Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music Monday Turned Tunes Tuesday for Memorial Day Weekend-

  Music For the Fun Scene! 05/29

  Some scenes are for being with family, hanging out with friends, just simple stress-free moments. Like maybe the barbecue you might have had over the holiday weekend. Let’s say you are in a club with friends, (though if you are Petrus from Talkers that could end up very stressful), or having that family barbecue or spending the evening at a friend’s party what would the theme song be?

  For a scene like this, I need music that makes me smile. I usually go for something sweet or slightly silly. And if it is all about winning that special girl and finding true love, that doesn’t hurt either. You never know the main character’s special someone could be at that party in your scene too. A fun silly love song, would make the perfect backdrop for an innocent flirtation.

  One of my go to songs for a scene like this always leaves a smile on my face and leaves me with the urge to hug someone ’smiley’. I learned about this song, once again through watching one of my Asian Dramas. On most drama web sites, viewers can leave comments, which I occasionally read while waiting for an episode to buffer.

  Out of curiosity, I went on YouTube to look this song up. Though boy bands aren’t my normal cup of tea, I thought this band was adorable and they completely sucked me in with their cute image of young love.

  This is known as the happy love song, Hello By: SHINee. But, be warned it is very catchy.

Hello By: SHINee with English subs

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  1. Added note. For the record, none of the videos I share are mine. I just do a quick search to share. The above video is good, but I would recommend seeing it with out the subs. Video quality is clearer and less distracting. :) Happy listening and as always happy reading!