Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday- Music For the Tragic Love

  04/30- Music For the Tragic Love-

  At some point in every writer’s career, an important secondary character has to die for the story to move along. Death has a huge impact on everyone who deals with it, especially when the departed means a lot to you. To bring out the right emotion and make the scene feel real, you need the perfect mood music.
In one of my last few books -and I won’t say which one, because death sucks- I had to kill off an important person to my heroine. I found the perfect song to make her fall apart, then pull herself back together, so she could be there for her family. This song was so perfect with this scene, it not only had me crying by the end of it, but sobbing and gasping for air. That song is Mia (translated as lost child or missing child) By IU (pronounced I You).

  Now, remember I said I was a huge Asian Drama fan. I first learned about IU when she made her acting debut in the drama Dream High in 2010-2011. I thought she was the cutest and sweetest little gal I had ever seen. I learned that she was a real singer, so it was off to YouTube where I found this song. From the first time I heard it, I feel in love with the song. Mia is the perfect tragic love story all on it's own.

  Please excuse me if I translate this badly, because I only know a handful of Korean. I'll explain from what i have heard from other IU fans who do speak Korean. In Mia, her lover dies, but she can’t except losing him. She follows his path into the underworld to try to get him back. Fighting her way through the spirits that would keep her there, she finally finds him. But, he says it is not her time, gives her back their couple’s ring. Then, he tells her to go back, burn the pictures of them and forget about him.

  Seeing her agony just kills me. She did an amazing job with the video. All the different instruments used left a soft almost eerie sound in my mind. And yes the images are slightly creepy, but she gets her point across in an incredible way. A beautiful, tragic love story that stole my heart.

For the adventurist, watch the video.

 Mia By:IU- Original Music Video

Then, if you would like watch the second video. This one is just the song, but with the lyrics added on in English. 

Mia By: IU- Song with English Subtitles

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

4/29- From New Beginnings-

  "In other words, we kill your convicts if we want to go home?" Dragunter asked, sounding even more disrespectful.
  "No alien man. I said champion not champions. Megumi will kill them, unless of course she dies, then you can have a shot at it." Shiva winked then pointed at the ceiling. "Dragunter and I will watch from above. If you fall he will take up the sword for you."

 #six Sunday

Link to New Beginnings

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday- About Me!

Thoughtful Thursdays-

  I won’t be doing Thoughtful Thursday every week. I don’t want to end up being bogged down worrying more about what to write for my next blog than my actual writing. On the weeks when something important is going on or I’ve found something interesting to share, then I will.

  For my first week of full on blogging, I thought I would use my Thursday to offer up a little about myself. The most important thing to me is family. I come from a huge family, but unfortunately they all live down south. I don’t get to see them often, though I think of at least one of them each day.

  My own small family keeps me going. There is the hubby Tim and my 13-year-old son T.J. ( Tim, Time’e, I don’t know what he is called today. Apparently being a teenager means changing your nickname every day.)

  Also in our tiny family are my two sweetest babies. Though they think they are just as human as us, they are actually ferrets. The oldest is an albino ferret named Shiva, who does a great impression of a teenage human girl, diva, princess. She is such a character that I actually used her to create a villain for my book New Beginnings.

  My youngest is Scooter, who my son named and he thinks he is a tiny human baby. He constantly needs to hug, snuggle and have attention from someone. Those are two kids who really love each other. But that is a story for another day.

  The first thing people get to know about me is how important romance is to me and I’m a sucker for the L word. One thing that defines me is I love to be entertained and while doing so learn new things. I always have to have music around me. I watch way to much TV and always have. I even thought about writing for a TV show, but I’m sure you need a special degree for that. I love all sorts of types of movies, everything from fantasy to action as long as it has a love story mixed in.  

  Not only am I a writer, but an avid reader. I tend to hit library sales with a vengeance, plus everyone I know buys me books for holidays. My own home library is filled with over a thousand titles, plus my e-reader is loaded to max. I’ve gotten to the point where sometimes I have to donate books when I end up with doubles. I tend to read a lot of different things, from a few mysteries, a ton of YA, the occasional sci-fi, manga (romantic comic books), but mostly romance of one genre or another.

  One of my favorite things are Asian Dramas. In Asian Countries they tend to take mangas and turn them into animes (which I love too) then later live action drama TV shows. So, I’m slightly addicted to these shows.

