Tuesday, February 21, 2012

His Kiss Excerpt #1

  Excerpt 1-

  They decided on an action flick. Amber figured a good fight scene would get her jazzed and her heart pounding. The excitement might help in the kiss she was planning to experiment with. A good night kiss was natural nowadays.

  If it went the way she planned Andy would make her see stars, experience fireworks. Then nice, steady Andy would become the focus of her dreams and fantasies. That would leave Taylor comfortably slotted back in the best friend section and their friendship could finally go back to normal.

  Half the movie sped by without Amber being the wiser. Her focus kept straying to her sweaty palms, which she kept having to wipe over her on jean clad thighs. Nervous was an understatement, she was closer to jittery. She had never been a premeditated kisser, nor had she ever jumped any man's bones so to speak. Far from a floozy, she had only slept with her high school sweetheart. It all came back to not getting screwed over again by any man, once had been plenty of experience for her.

  Bracing herself, she ignored her nerves and kept her plan firmly in mind. For Taylor's friendship, anything was worth looking a little slutty. She forced herself to relax and concentrate on the movie, smiling at Andy occasionally to make sure he knew she was interested.

  At the end of the movie Amber threaded her arm through Andy's and smiled over at him, just now realizing he was an inch shorter than her. Ignoring height the way she had most of her life, she held back a frown trying not to compare him with Taylor.

  Outside the theatre they stood on the sidewalk as the crowd thinned out around them. For a long moment they just stared at each other and Amber couldn't figure out which of them was more nervous.

  Andy glanced at his watch, then back at Amber. "It's still early if you would like to grab a burger or something. Maybe a slice of pizza or some Chinese food?"

  With a small smile Amber shook her head. "No thank you. I ate before I came and I try to get to bed early. I always go jogging at dawn."
   "Oh," Andy mouthed in disappointment. "Well maybe some other time."

  "Sure, I'd like that. I had a lovely time tonight."

  For a few seconds Andy stood staring at Amber as if he wanted to say something, then simply waved and turned to leave. "Good night and see you next time you come by the market."

  Brain rushing though thoughts, Amber bit her lip before calling out to him. "Andy one second."

  He turned back to her and turned his head slightly in question. Before her courage could leave her she took the few steps to his side and reached for him. Her arms went around his neck and her lips connected with his.
A startled breath came out of his mouth, but it only took him a second to take her up on the invitation. Almost to forcefully his arms gripped her waist and pulled her closer, then he was kissing her back.

  It went from a soft brush to almost frenzied clinging to each other. It was nice… but that was all. There were no fireworks, no sparks and especially no stars swimming around her head. There was no lava boiling in her veins and she didn't have the slightest urge to throw him to the floor, while ripping the clothes from his body.

  It was the complete opposite of kissing Taylor. The experiment had failed. Andy's kiss was just nice, almost calming. Apparently it was still just the thought of Taylor's kiss that lit her whole body on fire.

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