Monday, February 20, 2012

One Wish info

As promissed here is the info on the first book on my list. I hope you love them and can't wait to read the books.

One Wish-


  The mystery woman from no where that Captain Nero Lorgan's men had captured wasn't the woman they were supposed to bring back. From the first moment he met her, Nero knew Melanie would be his, even if he had to fight time to keep her. In name only she would be his bride, but fighting her own feelings for the pirate captain was so much harder than getting over the devastation of her past.


  After losing everything Melanie makes an impulsive wish that pulls her back in time, where she is kidnapped and thrown into the arms of the only man who could save her from her lonely existence.


 Spicy - some violence, adult language and suggestive adult scenes

Hero description:


  He has long straight hair at mid-back, as bright and as shinny yellow as the sun on top and brown highlights underneath. Razor thin dark brown sideburns go all the way down continuing till they touch on chin. gorgeous blue-green eyes with gold flecks in them, with darker tanned skin tone. Tall at over six feet towering over Melanie. He is slim with hard lean muscles. He wears what would typically be seen as pirate clothes white shirt with string tying it together that hangs open. Tight black cloth pants, straight no buttons just a black cord holding it tied together laced in front. Black leather boots that come up to the knee.

 Captain Nero Lorgan, known as the Devil Lorgan, is the type of man who doesn’t take no for an answer. When he decides he wants to marry a young woman he sends his men out to kidnap her, but they come back with the wrong woman. He realizes the first woman was just a prize, while Melanie is everything he has ever wanted. Learning she has time traveled back to the past is just a tool for him to get her and keep her. He marries her to be her protector, but seduces her slowly to brand her as his very own.

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