryuu out of the apartment behind him.

  "She is okay right?" Ryuu couldn't hold back from asking the question.

  "Still hung up on my cousin I see." Natsuki laughed.

  "I'll never not be Natsuki, but you already knew that." Ryuu plainly stated.

  "True, I just like teasing you. From what Tama says she is better than okay. He swears the old Megumi is back."

  "How did she manage to get away from the gang? And an even better question, why don't they know who she is?" Ryuu started in on his endless questions as they drove the ten minutes to Megumi's brother Tama's apartment.

  "Tama actually got her out with the help of some new friends." Natsuki waved his hand over the steering wheel in front of him as he explained.

  "How by mind molding all those girls like some wacky episode of Star Track?" Ryuu snorted.

  "You would be surprised how close you are to the truth. I will leave that to Tama to explain. Jeez, you can't even imagine the changes in that family. First of all, Aunt Yui has been completely healed by these new friends."

  Ryuu's head snapped sideways to gawk at Natsuki. "What? She has been completely healed?"
Natsuki nodded with a huge grin. "Completely, it's amazing. She is perfectly healthy now. If I didn't know she had been sick, I would never have guessed."

  "But she was so close to death's door for years. How can she be miraculously healed?" Ryuu asked in a state of confoundment.

  "How can a whole group of girls magically forget another person's existence?" Natsuki shot back.
  "These friends are… let's say special."

  Dodging traffic, Natsuki slid into a parking space and killed the engine. "Come on, I'll let Tama explain everything."

Zogone Book 4- New Beginnings info



  For Megumi, her happy life was destroyed when she was a small child, violence leading her into more violence until she was saved by the Zogone, alien race. On their home planet she has a chance for a new life with an alien solider who needs her more than anyone else. But after a space battle that leads to them being taken hostage by a goddess, Megumi starts to think of what her life of violence cost her and fears she may never see Earth again much less the man, her one true love, that she left behind.


  It still felt strange being a human living on the alien planet of Adrivar after six months.

  Rating: SPICY- adult language, violent (gruesome) scenes and explicit sexual content.

  Hero Descriptions-

  Dragunter- Captain Dragunter- (Zogone military officer) 6 feet plus tall, healthy weight, with solider muscles. He had short, though thick dark brown hair spiked, a pair of gorgeous green eyes and a strong pointed nose. His cheekbones were lean and very high up on his face, very prominent. White skin though slightly tanned. Late 20's Ususally he wears the jumpsuit that is his military uniform, but off hours he wears plain jeans or cloth pants and t-shirts with black boots.

  Dragunter is a normal solider. Likes the traveling, adventure and working in Josh Hardigan's unit. He is intruged by Megumi because she is the first full blooded Earthling that he has ever met. Even Josh's grandmother is part witch. To him dating Megumi is fun, another adventure. He doesn't get to serious with her until he feels like it is to late. When they are close to moving in together he has an accident. Now he turns into a werewolf and he doesn't know how to control it. He decides to stay away from her to keep her safe. That is until he learns about Ryuu and jealousy overrules his good intentions. Finding out his girl is still completely oin love with the lover she left behind, drives him crazy. He relentlessly tries to talk her back to his side, trying to make her forget the other man.

  Ryuu-  Ryuu Harada- Young Japanese man mid to late 20's. Light honey colored skin. Thin, man muscled, though not as muscled as a solider like Dragunter. Around 6 feet tall, taller than Megumi but an inch or so shorter than Dragunter. Long black hair to mid-back around the bottom of his shoulder blades, silky and slightly wavy loosely pulled back in a pony tail or left hanging around his face. Misty grey eyes. Corduroy or fake leather pants, usually with a button up silky shirt that shows off his muscles. Business man with rocker style. He has piercing in both ears though normally just wears the silver star in his left lobe. Likes silver rings and a black bracelet with silver mini swords hanging from it. Always wears a black slightly loose cloth necklace with silver threads running through it, it holds an antiqued silver claw on end of it.
  Ryuu has been in love with Megumi since the moment they first laid eyes on each other, back before they started high school and had barely become teenagers. They were each other's first love, high school sweethearts and lost their virginity together. Their plan was to be married, live HEA and never be apart again. Ryuu just couldn't fight against the Puritan Vampire in her memories, the monster who had come out of the dark, attacking her mother and leaving a five-year-old Megumi the only witness to such a violent crime. The attack leading Megumi into the welcoming arms of a Yankii girl gang and stealing her from Ryuu. But he never gave of hope of getting her back. When he finally has had enough of waiting for her, he chases her all the way to the alien planet Adrivar to get her back. Stopping at nothing to have the woman who could only be his.   

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Ancient Enemies- Excerpt #2


 Excerpt #2-

Then it all changed when the strange woman came leaping out of the darkness at him, wielding a set of double katanas. Long silky black hair fell to the middle of her back, skin as pale as the new moon and flashing eyes pierced him as they flashed brightly. Relying on instinct, he jerked his leather guitar case in front of his face, stopping the katanas descent in a X formation on either side of his face.

"Human, alien or vampire?" Were the girl's snarled words.

Only understanding a little English, he could only shake his head in confusion. "Es net es sco she ana mo es mas. (I can speak a little English.) Wa do you cootie ha na day es sigh. (Please speak more slowly.)"

She turned and looked over her shoulder to speak to someone in the shadows. "It's just a kid and seems like he can't really understand me. But I'm positive he is the life sign we have been chasing."

Out of the darkness came a young man, maybe a few years older than himself around the same as the girl standing over him. Though it was neat and short in the back, his dark bangs fell over his forehead almost touching his eyelashes, shading what he could tell were caring eyes.

It surprised him when the other man kneeled down beside him and said very slowly. "I can fix this."

First the young man held up a hand as if to say he meant no harm and nodded. Feeling a little dumb he nodded back, glancing from one to the other of the two strangers. The girl pulled her swords back and strapped them back in place in the pack on her back, then took a step away from them.

The young man leaned forward and placed a small cold, plastic box against the side of his forehead. An instant later a blinding pain shot through his head, making him scream in pure agony. It felt like his eyes were about to pop out after being burned from the sockets, as water pooled in the corner of his eyes.

After a moment his eyes began to clear and the mumbled conversation around him started to miraculously make sense. "Geez Borus, are you trying to kill the kid. Give a guy a little warning."

"I don't know how to speak Japanese babe, so how was I supposed to warn him?"

"Ah, excuse me… but what did you just do to me?" It took him a moment to realize he had just spoken in perfect English. "Wait, did I just…"

"Yeah kid, you did. What I did was implant the whole English language directly into your brain with a very top secret technological device." Holding his hand out the man shook his with a smile. "I'm Borus Hardigan and my girl here is Jade Bartram. Now who might you be?"

