Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hump Day Hunks

For the Hunk in the Making-

  It is easy to see Mark Paddington, son of Ginger and Sam Paddington, is a hunk in the making. Check out this snippet of the tiny lady killer from Ancient Enemies.-

  As Tama stood up, he heard first the sound of women's chatter approaching, then Sam's muffled groan as he stood. "Oh lord not again." Then grinning, he nodded at Mark.

  "Watch this."

  As the women came into view Mark changed from the tiny prankster into the cherub angel. Clasping his little hands, he turned his head up fluttering his miniature blond eyelashes at the women. Each woman stopped in front of Mark to ruffle his hair and coo at him.

  "Dood Morning Miss Julie. Do you have a kiss for me today?"

  The tall blond knelt down to hug Mark tightly, and then placed a sound kiss on his lips. "I always have a kiss for you, Darling."

  Turning to the brunette at her side, Mark fluttered his eyelashes at her too. "Natashalia have a smooch for a lovey, too?"

  The brunette knelt down and gave him the same treatment as her friend, before the two girls waved bye and headed back off in the direction they had originally intended.

  Once the women were out of sight Tama removed the hand he had been using to cover his mouth and hold back his laughter. "Wow, I think I should take lessons from that one. Smooth operator and a lady killer already."

  Sam laughed with him. "And he does it with that angelic little face. Oh if Ginger only realized what her son was capable of. Mark gets that from her brother Josh. For years he was a playboy like that."

Where to find more on Ancient Enemies.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music Monday Turned Tunes Tuesday for Memorial Day Weekend-

  Music For the Fun Scene! 05/29

  Some scenes are for being with family, hanging out with friends, just simple stress-free moments. Like maybe the barbecue you might have had over the holiday weekend. Let’s say you are in a club with friends, (though if you are Petrus from Talkers that could end up very stressful), or having that family barbecue or spending the evening at a friend’s party what would the theme song be?

  For a scene like this, I need music that makes me smile. I usually go for something sweet or slightly silly. And if it is all about winning that special girl and finding true love, that doesn’t hurt either. You never know the main character’s special someone could be at that party in your scene too. A fun silly love song, would make the perfect backdrop for an innocent flirtation.

  One of my go to songs for a scene like this always leaves a smile on my face and leaves me with the urge to hug someone ’smiley’. I learned about this song, once again through watching one of my Asian Dramas. On most drama web sites, viewers can leave comments, which I occasionally read while waiting for an episode to buffer.

  Out of curiosity, I went on YouTube to look this song up. Though boy bands aren’t my normal cup of tea, I thought this band was adorable and they completely sucked me in with their cute image of young love.

  This is known as the happy love song, Hello By: SHINee. But, be warned it is very catchy.

Hello By: SHINee with English subs

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- #sixsunday

05/27 From His Kiss-
  Taylor was the one who saw stars,fire and electric sparks. He was the one
with the sudden urge to shove his fist through some bastard's face as he watched Amber rush into the other man's arms. Two fists formed at his sides without his even meaning to do it as he started to step toward them.
   The way she held her body stopped him. Her hands slid down to rest calmly on the guys
shoulders, not clawing franticly through his hair the way she had when she had kissed Taylor. Her feet were firmly on the ground and she wasn't straining to get closer to the other man.

Grab His Kiss

Friday, May 25, 2012

Exciting news for the coming Summer.

I've signed up for two great events this Summer. On June 22nd 2012, I'll be part of my first blog hop with SFR Brigade. Want to catch some info before then. Here is the link- SFR Brigade Midsummer Blog Hop!

There is also a great review site hosting a Sizzling Summer Reads 2012 Party. July 1st- 31st, 2012. Don't miss the fun and check out some of their great book reviews, including one for my book His Kiss at- The Romance Reviews.

Both events will have contests and prizes, including a chance to win a copy of my newest release Talkers.

Have a great holiday weekend and as always happy reading!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Monday- Music to Fall in Love With-

  #5- Music to Fall in Love With- 05/21

  My Zogone Saga’s third book Ancient Enemies is split into two parts. In part two, Tamayama Yazawa is whisked off to a space station to learn to control newly developed witch powers. On the space station he meets Dr. Caroline Hardigan.

