Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zogone Book 1- Old Dreams info

Old Dreams-

Blurb- Arlene had a fresh start, in a different town, with new friends and a sweet, handsome roommate. Brian seemed to be a great guy and she was extremely attracted to him. The only problem was since the first day she had met him, her mind was filled with fantastic nightmares so powerful they made her physically ill-fantasies of Brian and a woman who wasn't her but strangely, at the same time, was.
Rating: Sensual
Hero description-

  Brian- He is an alien scientist, a Zogone, who was cryogenically frozen after his wife was murdered and has now been awakened at her rebirth as our heroine.  He had met Colleen when his science team had raided her village. He worked with her, satisfying her that they were not monsters and eventually he talked her into staying with them and later marrying him. But a space battle sent them back to Earth where she ended up being murdered. Refusing to be without her, the science team performed last rites on her so she would be reincarnated, then he had his mentor cryogenically freeze him until she was reborn. The second the Zogone computers recognized her DNA sign, Brian awoke and headed back to Earth to get her. The only problem is Arlene has no idea who Colleen was much less the husband she had left behind. Now Brian has to fight to keep his hands off of her long enough for her to get all her memories back and keep her safe until he can claim her love once again. 

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