"I am Yazawa, Tamayama. But you can just call me Tama."

 "Ok, Tama it is then." The girl Jade spoke up. "Now back to my original question that you couldn't understand. Are you a human, alien or vampire?"

"Wha… What do you mean?"

"Were you born on Earth?" Jade asked, standing over him like an avenging angel in the darkness.

"Of course I was." Tama replied, getting more confused by the moment.

"Is your mother a normal human?"

"Of course she is."

"And your father? Is he human too?"

Tama sucked in a deep breath and glanced down at his swinging hands, braced on his upraised knees. "Yeah my old man is human too."

There was a rustling of clothes as Jade bet down in front of him and using one finger to lift his chin, forced him to look at her. "You don't sound so sure of that. Is there any chance that your father isn't your biological father?"

"Yeah, he isn't my real father. I don't know who that other man is. The thing is my mother… Well she was…"

"Raped, beaten and left for dead? Now she is either terribly sick or dead?" Jade asked shaking her head in agitation, making all of her lovely hair dance around her face.

"Actually, that is exactly what happened, but how did you know that?" Tama asked, completely shocked that the girl could get the truth so quickly.

"Your mother, how is she now?" Borus asked as Tama continued to blink up at Jade in wonder.

"She has an incurable disease now. Most days she is okay, but some times she has these spells where she falls close to death's door. Some how I always talk her into getting better."

"Talk her into getting better?" Borus asked, but Tama just shrugged because there was no way he could explain it and if he could they probably wouldn't believe him.

Jade spoke again, grabbing Tama's full attention. "What about you? Are you sick or have you had any type of episodes? Have you ever blacked out and had missing time that you can remember? Has anything like that ever happened to you?"

"Nothing like that, other than crying on my mother and healing her." He felt like a complete failure as a man saying that to such a cute girl. "Well until today that is."

Ancient Enemies- Excerpt #1


Excerpt 1-

Ginger lead Josh into the newly painted green living room and sure enough, in a minute Sam was joining them. A multi colored sweater and dark jeans covered his long, lean frame with his bright sunny blond hair once again dipping to just below his shoulders.

"How was the checkup on our boy?" On seeing Josh grinned happily and threw an arm around him, "Hey Josh welcome back. How did your mission go?"

Ginger answered first. "Dr. Mandrasport said Mark is doing great, no problems."

"That is great. What about you Josh?" Sam smiled, taking a seat on the big grey couch next to Ginger.

Holding both hands out palm out Josh shrugged, "I don't know how to answer that."

"Maybe I should tell him." Ginger suggested.

"Tell me what?" Sam frowned looking back and forth between the two siblings.

"There is something I haven't told you, something I should have, but didn't know exactly how to." Ginger tried to explain.

With a frown Sam waved a hand from one sibling to the other. "Whatever it is, can't be but so bad. You know both of you can talk to me about anything."

"When we were being rescued from the Bayger planet, the Replacer had to resort to scanning for life signs to find us. They just happened to find two D.N.A. signs that matched yours." Ginger ineptly specified.

As Josh watched, Sam went from looking calm to agitated and confused to angry. "And your mission Josh was to locate the second D.N.A. sign? What did you think that my father had resurrected himself some how and you didn't tell me? Son of a…"

In pure fury he leaped to his feet and started pacing the floor, swearing with some rather imaginative Earthling phrases. With a deep breath Josh stood up to and had to step in front of Sam to force him to stop his insistent pacing.

"How could you have kept something like this from me? Everyone, but me probably knows too, don't they?" Sam yelled.

"Yes," Josh stated simply, then holding up his hands as if to call a truce. "If you would like to calm down, I'll tell you what we found."

As if only half listening, Sam stared at his feet, but once his brain comprehended Josh's words, his head shot back up. "What, you found something? Oh God!"

"Yeah, we found something that is why we are back so soon." Josh waved a hand behind Sam. "But you might want a seat for this."

A groan rumbling through Sam, he sank onto the couch beside Ginger who instantly took his hand in hers, as Josh took a seat in front of him on the long wooden coffee table. "Our search took us to an uncharted planet a galaxy over from the Bayger's home planet. Surprisingly the scanners led us to a village where everyone spoke perfect English. Even stranger was the fact that the head of their village and his family are witches. They had created a shield magically protecting a huge compound behind their home."

"Witches? As in burned at the stake witchlings?" Sam asked.

Nodding Josh continued, "Yes that about says it. Well their leader, Lord Bartram escorted me around so we could locate the D.N.A. signs. With five daughters he didn't want a dangerous criminal anywhere around."

"Get to the point Josh." Ginger mumbled, resting a hand on Sam's knee reassuringly.

"What we found we a very sick woman named Shard, whom just happened to be Bartram's sister.  Apparently, at some point she had visited Earth and ran into the Puritan Vampire. He attacked her and left her just like your mother. She made it back to her people and them being witches have kept her alive for sixteen years."

Another string of curses came out as Sam took in Josh's words. "That bastard… So she is the D.N.A. carrier and still alive. Amazing!"

Cautiously Josh reached out and laid a hand on Sam's right knee. "She is still barely alive, but no she isn't the carrier. Her fifteen-year-old daughter was the carrier of the second D.N.A. sign. Her name is Jade and she is your half-sister."

Zogone Book 3- Ancient Enemies info

  Zogone Book #3- Ancient Enemies-


  After the discovery of a D.N.A. trace, Josh is pulled back into action to once again protect his family from an ancient evil that refuses to rest in peace. After years of watching everyone else find love, it’s finally Josh’s turn, but it comes at a price. Finding more victims of the Puritan Vampire, one long dead and two more living children carrying the blood viral disease.

  Rating: Sensual

  Hero Descriptions-

  Josh- He has emerald green eyes. His hair was a dark brown, almost black, yet slightly shaded with a dark red in places. Very tall over six feet. His face was strong, not to thin or to wide, just confident and healthy. His eyebrows weren't to thick and wide, seeming to perfectly match the proportions of his face. A solid nose rested slightly crocked on his face from a few breaks, though the image wasn't unattractive. Long sweeping eyelashes swept around his eyes and a set of lips were just plump enough to satisfy even the most critical of female eye. Soft tan, not to dark. Slim and nicely muscled, a solider.

  Growing up knowing his grandmother had been murdered and waiting for her to be reincarnated made Josh who he was. Family was his first priority, so he joined the Zogone military so that when the day came he would be sent to protect his grandmother. After she was home safe and sound on Adrivar, Josh continues to work for the military liking the action and being a protector for his people. But watching his family makes him long for love and he spreads himself amongst the female population looking for the one who he would risk everything for like his grandfather Brian before him.