  Caroline is everything he has ever dreamed of, everything he has ever wanted. She is smart, beautiful, sexy and unforgettable. Night after night he dreams of her and worries when he wakes each morning that she will be gone from his life.

  When he confesses his fears to her, he actually mentions that it reminds him of one of his favorite songs. While writing most of part two I listened to this song and thought it fit Tama’s situation perfectly.

  It is a beautiful Japanese song by a very talented artist (singer and actor) named Hyde. He is actually a member of three different bands, so I might mention him from time to time. His original band is called L'Arc-en-Ciel  is a softer rock/visual kei band. He also has a solo career, with albums under his own name, which covers a number of different types of rock from the softer to more upbeat rock.

  His newer venture is a band he put together with a friend and fellow musician Kaz. They are simply called VAMPS. They are a harder rock type band and for the record I love them.

  This is a song from one of Hyde’s  solo albums. It is a sweet ballad to fall in love with, Tamayama sure did. This is Shallow Sleep By: Hyde.

Original Japanese version

In English with subtitles too.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Warning Adult content- #sixsunday

  Six Sentence Sunday-

  05/20- From Talkers

  “She’s a good looking woman, so what if I want to have a go at her? Are you going to tell me I can’t sleep with whoever I want to?” Petrus shot at him.
  Seeing red, Ritter grabbed the edge of the coffee table and flipped it  sending flowers, magazines, candles and papers scattering. Ritter’s
voice rose higher as he yelled and cursed Petrus for being a useless player who only cared about his dick and nothing or no one else.

  Picking up the magazines, Petrus sent them flying at Ritter. “At least I’m not too much of a pussy to play with women. You’re always worried about hurting their feelings in case she is the one. Well maybe an old unloved maid like her would appreciate some action.”

Where to buy Talkers-

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day Hunks-

05/16- A Hunk Who Can’t Live Without Her.

  Matters beyond his control had taken her away from him, but nothing could stop him from getting her back. Even if it meant going over two galaxies to accomplish it.

From- New Beginnings-

   He dreamed of her again, reliving the bittersweet memories of their time together. Opening his eyes, Ryuu looked at the big empty bed he slept alone in every night and felt like weeping like a little girl.

  Years before when Ryuu had told Megumi that he could not live without her, he hadn't been lying. Though he was surviving from day to day, he was dead inside and had finally reached his breaking point.

  The first thing he did after climbing out of bed was call his uncle, Kazuki. The older man had connections with the black market that Ryuu actually needed for once. In under an hour he had a meeting set up.

  Kazuki met him with another man. They made a quick transaction. Ryuu gave the man a thousand U.S. dollars. The man gave Ryuu a pair of impressive looking handguns. The serial numbers had been filed off and they were completely untraceable.

  Ryuu hung a gun belt around his waist, dropped the guns in the holsters so they would be easily hidden by a trench coat and took two extra bullet clips. Uncle Kazuki did not ask any questions, just warned him that he was probably out of his mind.

  Honestly, Ryuu agreed with Kazuki, but he had no other choice left. He shook both men's hands, hopped back into his car and headed out. He drove straight to the abandoned warehouse the Yankii girl gang used as their hang out spot.

  Outside the door, he took a deep breath, checking that both guns were ready and their safeties were off. There was only one thought in his mind. He was going to get Megumi back even if he had to kill all the other gang girls to save her.

  Gulping, he aimed both guns in front of him, pulled back his right foot and used one large black combat boot to kick the faded grey warehouse door in. Twenty maybe thirty heads swiveled in his direction.

  Every face blended together as they were all wearing identical dark blue dresses. Most had blond hair, only a few had red, blue or green. Ryuu looked from side-to-side not seeing the one face he was looking for.

  One girl heavily pierced with startling long purple hair, started forward snapping her fingers so the other girls began to arm themselves with whatever weapons were handy. "Dude, do you seriously want to die today?"

  "I don't want any trouble. I'm just looking for a girl. Help me find her, then I'll walk right back out of here and there won't be any drama." Ryuu tried to sound confident as thirty killers slowly surrounded him.

