Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday- Music For the Tragic Love

  04/30- Music For the Tragic Love-

  At some point in every writer’s career, an important secondary character has to die for the story to move along. Death has a huge impact on everyone who deals with it, especially when the departed means a lot to you. To bring out the right emotion and make the scene feel real, you need the perfect mood music.
In one of my last few books -and I won’t say which one, because death sucks- I had to kill off an important person to my heroine. I found the perfect song to make her fall apart, then pull herself back together, so she could be there for her family. This song was so perfect with this scene, it not only had me crying by the end of it, but sobbing and gasping for air. That song is Mia (translated as lost child or missing child) By IU (pronounced I You).

  Now, remember I said I was a huge Asian Drama fan. I first learned about IU when she made her acting debut in the drama Dream High in 2010-2011. I thought she was the cutest and sweetest little gal I had ever seen. I learned that she was a real singer, so it was off to YouTube where I found this song. From the first time I heard it, I feel in love with the song. Mia is the perfect tragic love story all on it's own.

  Please excuse me if I translate this badly, because I only know a handful of Korean. I'll explain from what i have heard from other IU fans who do speak Korean. In Mia, her lover dies, but she can’t except losing him. She follows his path into the underworld to try to get him back. Fighting her way through the spirits that would keep her there, she finally finds him. But, he says it is not her time, gives her back their couple’s ring. Then, he tells her to go back, burn the pictures of them and forget about him.

  Seeing her agony just kills me. She did an amazing job with the video. All the different instruments used left a soft almost eerie sound in my mind. And yes the images are slightly creepy, but she gets her point across in an incredible way. A beautiful, tragic love story that stole my heart.

For the adventurist, watch the video.

 Mia By:IU- Original Music Video

Then, if you would like watch the second video. This one is just the song, but with the lyrics added on in English. 

Mia By: IU- Song with English Subtitles

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