  Tamayama-  Earthling. Japanese, Long mid back black hair blue-grey eyes. Around six foot tall. With his a bit over long,  long black hair and three earrings in his left ear. Along with dark holey jeans, stained t-shirt and boots, he could easily pass for what he was a punk rocker. a tall, almost gangly young man who looked to be just out of his teens. He had long dark hair that arched around framing his face, before falling past his shoulders that was almost jet black against smooth mocha colored skin.  High cheek bones, arched eyebrows, slightly squared chin. long, almost thin fingers. His legs were also long, lithe, strong and well muscled, leading up to a trim waist. moist supple lips and the tiny black hairs above them that wasn't quite enough to be called a mustache, but enough to be sexy as all get out. 

  Though he is Sam’s brother, his mother also being attacked by the Puritan Vampire, he is different. Between Sam’s mother and Tama’s the vampire attacks a witch. Her powers some how end up being transferred through Tama’s mother. Instead of being half vampire like his brother, Tama ends up half Wiccan.

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Past Regrets Excerpt #2

 Zogone Book 2- Past Regrets-

  Excerpt #2-

  With a smile, Ginger knocked on the apartment door.  Her brother Josh answered with a sigh of relief and pulled her into a tight embrace.  “God, when Sam told me what happen it scared the living daylights out of me.”  Pulling back, he held her at arm’s length and looked her up and down.  “Are you sure you are okay?”

  “I’m perfectly fine, worrywart.  Besides you know how fast Sam is; you should be worried about him.”

  Waving her into the small living room, Josh shook his head.  “No, I had a look at Sam’s back.  It looked nasty for a few minutes, but you know how fast he heals.  Well now that I have seen you for myself, I’m going to make myself scares.  You aren’t the only one with a date tonight.”

  An eyebrow came up, “Is that a problem?  I mean me and Sam, does it bother you?”

  Josh snorted, “No, of course not.  I think you are both damned prideful fools, and it’s about time.”  Giving her a wink he added, “I’ve always wanted to do this.  Sam is in his room.  Why don’t you go have a look around?”

  Mischievous grin and all, Josh slipped out the door, leaving Ginger curious about what he had wanted to do and why she should look through Sam’s room.  Taking his advice, she let herself into Sam’s bedroom.  The sound of the shower running echoed from the next room told her Sam’s location. 

  Feeling a little bad for snooping, Ginger went from table to dresser looking for anything unusual. There were pictures of Sam and Josh together in uniform. There were pictures of both Arlene and Brian both together and with Sam. There were even pictures that were unmistakably taken on Earth.

  One picture showed Becky’s Kitchen where Ginger and Arlene had worked as waitresses and Brian as a cook.  In the picture, Ginger and Arlene were standing together talking in uniform after the place had closed. There were two taken at Sandlend Beach in Raleigh, North Carolina where they had gone one weekend.  One was a picture of Sam and Josh with Ginger standing in-between them.

  The second picture she had never seen before or even knew of its existence.  It was a picture of her and Sam standing together, facing each other. They looked like normal Earth teenagers. Ginger in a blue bathing suit and cut-off jean shorts, with her red hair pulled back into a short ponytail. Sam wore a pair of low riding swim trunks and nothing else.  His young lean form glistened with water droplets that made her mouth go dry.
From the way they were standing, it looked as if Ginger had stumbled and Sam grabbed on to her to straighten her up. Whoever had taken the picture had caught them the moment she had looked up into Sam’s eyes.  The picture said more than she had dared say herself.  In other words, Josh had to have been the perpetrator who snapped the shot.

  With a groan, she sat the frame back on the wooden dresser top and marched across the room to sink down on Sam’s bed, and that was when she found what Josh had undoubtedly been talking about.  On the ceiling was a painting.  It had to be a good eight feet long and four feet wide.  It was placed perfectly so the bed’s occupant would fall asleep with the view of the painting surrounded by the four tall bedposts.

  It was a picture of a woman with flowing red hair.  A thin battle-hardened body was encased in tight black battle armor, silhouetting each lovely curve of her body.  Long peach legs were slightly bent as she took to the air in flight.  Black leather army boots came up to mid-thigh silhouetted the tight calf muscles.  Two beautifully sculpted translucent wings showed from behind her back, and her arms were outstretched if simply waiting for her lover to come into them.

  Ginger didn’t know whether to be furious or mortified, because blushing profusely she easily recognized the woman as herself.  Lying there, a million thoughts ran through her mind.  How long had the painting been there?  Who had painted her so perfectly?  Sam himself or someone else with a vivid imagination?  And why did he have such a thing?  Was this his way of pining for her in secret all this time, while she had sat alone aching for him?

  The sound of the shower died and only moments later Sam made his way into his bedroom wearing nothing but a long white towel and a few errant drops of water that had stubbornly clung to his chest.  Ginger crossed her arms over her stomach, and then raised her eyes to meet his.  Guiltily his eyes shifted from hers, to the painting, then back to meet hers again.

  “Care to explain this, Samuel Paddington?” Ginger asked softly, letting none of her irritation or confusion be heard in her voice.

  “I would think it was pretty obvious.  Most men keep pictures or posters of beautiful women.  She just happens to be mine.”  Eyes averted, he answered, and then turned his back to pull clothes out of his dresser.

  Snorting in aggravation, Ginger sat up and shot back, “Don’t give me that crap. I’m not so stupid I can’t recognize myself.  Who painted that and why?”

  His shrug drew her eyes to the angry inch-long slashes across his back that had obviously been caused from stepping in front of her during the explosion.  The sight of the cuts dissipated her anger a little in sympathy.  Taking a sweater and a pair of jeans, he turned toward the bathroom to make his escape.

  “Let me get dressed and we can talk about this later.”

  Ginger grabbed his arm and turned him back to look down at her.  “No we will talk about this now.  Why Sam?  Why would you have such a painting of me drawn over your bed?”

  Setting his clothes aside, he shrugged Ginger’s hand away.  “Just leave it alone Ginger.  I don’t think you are ready for the wormhole you are about to open.”

  She could feel her face flaming as her temper rose and she reached out and grabbed his arm again.  “Leave it alone.  You walked out on me and you have the audacity to have something like that painted?  Well, I want to know why right now and I will not be shrugged aside like some child being overly curious.”

  Teeth gritted, Sam cursed under his breath, before grabbing Ginger by her forearms and literally pulling her up on tiptoes to glare at her.  “Yes, I left you.  I thought it was what I had to do, but I could never get you out of my mind.  So as penance to you, I spent every night painting that picture so I would never forget the accusing look on your face and damn it … so that I would always have some piece of you with me.”

  Shoving her back to her feet, he started to turn away again, but Ginger stopped him halfway with a hand on his back.  “But why, Sam?  If I really meant so little why do it?”

  Growling low in his throat, Sam swung around and pulled her against him. “Who ever said you didn’t mean anything to me?”