  "We got plenty of girls mister. Take your pick." The girl sneered, running a hand down her body vulgarly.

  "Yazawa Megumi." Ryuu stated. "She is the girl I want."

  A murmur went through the group, but the leader was again the one to answer around the loud smacking of her gum. "Names not familiar. Anyone know a Yazawa?"

  More murmuring, but none of them seemed to know her. Ryuu spotted a girl and pointed at her. "You recruited her. Do you remember me?"

  The haggard looking girl with shoulder length greasy hair spit on the ground in front of him, before lighting a cigarette. "I don't know. No, Megumi and I hadn’t ever seen you before. I would remember a looker like you. Sorry pal you got the wrong girl and apparently the wrong gang."

  "What?" Ryuu asked in confusion as he looked from one blank face to the next.

  He was one hundred and fifty percent sure, this was the right gang. The girl he had spoken to was definitely the girl who had recruited Megumi, because he would never forget her as long as he lived. A number of times he had nightmares about her, where she stood and laughed at him as she took Megumi away. Unbelievably he could tell they honestly had no clue who Megumi was.

  Carefully Ryuu lowered his guns, dropping one back in its holster. "Sorry, my mistake. No harm done." He pulled a few big bills out of his pocket and dropped it on the ground in front of him. "For the door." Then holding up his hands walked backward until he was out the door.

  He dropped the second gun in its holster, climbed in his car and drove straight to his best friend Natsuki's apartment. If something had happened to Megumi, Natsuki would be the one to know as he used to be her best friend and her favorite cousin.
  Where to Buy New Beginnings

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05/14- Music to Argue Over

  Sometimes the hero and heroine don’t see eye to eye. There are the days of death glares, not speaking to each other or all out yelling and throwing things. For those action packed scenes that are more of an emotional battle, you need a song to make you mad, but leaves a chance to reconcile once the argument is done.

  These scenes don’t always have to be between the two main characters. In Talkers, the hero Ritter and his twin brother Petrus get into a nasty argument. I have a number of brothers who are close to the same age. As you can imagine I’ve seen a number of knock down, drag out fights amongst them.

  I didn’t let the twins go that far in their fight, but I made sure you could really feel the emotion behind the scene. I showed how siblings can love each other desperately one minute, then hate each other just as passionately the next. Then, the next minute they get over their disagreement and love each other again, just like real brothers. This is actually the way brothers act and the way they treat each other. From personal experience I can tell you they act like cavemen beating their chests to see who is the bigger, better man.

  It is a heck of a scene. One I just might share for my next Six Sentence Sunday, but be warned it is way over PG. Brothers say nasty things to each other.

  The song I used to write this scene is from a band I really like, though their music tends to leave me slightly angry. Enjoy it and tell me how it makes you feel.
Never To Late By: Three Days Grace

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- #sixsunday

05/13- From Old Dreams-
  As the pain intensified her mind could barely function, she could only think of the
pain for both her and Brian. She loved him so intensely. He had meant everything to her
and now she was losing him with a heart filled with regret. Regret at the loss of a life
together with the one person she had ever truly loved and the regret of never being able
to tell him of their love child, which she carried below the vanishing beat of her heart.

  Tears steamed off her burnt cheeks as her stinging eyes watched one of her own
burning hairs fly away, turning to ash in front of her. Through her dazed senses she saw a flash of light as both her and Brian were beamed on board the Zogone rescue ship.

Get Old Dreams

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Hump Day Hunks

  A Hunk Who Tempts You- 05/09

  No man has ever come in and interrupted Dr. Caroline Hardigan’s busy organized life before. As a young respected doctor she is surrounded by people who have known her all her life. They see her as family or doctor, not as a woman. There was never one man who ever caught her attention, much less shaken her resolve and made her want more. Not until Tama walked into her lab and tempted her that is.

From Ancient Enemies-

  Lightly Caroline put a hand on Tama's chest. Her eyes widened as he leaned closer to her. This was insane! Men didn't hit on little shy Dr. Hardigan. They were either friendly colleagues or family.

