Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hump Day Hunks

For the Hunk in the Making-

  It is easy to see Mark Paddington, son of Ginger and Sam Paddington, is a hunk in the making. Check out this snippet of the tiny lady killer from Ancient Enemies.-

  As Tama stood up, he heard first the sound of women's chatter approaching, then Sam's muffled groan as he stood. "Oh lord not again." Then grinning, he nodded at Mark.

  "Watch this."

  As the women came into view Mark changed from the tiny prankster into the cherub angel. Clasping his little hands, he turned his head up fluttering his miniature blond eyelashes at the women. Each woman stopped in front of Mark to ruffle his hair and coo at him.

  "Dood Morning Miss Julie. Do you have a kiss for me today?"

  The tall blond knelt down to hug Mark tightly, and then placed a sound kiss on his lips. "I always have a kiss for you, Darling."

  Turning to the brunette at her side, Mark fluttered his eyelashes at her too. "Natashalia have a smooch for a lovey, too?"

  The brunette knelt down and gave him the same treatment as her friend, before the two girls waved bye and headed back off in the direction they had originally intended.

  Once the women were out of sight Tama removed the hand he had been using to cover his mouth and hold back his laughter. "Wow, I think I should take lessons from that one. Smooth operator and a lady killer already."

  Sam laughed with him. "And he does it with that angelic little face. Oh if Ginger only realized what her son was capable of. Mark gets that from her brother Josh. For years he was a playboy like that."

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