Monday, February 20, 2012

ONE WISH- Exerpt #1

   Excerpt #1 -

  Without a doubt she must be dreaming, this just couldn’t be real. From past experience she figured a few people would be dressed in costume like her, but the rest would be tourists dressed in shorts, sandals and tank tops. All the men were wearing funny suits like Nero. All the women were dressed just like her. Some in home spun dresses and some in silk. The cobblestone streets she remembered from a vacation here, were covered in horses, carriages and wagons.

  People walked, chatted and went about their work, as if it were a perfectly normal day. Like it was actually normal to be stuffed up like turkeys and there not being one normal twenty-first century thing in sight. There were no cell phones ringing, no beepers beeping, no laptops peeking out of bags. Not even a normal pocket book or a pair of jeans in sight. There were no camcorders and happy families on vacation. No portable radios, no compact disc players. There weren’t any high heels or short mini skirts in sight. There was no blue or neon green hair spiked into the air or Mohawks.

  Melanie’s hands got clammy. Her head started spinning out of control and her simple thought slipped out without her even knowing it. “Holy crap!”

  Nero’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head, “What did you say?”
Melanie was frantic now as she turned around and grabbed his arm, digging her nails into it. “What is today’s date?”

  Confusion written on his face, he answered. “It’s June first.”

  Melanie shook her head and tried to suppress the tears she could feel forming in her eyes. “No, what year is it?”

  Soothingly he put an arm around her waist, “It’s 1845, Hon.” He grabbed her quickly, before she hit the ground.

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