Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Monday- Music to Fall in Love With-

  #5- Music to Fall in Love With- 05/21

  My Zogone Saga’s third book Ancient Enemies is split into two parts. In part two, Tamayama Yazawa is whisked off to a space station to learn to control newly developed witch powers. On the space station he meets Dr. Caroline Hardigan.

  Caroline is everything he has ever dreamed of, everything he has ever wanted. She is smart, beautiful, sexy and unforgettable. Night after night he dreams of her and worries when he wakes each morning that she will be gone from his life.

  When he confesses his fears to her, he actually mentions that it reminds him of one of his favorite songs. While writing most of part two I listened to this song and thought it fit Tama’s situation perfectly.

  It is a beautiful Japanese song by a very talented artist (singer and actor) named Hyde. He is actually a member of three different bands, so I might mention him from time to time. His original band is called L'Arc-en-Ciel  is a softer rock/visual kei band. He also has a solo career, with albums under his own name, which covers a number of different types of rock from the softer to more upbeat rock.

  His newer venture is a band he put together with a friend and fellow musician Kaz. They are simply called VAMPS. They are a harder rock type band and for the record I love them.

  This is a song from one of Hyde’s  solo albums. It is a sweet ballad to fall in love with, Tamayama sure did. This is Shallow Sleep By: Hyde.

Original Japanese version

In English with subtitles too.

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