Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Beginnings Excerpt #1


  Excerpt 1-

When Natsuki opened the door to Ryuu's insistent knocking, Natsuki's whole face lit up in a grin. Laughing he threw his arms around Ryuu in a tight almost strangling hug.

  "Jeez Ryuu, I've been trying to get in touch with you for months. You'll never in a million years believe what has happened."

  "What happened to Megumi? The gang girls don't even know who she is. I busted in there and she is just gone." Ryuu grabbed Natsuki's arms and tried to breath.

  "Come on and I'll explain on the way to Tamayama's new place." Natsuki kept grinning, grabbed his keys and pulled Ryuu out of the apartment behind him.

  "She is okay right?" Ryuu couldn't hold back from asking the question.

  "Still hung up on my cousin I see." Natsuki laughed.

  "I'll never not be Natsuki, but you already knew that." Ryuu plainly stated.

  "True, I just like teasing you. From what Tama says she is better than okay. He swears the old Megumi is back."

  "How did she manage to get away from the gang? And an even better question, why don't they know who she is?" Ryuu started in on his endless questions as they drove the ten minutes to Megumi's brother Tama's apartment.

  "Tama actually got her out with the help of some new friends." Natsuki waved his hand over the steering wheel in front of him as he explained.

  "How by mind molding all those girls like some wacky episode of Star Track?" Ryuu snorted.

  "You would be surprised how close you are to the truth. I will leave that to Tama to explain. Jeez, you can't even imagine the changes in that family. First of all, Aunt Yui has been completely healed by these new friends."

  Ryuu's head snapped sideways to gawk at Natsuki. "What? She has been completely healed?"
Natsuki nodded with a huge grin. "Completely, it's amazing. She is perfectly healthy now. If I didn't know she had been sick, I would never have guessed."

  "But she was so close to death's door for years. How can she be miraculously healed?" Ryuu asked in a state of confoundment.

  "How can a whole group of girls magically forget another person's existence?" Natsuki shot back.
  "These friends are… let's say special."

  Dodging traffic, Natsuki slid into a parking space and killed the engine. "Come on, I'll let Tama explain everything."

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