Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hump Day Hunks #2

  05/02- A Hunk With a Past-

  Let me introduce you to the man whose past started my four book Zogone Saga. The hero of Old Dreams and a secondary character for Past Regrets, Ancient Enemies and New Beginnings. He is a Zogone scientist named Dr. Brianeth Hardigan, better known as Brian.

  As a young scientist, Brian meets Colleen, a young woman their people had abducted to study Earthlings along with five others from her village. Before long, their tests and long conversations turned to love. Colleen agrees to marry him and stay with him forever.

  Nevertheless, their time is cut short when Colleen is murdered. Not wanting to live without her, Brian chooses to be cryogenically frozen until his wife is reborn. Now, hundreds of years later, Colleen has been reincarnated, Brian’s people wake him from his long sleep and he rushes to be by her side.

  The only problem is this new girl, Arlene is a whole new girl and has no clue who Brian is. Even worse, she doesn’t remember Colleen’s life at all. Using every ounce of patience he possesses, with a little help Brian works his way into her life, then waits as his presence makes her past life comes back to her in flashes and dreams. Here is what it feels like for Brian, finding her again.

  From Old Dreams-

  From the moment he had opened the door to her he had known it was her, he
would have known her anywhere. Height, weight, hair, eyes, everything was the same.
She was the same woman she had been over five hundred years before.

  Her long hair was like strands of fire that turned to spirally curls in all their thick
red glory highlighted with brown strips. Emeralds didn't sparkle quite as lovely as her
green expressive eyes. Her body was lean and her waist slender like any athlete normally
would be. And as it was supposed to be, how it had always been, Arlene fit perfectly
under his chin being a foot shorter than him. Her body lined up perfectly to fit against his
as if they had been made to fit together like two pieces of an intricately designed puzzle.

  It had taken every ounce of his strength and patience to not just simply pull her
into his arms. He wanted to kiss her and hold her more than anything he had ever wanted
before. Since the night he had awoken to learn they had found her, he had missed her
desperately and he could only think of how desperately he loved her.

  The only thing that stopped him from pulling her against him right now was the
fear of scaring her away before she had a chance to remember everything that had
happened in her last life. In the short, yet beautiful life they had shared together in
unequaled bliss.

  In time Arlene would remember everything they had shared together and then she
would return to her rightful place in his arms and back amongst the Zogone people in
space. But for now Brian would have to wait and use this time to learn everything about
her new life where she had grown up in New Mexico. There was sure to be differences
between the Scottish lassie she had been and the American teenager she was today.

  Time, patience, and a little help from a few friends and Brian would have his wife
back in no time, then they could go home together. They could finally be man and wife
once more.

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