  Now here comes this new man into her world giving her incredible looks, threatening her peaceful world, and making things inside her jitter like never before. And damn him, he looked good enough to eat at the same time. Especially his mouth, with its moist supple lips and the tiny black hairs above them that wasn't quite enough to be called a mustache, but enough to be sexy as all get out and drive her crazy.

  His breath quivered across her mouth, making her squeak in horror as he came even closer. Placing her fingers across his lips to stop his progress, she stated simply. "I'm not that type of girl."

  With a smile she could feel under her fingertips, he pulled her hand away and dropped a sweet kiss on her cheek. "Correction… You aren't that type of woman. Men shouldn't tease you, they should please you. You're the type of woman who should be cherished, loved unconditionally, and blessed with many tiny cherubs like Mark."

  As he pulled back she was almost strangling with his manly smell, his heat, and his pure audacity, but he didn't stop there. "I'm going back to Earth for a few days with my brother Sam. That sounds so weird just saying it. Odd I've never had a brother before." Shaking his head slightly he took another step back. "The point here is that I will be back. When I do, I'd like to get to know you better. I think I like you."

  As simple as that he left the lab, leaving her speechless and shockingly excited by the prospect of his threatened pursuit. Earlier it had been hard to tell, but after that little speech she could easily see that he was Sam's brother. All smooth lines and a bold confidence she found extremely sexy.

  Touching her cheek she gave a small sigh. It would probably be heaven to give into a man like him. But she would avoid him, because he could make her hope for the impossible, for all those things he thought a woman like her should have.

  Being a doctor, she was smart enough to know as much as she might want all of those things she would never have any of them. There would never be a man for her, one who could give her all that happiness on a platter.

  Without the man, there would be no sweet babes. Scientifically she could have children without a husband, but children should have a father and a happy family. It was bad enough to deprive herself. She couldn't do the same to an innocent child.

  In the end she would hope, but Tama would go back to Earth and being softhearted she knew she would be crushed. So avoid him she must. It was a pretty big space station after all. It shouldn't be that hard to avoid him. Right?

Grab Your Copy of Ancient Enemies

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Music Monday

  05/07- Music To Make Love To-

  How do you write love scenes? I’ve been asked that a number of times and the best I can say is that I use my imagination. There is no way I would use experiences from my own sex life. And to be honest, I think porn is just a bunch of horney people having at each other. It doesn’t have anything to do with love.

  To me a love scene is just that, two people coming together in a natural expression of their own special love. Therefore, a love scene between two characters, is an extension of how they feel for each other. The heroine with pink hearts in her eyes and a hero who... yes is really excitable, but only for her. How does his touch make her feel? What does it do to him when she looks at him with love and trust in her eyes?

  Put on the right mood music, close your eyes and see their hearts come together. I try not to over use one song for it’s type of scene, so I end up using all sorts for it’s intended purpose. This just happens to be one of the many songs, one I wouldn’t normally listen to, but I find it perfect for a sweet love scene.

  Irresistible By: Jessica Simpson. It gives the right feeling to get you in the mood to write a love story’s love scene. The back ground music goes with your heart beat as it speeds up. Her lyrics crone about how the heart knows what it wants. When he is the one, you know it and there is nothing that can stop the feelings rushing through you. Your hero becomes irresistible.

Irresistible By: Jessica Simpson

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

  05/06- From Past Regrets-

  As he walked out the door, she yelled back, “Fine go then, be a macho jerk and
see if I care.”

  It was the last thing she said to him, because he didn’t come back and she didn’t
go after him. She did not see him again, before he left two days later, except from far off
as he boarded the space ship with the other Warrior Delegates headed for their home
planet of Adrivar.

  That night she cried herself to sleep and promised herself never again would she
let stupid little girl emotions rule her. From that day, she amended to become the best General alive and forget about any relationship that was not linked by blood.


To grab your copy of Past Regrets

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My answer to- 'Who is your all-time favorite hero-and why?'

On the readers forum on New Concepts Publishing, there is a thread for, 'Who is your all-time favorite hero-and why?'
 I posted my answer, but was unable to add pictures to back my statement up, so I thought I would add them here. My favorite hero from Nana- the manga series, anime and two live action movies is... Takumi!