  “Well, I know you cared for me just like for Josh,  Arlene or Brian.  Friends, but otherwise …” Her voice trailed away as she motioned absentmindedly.

  “God, you are dense.  It almost killed me to leave you.  I thought you knew that.”

  Shaking her head violently their eyes connected and held as she desperately tried to comprehend his true meaning.  “You are just saying that to make me feel better.  Just like you did by kissing me back then.”

  “At first I didn’t even want friends, but your family grew on me.  Then the more I got to know you, the sweet side, the take-charge side and all that spunky fire got to me.”  Slowly he pushed the bangs back from her face and softly slid his lips across hers.  “I was desperately in love with you.”

  Ginger let his lips linger over hers as she whispered back, “No, because if that were true you never would have left me.”

  “I thought it was something I had to do, but now that I am older and wiser, I regret every second of time I missed with you.  It kills me that so much time has been wasted, time we could have been together.  Now I think it is about time I stopped regretting and started doing something about it.”

Past Regrets Excerpt #1

 Zogone Book 2- Past Regrets-

  Excerpt 1-
  Sam curled up in a borrowed bunk in one of the guest quarters, with his hands crossed under his head and his long legs stretched out to where they crossed at the ankles.  For the last hour, since he had plopped down on the bunk his thoughts had led him a merry chase, forcing him to stare at the wall as if lost in space.
Not only had Ginger paid him the least bit of recognition when he entered Daimlar’s office, but she had gotten the heck out of Dodge the second she was able to.  Instead of being offended by Ginger’s actions, they had given Sam hope.

  If Ginger had shaken his hand and acted like an old acquaintance, he would have been worried, but no, not his Ginger!  No, Ginger acted as if he didn’t exist, then when she was forced to face up to knowing him, she ignored him.  Then she had excused herself formally without directly communicating with him.

  Obviously Ginger was totally pissed off to find out he was going to be her partner for this mission.  People who didn’t care didn’t get pissed.  Girls who still had feelings for a man, definitely did get more than a little upset. That had to mean Ginger still felt something for him. Something was better than nothing.

  Four years ago, Sam had blamed himself for all the world’s problems just because of his own violent birth.  It took four hard, lonely years for him to realize he had always helped more than he had harmed the world.
It also took those same four years for him to realize what a damn fool he had been to walk away from the one woman who had ever looked at him as more than a monster.  She had looked at him like a man, one she cared about and he had lost her, because of stupid pride.

  When Josh had told him about this mission, Sam jumped at the chance to be the appointed Warrior Delegate.  Josh had even worked it to look like the Delegates had come to him, forcing him to prove himself, when everyone there knew he had nothing to prove.  Every Warrior Delegate that knew him, knew they could count on him in any situation.  Sam had busted his butt to gain the Delegates’ respect and his position among them.

  Screw the military, Sam had volunteered for this mission for one reason, to use the time alone with Ginger to win her back.  No, that wasn’t right.  They had never made it to the point of actually being together, but by the time their mission was finished, they would be together if he had anything to say about it.

  Over the last four years, Sam had made a life for himself with the Zogones.  Not only had he thoroughly became a soldier for the Warrior Delegates, but a well-known one.  All four years were spent working under Josh, whom had been the one to find him on Earth and bring him into their group.  Josh had become closer to Sam than best friends.  It almost seemed like Josh was the brother Sam had never had, but always wanted.

  Being stationed on Adrivar with Josh meant that at any free period of time they had, they could spend it together or on Space Station Swanson with Brian and Arlene.  Considering they looked so young, it surprised Sam that he felt just like one of their grandchildren, just like Josh. Unsurprisingly though they had always treated Sam like family, like one of their own. Arlene worried about him and Brian was always handy with advice, just like good grandparents should be.

  Being an Earthling like Arlene made them closer than some of the others, though.  So, when Josh had suggested this mission, Sam had talked it over with Arlene first.  Arlene had been his confident where Ginger was concerned for quite a while now.  Arlene didn’t want to give away too much of Ginger’s personal feelings, but did give Sam hope. She didn’t tell of Ginger’s lost hope or constant love, but she did give Sam hope that he might be able to win Ginger over. She reassured him that it was the right thing to do.

  With Arlene’s blessing to push her granddaughter as hard as necessary, Sam had boarded the ship to the Galactic Security Headquarters space station. After checking in, he had showered, shaved and dressed in a clean dress uniform before showing up at Colonel Diamlar’s office, all for the sake of catching Ginger’s attention. He thought he might have done that and more, even angering her by looking too good to her.
He could tell he had gotten her attention, even getting under her skin. Now all he had to do was keep her focused on him.  They would do their mission, but they would also spend that time getting to really know each other all over again.

  With a grin, Sam decided to give Ginger a wide girth until they left for their mission, but once they were on a ship alone, that was a different story.  From that moment on, he promised himself to be relentless in his pursuit of Ginger.

Zogone Book 2- Past Regrets



  Sam was a man with a past, one that had taken him years to realize wasn’t his fault. But now he is back to rectify his biggest regret of all, which was losing her.

  Ginger’s work had become her life. Nothing mattered except surviving her mission, even if that meant having to deal with him.

  Together they made more than one horrific discovery that will force them to fight for their loved ones and what could have been.


  A rescue mission for a promotion she had more than earned that takes brings about a horrific discovery and shows her the way back into the arms of the only man she has ever loved and regretted losing.

Rating- Sensual

Hero Description-

  Sam- Shoulder length dirty blond hair, blue grey eyes, taller than Ginger by almost half a foot standing at 6"4', slightly broad but not overly so, healthy not thin or fat a good place in between, Pretty muscular, but not huge like some Rambo guys, just a normal soldier muscles.

  Sam is the product of a violent attack and rape on his mother that leaves her with a blood disease that kills her by the time Sam is eight. He was born half human, half vampire. Because of what his father has done he believes he must use his life to make up for all his father’s bad after hunting the monster down and killing him, himself. It had taken him years to realize nothing his father had done was his fault. But now he is back to rectify his biggest regret of all, which was losing her.

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Old Dreams Excerpt #3


  Excerpt - 3

  Brian watched as Sam slowly looked across the acre of bare land, then turned to stare as Josh and Ginger did a few warm up stretches. "Hey, Ginger, don't use any alien tricks on him."

  She laughed and gave Brian a grin. "I don't need alien tricks to do what needs to be done."

  Sam walked over to Ginger and glowered. "A little over confident aren't we? Didn't you ever learn not to underestimate your opponent?"

  Ginger didn't even bat an eyelash. "Yeah, didn't you?"

  Brian flopped down on the grass to watch and Josh moved to stand behind him. Brian could tell Josh was thinking the same thing he was. Time to stand back, this was going to be one fight they neither wanted to miss or get to close to.

