Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday


  Music Worth Fighting For:

 Music plays a huge part in my writing, so I thought I would start sharing what inspires me each Monday. Someone once called me a Poser for not sticking to just one type of music. Oh well… whatever. It doesn’t bother me and its their lose. They have no idea how much they are missing by sticking with their own one type of music.

 I love almost every type of music. As a fair warning I’m also a HUGE fan of Asian Dramas. So all my music choices might not be in English, but they will all serve a purpose in my advances to write great love stories.
Now, what music is worth fighting for? In my Zogone saga (1-Old Dreams, 2- Past Regrets, 3- Ancient Enemies, 4- New Beginnings).  I wrote a number of battle scenes. Swords and staffs striking, laser riffles firing, hand to hand combat, punching, kicking, swinging, dodging, full on action scenes and even one space battle.

 To write these scenes I need loud, exciting songs. With my headphones on, one of the songs I use, is like an explosion of sound. The background music slams at you from all sides making your blood boil and your heart pound. The words leave you slightly angry and ready for a fight. This is one of the songs I stick to for fight scenes and also one of my son’s favorite bands.
Stick your headphones on to get the full affect of the song, then if you would like leave a comment. How does the song make you feel? Are you like me and ready to write an exciting scene, picking a fight and killing off the last person who really peeved you off?

Fight worthy song!

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