Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday

  05/07- Music To Make Love To-

  How do you write love scenes? I’ve been asked that a number of times and the best I can say is that I use my imagination. There is no way I would use experiences from my own sex life. And to be honest, I think porn is just a bunch of horney people having at each other. It doesn’t have anything to do with love.

  To me a love scene is just that, two people coming together in a natural expression of their own special love. Therefore, a love scene between two characters, is an extension of how they feel for each other. The heroine with pink hearts in her eyes and a hero who... yes is really excitable, but only for her. How does his touch make her feel? What does it do to him when she looks at him with love and trust in her eyes?

  Put on the right mood music, close your eyes and see their hearts come together. I try not to over use one song for it’s type of scene, so I end up using all sorts for it’s intended purpose. This just happens to be one of the many songs, one I wouldn’t normally listen to, but I find it perfect for a sweet love scene.

  Irresistible By: Jessica Simpson. It gives the right feeling to get you in the mood to write a love story’s love scene. The back ground music goes with your heart beat as it speeds up. Her lyrics crone about how the heart knows what it wants. When he is the one, you know it and there is nothing that can stop the feelings rushing through you. Your hero becomes irresistible.

Irresistible By: Jessica Simpson

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