Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hump Day Hunks

  A Hunk Who Tempts You- 05/09

  No man has ever come in and interrupted Dr. Caroline Hardigan’s busy organized life before. As a young respected doctor she is surrounded by people who have known her all her life. They see her as family or doctor, not as a woman. There was never one man who ever caught her attention, much less shaken her resolve and made her want more. Not until Tama walked into her lab and tempted her that is.

From Ancient Enemies-

  Lightly Caroline put a hand on Tama's chest. Her eyes widened as he leaned closer to her. This was insane! Men didn't hit on little shy Dr. Hardigan. They were either friendly colleagues or family.

  Now here comes this new man into her world giving her incredible looks, threatening her peaceful world, and making things inside her jitter like never before. And damn him, he looked good enough to eat at the same time. Especially his mouth, with its moist supple lips and the tiny black hairs above them that wasn't quite enough to be called a mustache, but enough to be sexy as all get out and drive her crazy.

  His breath quivered across her mouth, making her squeak in horror as he came even closer. Placing her fingers across his lips to stop his progress, she stated simply. "I'm not that type of girl."

  With a smile she could feel under her fingertips, he pulled her hand away and dropped a sweet kiss on her cheek. "Correction… You aren't that type of woman. Men shouldn't tease you, they should please you. You're the type of woman who should be cherished, loved unconditionally, and blessed with many tiny cherubs like Mark."

  As he pulled back she was almost strangling with his manly smell, his heat, and his pure audacity, but he didn't stop there. "I'm going back to Earth for a few days with my brother Sam. That sounds so weird just saying it. Odd I've never had a brother before." Shaking his head slightly he took another step back. "The point here is that I will be back. When I do, I'd like to get to know you better. I think I like you."

  As simple as that he left the lab, leaving her speechless and shockingly excited by the prospect of his threatened pursuit. Earlier it had been hard to tell, but after that little speech she could easily see that he was Sam's brother. All smooth lines and a bold confidence she found extremely sexy.

  Touching her cheek she gave a small sigh. It would probably be heaven to give into a man like him. But she would avoid him, because he could make her hope for the impossible, for all those things he thought a woman like her should have.

  Being a doctor, she was smart enough to know as much as she might want all of those things she would never have any of them. There would never be a man for her, one who could give her all that happiness on a platter.

  Without the man, there would be no sweet babes. Scientifically she could have children without a husband, but children should have a father and a happy family. It was bad enough to deprive herself. She couldn't do the same to an innocent child.

  In the end she would hope, but Tama would go back to Earth and being softhearted she knew she would be crushed. So avoid him she must. It was a pretty big space station after all. It shouldn't be that hard to avoid him. Right?

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