  Sam wiped his hands down his jean clad thighs, slid his feet apart and planted his boots firmly in the sand in preparation for Ginger's test. "Whenever you are ready."

  Ginger took a fighting stance, feet outstretched pulling one behind her, with her body turned so only the side of her was facing him. Putting her right elbow tightly held against her side, while she curved her left arm up at a ninety degree angle so her left fist was held up in front of her chest about a foot in front of her. Her right arm was then pulled across her chest and her fist was held up to guard her face. 

  Brian recognized her stance as the first fighting pose all Zogones were taught. Simply make yourself smaller to the enemy giving them less access to you and less space for them to hit. It was a fantastic strategy. Brian had just figured she would have tried something more complicated, maybe one of her general perfected moves.

  Ginger lifted her chin over her right fist and stared Sam down. "You know this test is your one shot? If you fail you pack your bags, leave and forget about all of us, forget that the Puritan Vampire ever existed."

  Sam held both hands up to her, "Yeah, what happens 'when' I do pass your test?"

  Ginger arched a brow at him, "Confident aren't we? If by some way you do manage to pass, you'll pack your bags when we do and you'll help us hunt that monster down. When Arlene is ready we will stop him and finally be able to go home. After that, what you do is your business."

  For a moment they just seemed to circle each other, then Ginger struck quickly, but not to powerfully in Brian's opinion. One of Sam's crossed arms shot up and easily blocked her. Time and time again Ginger struck out in the same almost easy gesture. A right here, a left there, a quick kick to the shins. All where easily deflected.

  Sam deflected, but didn't hit back which seemed to anger Ginger. "Are we going to fight or dance all day?"

  Sam glared and shot back, "Maybe we will when you stop playing with me and really attack."

  Ginger gave him a sarcastic smile and through gritted teeth said, "Be careful what you wish for."

  Holding a palm up toward Sam, Ginger closed her fist, then opened it instantly back up. A flash of blue light blinded them for two seconds, but it was plenty of time for Ginger to make her move. It seemed as if she disappeared and reappeared across the spot were Sam was standing.

  Ginger's attack landed in mid air. Her punch landed where she wanted, but Sam was no longer there. He didn't run or jump out of her way. He had just simply taken a step to the left, just out of Ginger's striking range.

  Ginger jumped back, then rushed Sam again. He closed his eyes and took a step to the right, again just barely out of the line of fire. They repeated the process three more times, until Ginger was livid with rage.
She growled, "How do you keep avoiding me, especially with your eyes closed?"

  Sam opened his eyes and an obvious sniff. "One of your roommates must have sprayed her perfume next to you this morning. I can smell it all over you clothes. But even without it I can since each of your movements around me. Plus, if I concentrate really hard, I can hear your heart beat. I am half vampire after all."

  "Very good job, then I'll have to take this test to the next level. After this if you can walk away without help, I'll be surprised. If so, then you have more than earned your place among us."
Sam nodded, "I can take whatever you throw at me little girl."

  Ginger smiled, "Good, because this time you had better do more than avoid my attacks. Your test is to fight back and stop me from killing you."

  Any other man would have gulped and feared of peeing himself, Sam though just grinned. Ginger didn't even blink as legs slid wide apart and she threw her arms out straight beside her. As the air around her started to crackle and glow, Ginger slowly levitated above the ground.

  With a slanted gaze to the right, Brian watched Sam's eyes widen slightly, but only for a second. Pulling himself back into full focus, then adjusted his fighting stance. Sam was obviously ready for just about anything.
Brian glanced back at Ginger and watched as her lips slowly started to move in the age old Zogone meditation chant. In essence she was 'powering up' or sensing each small particle of her own being, bringing every ounce of her powers to the surface. In other words, Ginger meant business and she wasn't about to go easy on Sam.

  Josh must have realized the same thing, because he started to fidget uncomfortably. "Hey Ging… Don't you think you are taking this a little to far?"

  A simple, "No!," was his answer and she was right back to the chanting.

  "This is just a test Ginger, remember? We aren't trying to kill Sam, just see what he can do."

  Ginger opened her eyes which had turned pure white, pupil less, and answered. "I know exactly what we are doing here and I have every intention of seeing what Sam is made of."

  Josh started kicking his feet as he ran a hand over the back of his neck. "Well that is great, but we don't really want to see 'what' he is made of. It's a little early in the morning to be having a bath in someone else's guts sis."

Old Dreams Excerpt #2

   Excerpt - 2

  The next morning, Arlene had an early class, so Brian didn't have to work to avoid her. Arlene filled an empty plastic twenty ounce bottle with orange Kool-Aid and Brian offered to grab her bag for her. On his way back across the room Brian tripped over one of Josh's boots and dropped a couple of Arlene's books.
Together they slowly picked them up and Brian went ahead and took the plunge. "Look… If I'm distant, it doesn't mean I'm avoiding you. I just need some time to figure out what is going on inside me. It could take a while, so please don't take it personally."

  Arlene pushed her science book in her bag and mumbled, "No problem."

  Grabbing the book in his hand, she shoved it out of sight and started for the door. Brian catching sight of an escaped piece of paper told her to wait, while he retrieved it from under the corner of the couch.
Brian picked it up and started to pass it over when his eyes landed on the previous day's sketch. "What is this?"

  Arlene shrugged, "Nothing really, just something I doodled in math class yesterday."

  "I had no idea you were an artist. This is really pretty."

  Arlene laughed, "I'm no artist, believe me, it's nothing. It's just a doodle that will end up in the trash."

  Trying not to show to much interest and spook her, he asked in an offhanded way. "Well if that is really how you feel, you don't mind if I keep it?"

  A surprised look crossed her face, but she just shrugged. "Sure," and with a small wave, "Catch you later." Then she was out the door.

  As soon as the door shut behind her, Brian swung around and shook Josh violently awake. "Get up, I want to be out of here in five minutes. There has been a new development."

  Eyes still half closed, shoes tied and yawning grumpily Josh was waiting at the door when Brian wrenched it open. "What's up, Brian?"

  Not stopping Brian mumbled, "I'll explain when we get to Ginger's.
Behind him Josh turned a snort into a laugh. "Ginger's at this time of day, man you really got some nerve."

  Brian understood Josh's meaning after pounding on Ginger's apartment door and getting the reply, "Who the hell is beating down my door at the crack of dawn? This had better be good or someone is going to wish they were never born."

  The door opened and Ginger's angry face instantly turned to a look of concern. "What's wrong Pop?"
Closing the door behind them Brian walked over and dropped the sketch on Ginger's honey colored coffee table. "I found this in Arlene's school stuff this morning."

  Josh and Ginger leaned in together, both giving back a simple, "OH!" Sam who was just opening his eyes on the couch next to the table leaned over blinking.

  Brian saw Ginger's glance run over Sam as he sat up, long naked torso running down to meet his blue running shorts as Sam asked, "It looks like a math paper. So what's the big deal?"

