Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday- About Me!

Thoughtful Thursdays-

  I won’t be doing Thoughtful Thursday every week. I don’t want to end up being bogged down worrying more about what to write for my next blog than my actual writing. On the weeks when something important is going on or I’ve found something interesting to share, then I will.

  For my first week of full on blogging, I thought I would use my Thursday to offer up a little about myself. The most important thing to me is family. I come from a huge family, but unfortunately they all live down south. I don’t get to see them often, though I think of at least one of them each day.

  My own small family keeps me going. There is the hubby Tim and my 13-year-old son T.J. ( Tim, Time’e, I don’t know what he is called today. Apparently being a teenager means changing your nickname every day.)

  Also in our tiny family are my two sweetest babies. Though they think they are just as human as us, they are actually ferrets. The oldest is an albino ferret named Shiva, who does a great impression of a teenage human girl, diva, princess. She is such a character that I actually used her to create a villain for my book New Beginnings.

  My youngest is Scooter, who my son named and he thinks he is a tiny human baby. He constantly needs to hug, snuggle and have attention from someone. Those are two kids who really love each other. But that is a story for another day.

  The first thing people get to know about me is how important romance is to me and I’m a sucker for the L word. One thing that defines me is I love to be entertained and while doing so learn new things. I always have to have music around me. I watch way to much TV and always have. I even thought about writing for a TV show, but I’m sure you need a special degree for that. I love all sorts of types of movies, everything from fantasy to action as long as it has a love story mixed in.  

  Not only am I a writer, but an avid reader. I tend to hit library sales with a vengeance, plus everyone I know buys me books for holidays. My own home library is filled with over a thousand titles, plus my e-reader is loaded to max. I’ve gotten to the point where sometimes I have to donate books when I end up with doubles. I tend to read a lot of different things, from a few mysteries, a ton of YA, the occasional sci-fi, manga (romantic comic books), but mostly romance of one genre or another.

  One of my favorite things are Asian Dramas. In Asian Countries they tend to take mangas and turn them into animes (which I love too) then later live action drama TV shows. So, I’m slightly addicted to these shows.

  Ok, enough about me. I’ll add in more info down the road. Maybe next week I’ll even share details on the Drama inspired time-travel I’m working on along with Petrus’ You Were Wrong (Book 2 in the Haven Sent saga).

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