Tuesday, February 21, 2012

His Kiss Excerpt #2

  Excerpt 2-

  Taylor dragged Jonas out into the street and shoved him against his own work truck. "Look there are a million girls in the world, can't you just go find one of them and leave my Amber alone?"

  "Your Amber? I don't see a ring on her finger baby brother." Jonas grinned snottily.

  "Don't screw with me Jonas. You have messed around with every girlfriend I have ever had except for Janet."

  "That's cause Janet may be small, but she's one big bitch bro." Using one hand he lightly pushed Taylor back a step and stood up straight. "Come to think about it, you've never wanted to rip my head off over a girl. It's always been if she is the type of girl who wants to run after my brother, then good riddance. Now your little pal shows interest in me and you fly off the handle? I don't think so. Give it to me straight. What is really going on here?"

  "I was lying to Janet and said Amber was my new girlfriend, then kissed her to prove my point."
Shrugging Jonas asked, "So what? You kissed her. Does that mean you have to protect her virtue now man?"
When Taylor only glared at him, Jonas slapped him on the shoulder and roared with laughter. "You're in love with your little Amber."

  "No, I care about her. She is my best friend and she has already been messed with by a guy like you.."
Jonas rolled his eyes. "I hear you baby brother and all the crap you're spewing."

  "Okay… Yes I have feelings for her and soon I'm hoping I'll be over all the Janet crap. Then I'm going to make a play for Amber myself."

  Slapping him on the shoulder again, Jonas laughed. "Now that wasn't so hard was it? So want to explain to me why your Amber was making the rounds with every single guy at the party?"

  "You have to keep this between you and me, because she has no idea that I know. Apparently our little kiss set off the same feelings for her. She went out with this guy and even kissed him to try to wean herself off the feelings. Her experiment went badly, so now she is looking for the guy who will work."

  "And she picked me? How perfect is that?" Jonas laughed.

  "But that's great right. She chose the guy most physically like me and the one guy I might be able to have help keep her mine."

  "You want me to date your girl, so no one else will?" Jonas wrinkled his nose at Taylor.

  "No, I want you to pretend to date her. Spend time with her, get to know her. I'm sure you guys could be great friends." Taylor added a lot of intensity to the word 'friends'.

  "What if she tries her little experiment on me?" Jonas pointed out a little over eager sounding.

  "I'll trust you to make sure that doesn't happen. If things go the way I think they might, she could be your sister some day. So keep that in mind." Taylor said pacing in front of his brother now.

  "What if she falls in love with me in the mean time?"

  Taylor snorted sarcastically, "I don't see that happening. Amber might have fun with you, but she is a smart enough girl to not fall for a player like you. Maybe you can become one of her best pals and even let her catch your eyes wondering a time or two. Nothing gross or obnoxious or she won't keep hanging out with you." Taylor added for good measure.

  With one strong hand Jonas pulled his brother to lean against the truck beside him. "For someone who isn't completely in love with a girl you sure are doing a lot to keep her."

  "I have strong feelings for her, but until I get rid of Janet completely there isn't a lot I can do about it yet. So I really need your help with this. Can I count on you?"

  Jonas wrapped his arm around his younger brother's shoulders before answering. "Here's what I'll do. I'll put the word out with all the singles I know, so everyone knows she is taken. I'll take her out two maybe three times a week. Every once and a while I'll let you know where we will be, so you can magically be there too."

  "Sounds good, keep her busy and all the other guys away." Taylor grinned.

  "Oh, but I'm not done. If I go through all this crap for you and you don't end up marrying this girl, I'll never forgive you. Maybe even think of keeping her for myself. If you had forgotten I had been talking about seeing her before I knew your deal. She is one fine woman and I can see why you want her." Jonas couldn't help ribbing his brother.

  "Just so you remember she is mine." Taylor pointed at Jonas warningly.

  "No problem bro. Besides after this you are going to owe me big time, with no questions asked." Jonas promised.

  "Great what have I got myself into. Well if you need a kidney one day, I've got two. Anything as long as you help me keep my heart." Taylor agreed, then they slapped hands together sharing a grin.

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