  Brian leaned over and pointed at the sketch that he had easily recognized. "Not the math, this so-called doodle."

  Sam squinted down and shrugged, "Big deal, she drew a ring."

  Brian shook his head. "This isn't just any ring. This is Colleen's wedding ring."

  Sam snorted, "Yeah right, you gave her that ring over five hundred years ago. How could you recognize one ring from another?"

  Ginger grinned as Brian answered, "I know that ring better than the back of my own hand."
Sam lifted an eyebrow as Brian reached into the neckline of his t-shirt and pulled out the soft silver necklace around his throat. Placing the end into the palm of his hand he held it out to show Sam. A man's black and gold wedding band covered in Celtic knots rested snuggly against an exact copy of Arlene's sketch.

  "I had our rings cryogenically frozen with me. They are made of indestructible metal from the planet Calidar so they will last forever."

  Sam gave him his, 'I'm impressed' look and said, "Wow, that is cool. Then this is supposed to be important?"

  The other three groaned, then Brian held up the sketch next to the ring as Ginger vanished for a moment. The sketch was so perfect that it truly astonished Brian. The ring had been made with long straight line like wires that were intricately twirled together to make a piece of art representing the moons of Adrivar. Each little turn of the ring was drawn exactly right in Arlene's doodle.

Old Dreams Excerpt #1

  Excerpt - 1
  Arlene was deep in dream land, reliving that afternoons walk with Brian. He gave her that sexy smile she already adored as he pointed something out to her, then leaned over and pushed one of her curls behind her ear. Oddly enough the curl was back and a good half a foot longer. Brian reached up to push it  back again and Arlene realized the setting was completely different. They were no longer on a sidewalk looking into a store window.

  Brian was wearing some type of weird dress robe, while Arlene was covered from her breasts, down to the floor in a cotton candy pink gown. There was a lot of people in the back ground, but Arlene didn’t pay the least bit of attention to any of them. She had eyes only for Brian. There were long rectangular tables covered in blue floral clothes, food and flowers. Soft music like nothing she had ever heard played in the background, but everything faded away next to Brian.

  After carefully moving the absentminded curl, Brian leaned forward and touched his lips to hers. A chill ran down her spine and a pit of fire roared to life in the bottom of her stomach. Her knees grew weak as he pulled her closer, wrapping his arms firmly around her until their bodies touched from their chests  down to their knees.

  His lips continued to brush tantalizingly over hers as he spoke. “I’m so glad you chose to stay with me. I love you Colleen.”

  Arlene pulled back sharply, placing a hand firmly on his chest as she looked up at him in confusion. “I’m Arlene, remember? Whose Colleen, Brian?” She grabbed his arm and softly shook him. “Whose Colleen?”

  Brian pulled her back into his arms with a sweet smile and whispered, “My wife."

Zogone Book 1- Old Dreams info

Old Dreams-

Blurb- Arlene had a fresh start, in a different town, with new friends and a sweet, handsome roommate. Brian seemed to be a great guy and she was extremely attracted to him. The only problem was since the first day she had met him, her mind was filled with fantastic nightmares so powerful they made her physically ill-fantasies of Brian and a woman who wasn't her but strangely, at the same time, was.
Rating: Sensual
Hero description-

  Brian- He is an alien scientist, a Zogone, who was cryogenically frozen after his wife was murdered and has now been awakened at her rebirth as our heroine.  He had met Colleen when his science team had raided her village. He worked with her, satisfying her that they were not monsters and eventually he talked her into staying with them and later marrying him. But a space battle sent them back to Earth where she ended up being murdered. Refusing to be without her, the science team performed last rites on her so she would be reincarnated, then he had his mentor cryogenically freeze him until she was reborn. The second the Zogone computers recognized her DNA sign, Brian awoke and headed back to Earth to get her. The only problem is Arlene has no idea who Colleen was much less the husband she had left behind. Now Brian has to fight to keep his hands off of her long enough for her to get all her memories back and keep her safe until he can claim her love once again. 

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Zogone Series

My Zogone Series is a four book line about an alien race called the Zogones. Book 1 is Old Dreams, Book 2- Past Regrets, Book 3- Ancient Enemies, and Book 4- New Beginnings.
 The next excerpts I'll be adding will be for the Zogones, starting today with Old Dreams.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

His Kiss Excerpt #2

  Excerpt 2-

  Taylor dragged Jonas out into the street and shoved him against his own work truck. "Look there are a million girls in the world, can't you just go find one of them and leave my Amber alone?"

  "Your Amber? I don't see a ring on her finger baby brother." Jonas grinned snottily.

  "Don't screw with me Jonas. You have messed around with every girlfriend I have ever had except for Janet."

  "That's cause Janet may be small, but she's one big bitch bro." Using one hand he lightly pushed Taylor back a step and stood up straight. "Come to think about it, you've never wanted to rip my head off over a girl. It's always been if she is the type of girl who wants to run after my brother, then good riddance. Now your little pal shows interest in me and you fly off the handle? I don't think so. Give it to me straight. What is really going on here?"

  "I was lying to Janet and said Amber was my new girlfriend, then kissed her to prove my point."
Shrugging Jonas asked, "So what? You kissed her. Does that mean you have to protect her virtue now man?"
When Taylor only glared at him, Jonas slapped him on the shoulder and roared with laughter. "You're in love with your little Amber."

  "No, I care about her. She is my best friend and she has already been messed with by a guy like you.."
Jonas rolled his eyes. "I hear you baby brother and all the crap you're spewing."

  "Okay… Yes I have feelings for her and soon I'm hoping I'll be over all the Janet crap. Then I'm going to make a play for Amber myself."

  Slapping him on the shoulder again, Jonas laughed. "Now that wasn't so hard was it? So want to explain to me why your Amber was making the rounds with every single guy at the party?"

  "You have to keep this between you and me, because she has no idea that I know. Apparently our little kiss set off the same feelings for her. She went out with this guy and even kissed him to try to wean herself off the feelings. Her experiment went badly, so now she is looking for the guy who will work."

  "And she picked me? How perfect is that?" Jonas laughed.

  "But that's great right. She chose the guy most physically like me and the one guy I might be able to have help keep her mine."

  "You want me to date your girl, so no one else will?" Jonas wrinkled his nose at Taylor.

  "No, I want you to pretend to date her. Spend time with her, get to know her. I'm sure you guys could be great friends." Taylor added a lot of intensity to the word 'friends'.

  "What if she tries her little experiment on me?" Jonas pointed out a little over eager sounding.

  "I'll trust you to make sure that doesn't happen. If things go the way I think they might, she could be your sister some day. So keep that in mind." Taylor said pacing in front of his brother now.

  "What if she falls in love with me in the mean time?"

