Monday, February 22, 2016

Music Monday with a Remake

As a die hard fan of The Walking Dead, Sunday night is spent fighting zombies. Being the whacked out writer that I am, that also means spending the night fighting them in my dreams. Monday morning and stupid o'clock comes way to soon, making me desperate for a replay of the night without so many zombies and without me resembling the walking dead myself.

  So, how do I get myself going? A lot of French Vanilla Cappuccino and some rock music with a nice beat is the best way to start the work week. Today I'm sharing both the original and a remake of a song. Usually remakes don't go so well, but the South Korean band CN Blue does some really great remakes live once in a while. The original song by The Calling was released back in 2001 and CN Blue sung it at a live event in 2011. Here are both versions, so let me know what you think. I'm not sure which one I love best as both are fantastic.

The Calling- Wherever You Will Go

CN Blue- Wherever You Will Go

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tunes Tuesday for Those Hard Days.

  Yesterday's Music Monday only made it to the planning stage as it turned out to be a crazy day and had to be pushed to a Tunes Tuesday. Anyone who has ever worked in retail or other types of service industries, knows that there are those days (especially school holidays) where everything just goes wrong. Long lines at the register, phone ringing off the hook, kid's running all over half throwing stuff while the other half screams their heads off and of course the startling background music of something big and probably expensive breaking.

  For those days, you need some type of pick-me-up. One of my favorites is to remember even if a monsoon comes in to surprise you, you have to learn to roll with it and try to find the fun in it. For a good laugh watch this mini concert and see how they deal with their hard day.

SHINee at Hong Kong Dome Festival- July, 1st, 2013

P.S. I feel bad for them until they flop down into a puddle and hear their leader's reaction. :)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Music Monday With a New Start

    Over the last year I've been so busy with working at Michael's, craft fairs and my drama down time that I haven't updated in over a year. I had no idea it had been that long. I've went to do posts a number of times and gotten busy. So starting now, I'm going to put in more effort to keep everyone updated.

    What is happening to my zombie apocalypse book???? That is a good question. I have a few chapters written up and a number of extra scenes, but... Now here is where my inner editor pops up. I started questioning myself way to much. How could that be? Is that scientifically possible? Isn't this rushing it a bit? Why? Why? Why? I do hate myself some days. Shut up brain and just let the story flow. Safe to say, the zombie apocalypse is sitting on the side lines for now. I'm going to let it rest for a few months, then get back to it once I've stopped debating rigor mortis versus natural decomposition.

  Of course, a writer's brain never stops, so while the zombies are napping I am being haunted by this face.
                                                 seo kang joon:

  After seeing this young actor in a drama, I started having vivid nightmares about him being a crazy stalker. Just to get it out of my head I wrote it down and now... Well by now you should know how my nightmares go. I already have a full timeline for the major events in this book, notes written all over and the first two chapters in first draft. Not a bad start at all.

   For our new start, I'd like to share a song from a drama remake that I really like. I've never shared a Thai song before, so I think it is about time. They have some great stuff that is highly underrated.

Oh Baby I - Mike D. Angelo feat. Aom Sushar- Full House 2014 OST