Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day Hunks-

05/16- A Hunk Who Can’t Live Without Her.

  Matters beyond his control had taken her away from him, but nothing could stop him from getting her back. Even if it meant going over two galaxies to accomplish it.

From- New Beginnings-

   He dreamed of her again, reliving the bittersweet memories of their time together. Opening his eyes, Ryuu looked at the big empty bed he slept alone in every night and felt like weeping like a little girl.

  Years before when Ryuu had told Megumi that he could not live without her, he hadn't been lying. Though he was surviving from day to day, he was dead inside and had finally reached his breaking point.

  The first thing he did after climbing out of bed was call his uncle, Kazuki. The older man had connections with the black market that Ryuu actually needed for once. In under an hour he had a meeting set up.

  Kazuki met him with another man. They made a quick transaction. Ryuu gave the man a thousand U.S. dollars. The man gave Ryuu a pair of impressive looking handguns. The serial numbers had been filed off and they were completely untraceable.

  Ryuu hung a gun belt around his waist, dropped the guns in the holsters so they would be easily hidden by a trench coat and took two extra bullet clips. Uncle Kazuki did not ask any questions, just warned him that he was probably out of his mind.

  Honestly, Ryuu agreed with Kazuki, but he had no other choice left. He shook both men's hands, hopped back into his car and headed out. He drove straight to the abandoned warehouse the Yankii girl gang used as their hang out spot.

  Outside the door, he took a deep breath, checking that both guns were ready and their safeties were off. There was only one thought in his mind. He was going to get Megumi back even if he had to kill all the other gang girls to save her.

  Gulping, he aimed both guns in front of him, pulled back his right foot and used one large black combat boot to kick the faded grey warehouse door in. Twenty maybe thirty heads swiveled in his direction.

  Every face blended together as they were all wearing identical dark blue dresses. Most had blond hair, only a few had red, blue or green. Ryuu looked from side-to-side not seeing the one face he was looking for.

  One girl heavily pierced with startling long purple hair, started forward snapping her fingers so the other girls began to arm themselves with whatever weapons were handy. "Dude, do you seriously want to die today?"

  "I don't want any trouble. I'm just looking for a girl. Help me find her, then I'll walk right back out of here and there won't be any drama." Ryuu tried to sound confident as thirty killers slowly surrounded him.

  "We got plenty of girls mister. Take your pick." The girl sneered, running a hand down her body vulgarly.

  "Yazawa Megumi." Ryuu stated. "She is the girl I want."

  A murmur went through the group, but the leader was again the one to answer around the loud smacking of her gum. "Names not familiar. Anyone know a Yazawa?"

  More murmuring, but none of them seemed to know her. Ryuu spotted a girl and pointed at her. "You recruited her. Do you remember me?"

  The haggard looking girl with shoulder length greasy hair spit on the ground in front of him, before lighting a cigarette. "I don't know. No, Megumi and I hadn’t ever seen you before. I would remember a looker like you. Sorry pal you got the wrong girl and apparently the wrong gang."

  "What?" Ryuu asked in confusion as he looked from one blank face to the next.

  He was one hundred and fifty percent sure, this was the right gang. The girl he had spoken to was definitely the girl who had recruited Megumi, because he would never forget her as long as he lived. A number of times he had nightmares about her, where she stood and laughed at him as she took Megumi away. Unbelievably he could tell they honestly had no clue who Megumi was.

  Carefully Ryuu lowered his guns, dropping one back in its holster. "Sorry, my mistake. No harm done." He pulled a few big bills out of his pocket and dropped it on the ground in front of him. "For the door." Then holding up his hands walked backward until he was out the door.

  He dropped the second gun in its holster, climbed in his car and drove straight to his best friend Natsuki's apartment. If something had happened to Megumi, Natsuki would be the one to know as he used to be her best friend and her favorite cousin.
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