  Taylor snorted sarcastically, "I don't see that happening. Amber might have fun with you, but she is a smart enough girl to not fall for a player like you. Maybe you can become one of her best pals and even let her catch your eyes wondering a time or two. Nothing gross or obnoxious or she won't keep hanging out with you." Taylor added for good measure.

  With one strong hand Jonas pulled his brother to lean against the truck beside him. "For someone who isn't completely in love with a girl you sure are doing a lot to keep her."

  "I have strong feelings for her, but until I get rid of Janet completely there isn't a lot I can do about it yet. So I really need your help with this. Can I count on you?"

  Jonas wrapped his arm around his younger brother's shoulders before answering. "Here's what I'll do. I'll put the word out with all the singles I know, so everyone knows she is taken. I'll take her out two maybe three times a week. Every once and a while I'll let you know where we will be, so you can magically be there too."

  "Sounds good, keep her busy and all the other guys away." Taylor grinned.

  "Oh, but I'm not done. If I go through all this crap for you and you don't end up marrying this girl, I'll never forgive you. Maybe even think of keeping her for myself. If you had forgotten I had been talking about seeing her before I knew your deal. She is one fine woman and I can see why you want her." Jonas couldn't help ribbing his brother.

  "Just so you remember she is mine." Taylor pointed at Jonas warningly.

  "No problem bro. Besides after this you are going to owe me big time, with no questions asked." Jonas promised.

  "Great what have I got myself into. Well if you need a kidney one day, I've got two. Anything as long as you help me keep my heart." Taylor agreed, then they slapped hands together sharing a grin.

His Kiss Excerpt #1

  Excerpt 1-

  They decided on an action flick. Amber figured a good fight scene would get her jazzed and her heart pounding. The excitement might help in the kiss she was planning to experiment with. A good night kiss was natural nowadays.

  If it went the way she planned Andy would make her see stars, experience fireworks. Then nice, steady Andy would become the focus of her dreams and fantasies. That would leave Taylor comfortably slotted back in the best friend section and their friendship could finally go back to normal.

  Half the movie sped by without Amber being the wiser. Her focus kept straying to her sweaty palms, which she kept having to wipe over her on jean clad thighs. Nervous was an understatement, she was closer to jittery. She had never been a premeditated kisser, nor had she ever jumped any man's bones so to speak. Far from a floozy, she had only slept with her high school sweetheart. It all came back to not getting screwed over again by any man, once had been plenty of experience for her.

  Bracing herself, she ignored her nerves and kept her plan firmly in mind. For Taylor's friendship, anything was worth looking a little slutty. She forced herself to relax and concentrate on the movie, smiling at Andy occasionally to make sure he knew she was interested.

  At the end of the movie Amber threaded her arm through Andy's and smiled over at him, just now realizing he was an inch shorter than her. Ignoring height the way she had most of her life, she held back a frown trying not to compare him with Taylor.

  Outside the theatre they stood on the sidewalk as the crowd thinned out around them. For a long moment they just stared at each other and Amber couldn't figure out which of them was more nervous.

  Andy glanced at his watch, then back at Amber. "It's still early if you would like to grab a burger or something. Maybe a slice of pizza or some Chinese food?"

  With a small smile Amber shook her head. "No thank you. I ate before I came and I try to get to bed early. I always go jogging at dawn."
   "Oh," Andy mouthed in disappointment. "Well maybe some other time."

  "Sure, I'd like that. I had a lovely time tonight."

  For a few seconds Andy stood staring at Amber as if he wanted to say something, then simply waved and turned to leave. "Good night and see you next time you come by the market."

  Brain rushing though thoughts, Amber bit her lip before calling out to him. "Andy one second."

  He turned back to her and turned his head slightly in question. Before her courage could leave her she took the few steps to his side and reached for him. Her arms went around his neck and her lips connected with his.
A startled breath came out of his mouth, but it only took him a second to take her up on the invitation. Almost to forcefully his arms gripped her waist and pulled her closer, then he was kissing her back.

  It went from a soft brush to almost frenzied clinging to each other. It was nice… but that was all. There were no fireworks, no sparks and especially no stars swimming around her head. There was no lava boiling in her veins and she didn't have the slightest urge to throw him to the floor, while ripping the clothes from his body.

  It was the complete opposite of kissing Taylor. The experiment had failed. Andy's kiss was just nice, almost calming. Apparently it was still just the thought of Taylor's kiss that lit her whole body on fire.

His Kiss info

  His Kiss-


  What happens when you find yourself falling in lo…lust with your best friend? Amber's best friend Taylor had been cheated on and dumped by Janet, the woman he loved. When Janet comes back Taylor lied and said he had moved on, proving it he kisses Amber, changing everything. No matter what she does she can't forget it, but the only man who is even comes close to helping her forget her feelings, turns out to be Taylor's brother.


  Foolish enough to have feelings for her best friend, Amber is afraid of losing him, but does that make it okay to put the moves on his older brother to forget her feelings for him.
  Rating- Sensual
  Hero description-

  Taylor-Long jet black hair almost to waist. Construction worker, nice muscles, big but not bodybuilder big. Chocolate brown eyes, high cheek bones, long straight nose, slightly bushy eyebrows that looked natural on his masculine face, tall almost 7 foot. Usually wears work boots, blue jeans and plain tees, other times basketball jersey, sneakers and silky shorts. To get rid of the woman who cheated on him and broke his heart, Taylor lies and says he has a new girlfriend. To prove it he kisses his new best friend Amber.

  Taylor is huge and strong, but at the same time sensitive, emotional. After he kisses his best friend he can’t stop thinking about her. But is it fair for him to make her stay lonely while he tries to get over his ex. Not ready to go forward, but afraid of losing Amber, Taylor hatches a plan to keep all other men away from her.

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UPDATE: Author chat date

Update- Somehow my date was off. The author chat will be Tuesday March 6th at 7pm EST. The contest is still on so keep your eyes out for each excerpt. Sorry for the mix up and happy reading!

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ONE WISH- Excerpt #3

  Excerpt #3-

  As she looked quickly from side to side and happened to catch a small glance of Nero swinging his sword wildly, taking out one man. But there was another advancing on him quickly from behind. Knowing he would never hear her over the roar of the battle, she had one of two choices do something or stand here and watch him die. She choose to do something.

  A quick survey around and above her gave her the perfect idea. Near by  she climbed a pole, grabbed one of the many ropes holding up their sail and jumped, propelling her weight through the air. Holding on for dear life, grinning for all she was worth, she thrilled at this new adventure. Well I did dream of being an acrobat as a child. She laughed to herself.

  Something must have alerted the Captain, because he looked up in time to see her fly by him and watched as her shoe landed right in the face of the man only a foot behind him now. Melanie knocked the man over and jumped down.

