Thursday, February 23, 2012

Old Dreams Excerpt #1

  Excerpt - 1
  Arlene was deep in dream land, reliving that afternoons walk with Brian. He gave her that sexy smile she already adored as he pointed something out to her, then leaned over and pushed one of her curls behind her ear. Oddly enough the curl was back and a good half a foot longer. Brian reached up to push it  back again and Arlene realized the setting was completely different. They were no longer on a sidewalk looking into a store window.

  Brian was wearing some type of weird dress robe, while Arlene was covered from her breasts, down to the floor in a cotton candy pink gown. There was a lot of people in the back ground, but Arlene didn’t pay the least bit of attention to any of them. She had eyes only for Brian. There were long rectangular tables covered in blue floral clothes, food and flowers. Soft music like nothing she had ever heard played in the background, but everything faded away next to Brian.

  After carefully moving the absentminded curl, Brian leaned forward and touched his lips to hers. A chill ran down her spine and a pit of fire roared to life in the bottom of her stomach. Her knees grew weak as he pulled her closer, wrapping his arms firmly around her until their bodies touched from their chests  down to their knees.

  His lips continued to brush tantalizingly over hers as he spoke. “I’m so glad you chose to stay with me. I love you Colleen.”

  Arlene pulled back sharply, placing a hand firmly on his chest as she looked up at him in confusion. “I’m Arlene, remember? Whose Colleen, Brian?” She grabbed his arm and softly shook him. “Whose Colleen?”

  Brian pulled her back into his arms with a sweet smile and whispered, “My wife."

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