From the movie Nana2-

From the movie Nana-

Now that you have seen my favorite hero, jump over to reader forum on NCP (link above) and tell us about your favorite hero. And as always have a great day and happy reading!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hump Day Hunks #2

  05/02- A Hunk With a Past-

  Let me introduce you to the man whose past started my four book Zogone Saga. The hero of Old Dreams and a secondary character for Past Regrets, Ancient Enemies and New Beginnings. He is a Zogone scientist named Dr. Brianeth Hardigan, better known as Brian.

  As a young scientist, Brian meets Colleen, a young woman their people had abducted to study Earthlings along with five others from her village. Before long, their tests and long conversations turned to love. Colleen agrees to marry him and stay with him forever.

  Nevertheless, their time is cut short when Colleen is murdered. Not wanting to live without her, Brian chooses to be cryogenically frozen until his wife is reborn. Now, hundreds of years later, Colleen has been reincarnated, Brian’s people wake him from his long sleep and he rushes to be by her side.

  The only problem is this new girl, Arlene is a whole new girl and has no clue who Brian is. Even worse, she doesn’t remember Colleen’s life at all. Using every ounce of patience he possesses, with a little help Brian works his way into her life, then waits as his presence makes her past life comes back to her in flashes and dreams. Here is what it feels like for Brian, finding her again.

  From Old Dreams-

  From the moment he had opened the door to her he had known it was her, he
would have known her anywhere. Height, weight, hair, eyes, everything was the same.
She was the same woman she had been over five hundred years before.

  Her long hair was like strands of fire that turned to spirally curls in all their thick
red glory highlighted with brown strips. Emeralds didn't sparkle quite as lovely as her
green expressive eyes. Her body was lean and her waist slender like any athlete normally
would be. And as it was supposed to be, how it had always been, Arlene fit perfectly
under his chin being a foot shorter than him. Her body lined up perfectly to fit against his
as if they had been made to fit together like two pieces of an intricately designed puzzle.

  It had taken every ounce of his strength and patience to not just simply pull her
into his arms. He wanted to kiss her and hold her more than anything he had ever wanted
before. Since the night he had awoken to learn they had found her, he had missed her
desperately and he could only think of how desperately he loved her.

  The only thing that stopped him from pulling her against him right now was the
fear of scaring her away before she had a chance to remember everything that had
happened in her last life. In the short, yet beautiful life they had shared together in
unequaled bliss.

  In time Arlene would remember everything they had shared together and then she
would return to her rightful place in his arms and back amongst the Zogone people in
space. But for now Brian would have to wait and use this time to learn everything about
her new life where she had grown up in New Mexico. There was sure to be differences
between the Scottish lassie she had been and the American teenager she was today.

  Time, patience, and a little help from a few friends and Brian would have his wife
back in no time, then they could go home together. They could finally be man and wife
once more.

Where to buy Old Dreams

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Another book review. New Beginnings

  A second great book review to share today. This review is for the fourth book in my Zogone saga, New Beginnings.

  Here's a blurb to give you a quick idea of what the book is about.

  For Megumi, her happy life was destroyed when she was a small child, violence leading her into more violence until she was saved by the Zogone, alien race. On their home planet she has a chance for a new life with an alien solider who needs her more than anyone else. But after a space battle that leads to them being taken hostage by a goddess, Megumi starts to think of what her life of violence cost her and fears she may never see Earth again much less the man, her one true love, that she left behind.
   Check out the review and I hope you love it.

Review on New Beginnings

 Have a great day and happy reading!

New Book Review Posted

  My book His Kiss , which came out last June has been reviewed at the Romance Reviews. Thanks Erinne, for taking the time to read and review it.
  Here's a blurb if you are interested in what the book is about.

  What happens when you find yourself falling in lo…lust with your best friend? Amber's best friend Taylor had been cheated on and dumped by Janet, the woman he loved. When Janet comes back Taylor lied and said he had moved on, proving it he kisses Amber, changing everything. No matter what she does she can't forget it, but the only man who is even comes close to helping her forget her feelings, turns out to be Taylor's brother.

  Sound interesting and want a second opinion, then check out the review on the link below.

Review of His Kiss

Have a great day and happy reading!