  Instantly she whorled around and sunk her short sword through the man’s chest, shocked at her own behavior, yet some how extremely ecstatic by doing something totally out of character and so wild. “What the hell do you...” Nero started to yell at her, but she cut him off, by swinging around him and taking out yet another enemy.

  “Pay attention damn it, unless you want to end up dead.” Melanie yelled back.

  “Fine, but we will talk about this later.” He said, swinging his sword in the opposite direction, taking out another man. They stood back to back, for what seemed like hours fighting, but was only mere minutes. They killed one man after another, never stepping more than a few inches away from each other. But no matter how many men they killed, there always seemed to be ten more to replace the one that had just fallen.

  What happened next, Melanie didn’t know, everything just stopped. They were surrounded by at least thirty men, but none attacked them. They just stood there, waiting and watching them. Melanie took a look around, there didn’t seem to be any of their crew left, and finally the truth dawned on her.

  They had lost the battle.

  But why don’t they just kill us and take the ship? What is the hold up? Her heart pounded along with her thoughts, before she could get the nerve to whisper to Nero. “Why didn’t they just kill us?”

  Resigned he sighed and let his sword fall to the deck in front of him, making a loud clanging noise in the total silence, “They want us alive. We are to be a trophy for their Captain.”

ONE WISH_ Excerpt #2

  Excerpt #2-

  Nero stood utterly still and listened. He could hear at least two men walking down the hall on the other side of the door. From the sound of their boots, they were probably as big as the two men he and Melanie had taken out in what had been their prison. There were two men talking back and forth between themselves, so he listened intently, hoping to overhear something that might be of an advantage to them.

  “Yeah, we have the four prisoners down in the hold. We have the pirate and his bitch in the back end of the ship. His first mate and one of his cabin boys are in the front of the hold.”
  They laughed together as Nero's temper flared and he would have liked to punch both of their lights out, but he refrained and listened. “It sure will be funny when we get to Jamaica and get to watch those men hang.”

  There was silence for a moment as the men moved further down the hallway, then Nero heard the second man ask, “What is the Captain planning on doing with the Devil Lorgan's wife?”

  Nero held his breath for a second, but already knew what they would say. “Oh her. Captain says she isn’t worth much to him, so he will just sell her to one of the other plantation owners. He thinks she might make someone a nice slave. She probably hasn’t worked a day in her life, but he figures that she looks good, so maybe she might make a good love slave.”

  Nero was trembling now, with suppressed rage and the only thing that stopped him from jerking open the door and going after the two foul-mouthed men, was Melanie’s soft hand, which had slipped into his.

  “Please tell me you aren’t going to do what I think you are going to do.” Melanie mumbled, but already knowing the answer.

  “I have to. All of my crew promised to give their lives to protect yours and I’m not going to stand back and let it happen if I have any power to do something about it.” Nero barely breathed out, hoping she would understand.

  With no hesitation she gave him a nod and squeezed his hand again, “Ok, I’m with you. Lead the way.”

  With a grin, he jerked her against him and gave her a spontaneous kiss. “That’s my girl.”

ONE WISH- Exerpt #1

   Excerpt #1 -

  Without a doubt she must be dreaming, this just couldn’t be real. From past experience she figured a few people would be dressed in costume like her, but the rest would be tourists dressed in shorts, sandals and tank tops. All the men were wearing funny suits like Nero. All the women were dressed just like her. Some in home spun dresses and some in silk. The cobblestone streets she remembered from a vacation here, were covered in horses, carriages and wagons.

  People walked, chatted and went about their work, as if it were a perfectly normal day. Like it was actually normal to be stuffed up like turkeys and there not being one normal twenty-first century thing in sight. There were no cell phones ringing, no beepers beeping, no laptops peeking out of bags. Not even a normal pocket book or a pair of jeans in sight. There were no camcorders and happy families on vacation. No portable radios, no compact disc players. There weren’t any high heels or short mini skirts in sight. There was no blue or neon green hair spiked into the air or Mohawks.

  Melanie’s hands got clammy. Her head started spinning out of control and her simple thought slipped out without her even knowing it. “Holy crap!”

  Nero’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head, “What did you say?”
Melanie was frantic now as she turned around and grabbed his arm, digging her nails into it. “What is today’s date?”

  Confusion written on his face, he answered. “It’s June first.”

  Melanie shook her head and tried to suppress the tears she could feel forming in her eyes. “No, what year is it?”

  Soothingly he put an arm around her waist, “It’s 1845, Hon.” He grabbed her quickly, before she hit the ground.

One Wish info

As promissed here is the info on the first book on my list. I hope you love them and can't wait to read the books.

One Wish-


  The mystery woman from no where that Captain Nero Lorgan's men had captured wasn't the woman they were supposed to bring back. From the first moment he met her, Nero knew Melanie would be his, even if he had to fight time to keep her. In name only she would be his bride, but fighting her own feelings for the pirate captain was so much harder than getting over the devastation of her past.


  After losing everything Melanie makes an impulsive wish that pulls her back in time, where she is kidnapped and thrown into the arms of the only man who could save her from her lonely existence.


 Spicy - some violence, adult language and suggestive adult scenes

Hero description:


  He has long straight hair at mid-back, as bright and as shinny yellow as the sun on top and brown highlights underneath. Razor thin dark brown sideburns go all the way down continuing till they touch on chin. gorgeous blue-green eyes with gold flecks in them, with darker tanned skin tone. Tall at over six feet towering over Melanie. He is slim with hard lean muscles. He wears what would typically be seen as pirate clothes white shirt with string tying it together that hangs open. Tight black cloth pants, straight no buttons just a black cord holding it tied together laced in front. Black leather boots that come up to the knee.

 Captain Nero Lorgan, known as the Devil Lorgan, is the type of man who doesn’t take no for an answer. When he decides he wants to marry a young woman he sends his men out to kidnap her, but they come back with the wrong woman. He realizes the first woman was just a prize, while Melanie is everything he has ever wanted. Learning she has time traveled back to the past is just a tool for him to get her and keep her. He marries her to be her protector, but seduces her slowly to brand her as his very own.

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Author Chat and Contest

NCP (New Concepts Publishing) has set up an Author chat and contest night for me. It will be March 7th at 7PM EST at http://ncpnetwork.ning.com/  What I'd like to know is What is your favorite type of hero? I'll be adding excerpts, blurbs and hero descriptions for each of my books from now until March 7th. The night of the chat I'll pick one person's answer and that person will win the book for the hero they have chosen.

  Hope all my readers can make it. I can't wait to hear your opinions. Have a great day and as always happy reading!

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The Start of a New Adventure

Today is February 13th, 2012. As of now I'll be working on making my own blog site to keep my readers informed of what is going on in my writing world. Keep your eyes open for coming info.
Have a great day and happy reading,