  Ok, enough about me. I’ll add in more info down the road. Maybe next week I’ll even share details on the Drama inspired time-travel I’m working on along with Petrus’ You Were Wrong (Book 2 in the Haven Sent saga).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day Hunks:

  Each Wednesday I’m planning to bring you a hunk worthy snippet. But here is the catch! Each week will have a different theme. A hunk with a past, a hunk with a dream, a hunk worth slapping, a hunk worth dying for, ect.
For my first Hump Day Hunk entry, I wanted to do something epic and unforgettable. So, I’ll start out with a hunk who could use a really good slap. From my book, His Kiss, we have the character Jonas. He is a very gorgeous, Native American and some what of a ladies’ man.
  Jonas meets this crazy chick, Amber at a friend’s barbeque and really likes her. The only problem is she is completely hung up on his baby brother. This piece of a scene is his reaction to his brother telling him to keep his hands off Amber.

His Kiss-
  Taylor dragged Jonas out into the street and shoved him against his own work truck.
"Look there are a million girls in the world, can't you just go find one of them and leave my Amber alone?"
  "Your Amber? I don't see a ring on her finger baby brother." Jonas grinned snottily.
  "Don't screw with me Jonas. You have messed around with every girlfriend I have ever
had except for Janet."
  "That's cause Janet may be small, but she's one big bitch bro." Using one hand he lightly
pushed Taylor back a step and stood up straight. "Come to think about it, you've never wanted to rip my head off over a girl. It's always been if she is the type of girl who wants to run after my brother, then good riddance. Now your little pal shows interest in me and you fly off the handle? I don't think so. Give it to me straight. What is really going on here?"
  "I was lying to Janet and said Amber was my new girlfriend, then kissed her to prove my
  Shrugging Jonas asked, "So what? You kissed her. Does that mean you have to protect her virtue now man?"

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday


  Music Worth Fighting For:

 Music plays a huge part in my writing, so I thought I would start sharing what inspires me each Monday. Someone once called me a Poser for not sticking to just one type of music. Oh well… whatever. It doesn’t bother me and its their lose. They have no idea how much they are missing by sticking with their own one type of music.

 I love almost every type of music. As a fair warning I’m also a HUGE fan of Asian Dramas. So all my music choices might not be in English, but they will all serve a purpose in my advances to write great love stories.
Now, what music is worth fighting for? In my Zogone saga (1-Old Dreams, 2- Past Regrets, 3- Ancient Enemies, 4- New Beginnings).  I wrote a number of battle scenes. Swords and staffs striking, laser riffles firing, hand to hand combat, punching, kicking, swinging, dodging, full on action scenes and even one space battle.

 To write these scenes I need loud, exciting songs. With my headphones on, one of the songs I use, is like an explosion of sound. The background music slams at you from all sides making your blood boil and your heart pound. The words leave you slightly angry and ready for a fight. This is one of the songs I stick to for fight scenes and also one of my son’s favorite bands.
Stick your headphones on to get the full affect of the song, then if you would like leave a comment. How does the song make you feel? Are you like me and ready to write an exciting scene, picking a fight and killing off the last person who really peeved you off?

Fight worthy song!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday-

4/22- From Talkers By. Debra A. Soles-

  Dropping his paper, Ritter looked up at her, lifting his right pierced eyebrow.
  “So vhat you are saying is you never meant to go along with it? I just
tempted you?”
  Her mouth open and she started to stutter awkwardly. “Well yes actually.”
  Standing up, Ritter walked right up in front of her, leaned down, sticking his face in hers. “So you are saying I seduced you and made you vant to do bad things to me?”

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's new with me.

I've decided I'm ready for the next step in my campain to reach more readers. I've seen the listings for Six Sentence Sunday, Music Monday or High-Five Monday depending on the author. Sounds interesting, so sign me up.
Also any upcoming blog hops I think me site is ready to join. Any site hosting a hop with an empty spot let me know. I'd be happy to help out. E-mail me at
Now that I have a smart phone, I have twitter right at my finger tips. If you haven't found me yet, look up debdebss. I always love passing on book info.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'm having some trouble getting my posts to show up in Triberr to be reposted on Twitter. So I'll repost some info. I was supposed to be up for a spotlight last week, but it seems NCP was busy updating their site and making it look better than ever. When the new date for my Author Spotlight comes through, I'll be sure to pass the info on.
For those of you who missed it, my newly released Talkers hit the NCP Best Seller list last week.As of this morning it is still there and I couln't be more thrilled. I hope everyone that buys it, loves it as much as I do. Ritter is the perfect hero, with characteristics that have something for every woman to love. ;) If you haven't read Talkers yet, hurry so you don't miss out and grab your copy today.
 May you always find joy in music and reading and never stop sharing the love.