Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day Hunks:

  Each Wednesday I’m planning to bring you a hunk worthy snippet. But here is the catch! Each week will have a different theme. A hunk with a past, a hunk with a dream, a hunk worth slapping, a hunk worth dying for, ect.
For my first Hump Day Hunk entry, I wanted to do something epic and unforgettable. So, I’ll start out with a hunk who could use a really good slap. From my book, His Kiss, we have the character Jonas. He is a very gorgeous, Native American and some what of a ladies’ man.
  Jonas meets this crazy chick, Amber at a friend’s barbeque and really likes her. The only problem is she is completely hung up on his baby brother. This piece of a scene is his reaction to his brother telling him to keep his hands off Amber.

His Kiss-
  Taylor dragged Jonas out into the street and shoved him against his own work truck.
"Look there are a million girls in the world, can't you just go find one of them and leave my Amber alone?"
  "Your Amber? I don't see a ring on her finger baby brother." Jonas grinned snottily.
  "Don't screw with me Jonas. You have messed around with every girlfriend I have ever
had except for Janet."
  "That's cause Janet may be small, but she's one big bitch bro." Using one hand he lightly
pushed Taylor back a step and stood up straight. "Come to think about it, you've never wanted to rip my head off over a girl. It's always been if she is the type of girl who wants to run after my brother, then good riddance. Now your little pal shows interest in me and you fly off the handle? I don't think so. Give it to me straight. What is really going on here?"
  "I was lying to Janet and said Amber was my new girlfriend, then kissed her to prove my
  Shrugging Jonas asked, "So what? You kissed her. Does that mean you have to protect her virtue now man?"

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