Monday, May 14, 2012

05/14- Music to Argue Over

  Sometimes the hero and heroine don’t see eye to eye. There are the days of death glares, not speaking to each other or all out yelling and throwing things. For those action packed scenes that are more of an emotional battle, you need a song to make you mad, but leaves a chance to reconcile once the argument is done.

  These scenes don’t always have to be between the two main characters. In Talkers, the hero Ritter and his twin brother Petrus get into a nasty argument. I have a number of brothers who are close to the same age. As you can imagine I’ve seen a number of knock down, drag out fights amongst them.

  I didn’t let the twins go that far in their fight, but I made sure you could really feel the emotion behind the scene. I showed how siblings can love each other desperately one minute, then hate each other just as passionately the next. Then, the next minute they get over their disagreement and love each other again, just like real brothers. This is actually the way brothers act and the way they treat each other. From personal experience I can tell you they act like cavemen beating their chests to see who is the bigger, better man.

  It is a heck of a scene. One I just might share for my next Six Sentence Sunday, but be warned it is way over PG. Brothers say nasty things to each other.

  The song I used to write this scene is from a band I really like, though their music tends to leave me slightly angry. Enjoy it and tell me how it makes you feel.
Never To Late By: Three Days Grace

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