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Zogone Book 3- Ancient Enemies info

  Zogone Book #3- Ancient Enemies-


  After the discovery of a D.N.A. trace, Josh is pulled back into action to once again protect his family from an ancient evil that refuses to rest in peace. After years of watching everyone else find love, it’s finally Josh’s turn, but it comes at a price. Finding more victims of the Puritan Vampire, one long dead and two more living children carrying the blood viral disease.

  Rating: Sensual

  Hero Descriptions-

  Josh- He has emerald green eyes. His hair was a dark brown, almost black, yet slightly shaded with a dark red in places. Very tall over six feet. His face was strong, not to thin or to wide, just confident and healthy. His eyebrows weren't to thick and wide, seeming to perfectly match the proportions of his face. A solid nose rested slightly crocked on his face from a few breaks, though the image wasn't unattractive. Long sweeping eyelashes swept around his eyes and a set of lips were just plump enough to satisfy even the most critical of female eye. Soft tan, not to dark. Slim and nicely muscled, a solider.

  Growing up knowing his grandmother had been murdered and waiting for her to be reincarnated made Josh who he was. Family was his first priority, so he joined the Zogone military so that when the day came he would be sent to protect his grandmother. After she was home safe and sound on Adrivar, Josh continues to work for the military liking the action and being a protector for his people. But watching his family makes him long for love and he spreads himself amongst the female population looking for the one who he would risk everything for like his grandfather Brian before him.

  Tamayama-  Earthling. Japanese, Long mid back black hair blue-grey eyes. Around six foot tall. With his a bit over long,  long black hair and three earrings in his left ear. Along with dark holey jeans, stained t-shirt and boots, he could easily pass for what he was a punk rocker. a tall, almost gangly young man who looked to be just out of his teens. He had long dark hair that arched around framing his face, before falling past his shoulders that was almost jet black against smooth mocha colored skin.  High cheek bones, arched eyebrows, slightly squared chin. long, almost thin fingers. His legs were also long, lithe, strong and well muscled, leading up to a trim waist. moist supple lips and the tiny black hairs above them that wasn't quite enough to be called a mustache, but enough to be sexy as all get out. 

  Though he is Sam’s brother, his mother also being attacked by the Puritan Vampire, he is different. Between Sam’s mother and Tama’s the vampire attacks a witch. Her powers some how end up being transferred through Tama’s mother. Instead of being half vampire like his brother, Tama ends up half Wiccan.

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