Monday, February 27, 2012

Ancient Enemies- Excerpt #1


Excerpt 1-

Ginger lead Josh into the newly painted green living room and sure enough, in a minute Sam was joining them. A multi colored sweater and dark jeans covered his long, lean frame with his bright sunny blond hair once again dipping to just below his shoulders.

"How was the checkup on our boy?" On seeing Josh grinned happily and threw an arm around him, "Hey Josh welcome back. How did your mission go?"

Ginger answered first. "Dr. Mandrasport said Mark is doing great, no problems."

"That is great. What about you Josh?" Sam smiled, taking a seat on the big grey couch next to Ginger.

Holding both hands out palm out Josh shrugged, "I don't know how to answer that."

"Maybe I should tell him." Ginger suggested.

"Tell me what?" Sam frowned looking back and forth between the two siblings.

"There is something I haven't told you, something I should have, but didn't know exactly how to." Ginger tried to explain.

With a frown Sam waved a hand from one sibling to the other. "Whatever it is, can't be but so bad. You know both of you can talk to me about anything."

"When we were being rescued from the Bayger planet, the Replacer had to resort to scanning for life signs to find us. They just happened to find two D.N.A. signs that matched yours." Ginger ineptly specified.

As Josh watched, Sam went from looking calm to agitated and confused to angry. "And your mission Josh was to locate the second D.N.A. sign? What did you think that my father had resurrected himself some how and you didn't tell me? Son of a…"

In pure fury he leaped to his feet and started pacing the floor, swearing with some rather imaginative Earthling phrases. With a deep breath Josh stood up to and had to step in front of Sam to force him to stop his insistent pacing.

"How could you have kept something like this from me? Everyone, but me probably knows too, don't they?" Sam yelled.

"Yes," Josh stated simply, then holding up his hands as if to call a truce. "If you would like to calm down, I'll tell you what we found."

As if only half listening, Sam stared at his feet, but once his brain comprehended Josh's words, his head shot back up. "What, you found something? Oh God!"

"Yeah, we found something that is why we are back so soon." Josh waved a hand behind Sam. "But you might want a seat for this."

A groan rumbling through Sam, he sank onto the couch beside Ginger who instantly took his hand in hers, as Josh took a seat in front of him on the long wooden coffee table. "Our search took us to an uncharted planet a galaxy over from the Bayger's home planet. Surprisingly the scanners led us to a village where everyone spoke perfect English. Even stranger was the fact that the head of their village and his family are witches. They had created a shield magically protecting a huge compound behind their home."

"Witches? As in burned at the stake witchlings?" Sam asked.

Nodding Josh continued, "Yes that about says it. Well their leader, Lord Bartram escorted me around so we could locate the D.N.A. signs. With five daughters he didn't want a dangerous criminal anywhere around."

"Get to the point Josh." Ginger mumbled, resting a hand on Sam's knee reassuringly.

"What we found we a very sick woman named Shard, whom just happened to be Bartram's sister.  Apparently, at some point she had visited Earth and ran into the Puritan Vampire. He attacked her and left her just like your mother. She made it back to her people and them being witches have kept her alive for sixteen years."

Another string of curses came out as Sam took in Josh's words. "That bastard… So she is the D.N.A. carrier and still alive. Amazing!"

Cautiously Josh reached out and laid a hand on Sam's right knee. "She is still barely alive, but no she isn't the carrier. Her fifteen-year-old daughter was the carrier of the second D.N.A. sign. Her name is Jade and she is your half-sister."

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