Monday, February 27, 2012

Ancient Enemies- Excerpt #2


 Excerpt #2-

Then it all changed when the strange woman came leaping out of the darkness at him, wielding a set of double katanas. Long silky black hair fell to the middle of her back, skin as pale as the new moon and flashing eyes pierced him as they flashed brightly. Relying on instinct, he jerked his leather guitar case in front of his face, stopping the katanas descent in a X formation on either side of his face.

"Human, alien or vampire?" Were the girl's snarled words.

Only understanding a little English, he could only shake his head in confusion. "Es net es sco she ana mo es mas. (I can speak a little English.) Wa do you cootie ha na day es sigh. (Please speak more slowly.)"

She turned and looked over her shoulder to speak to someone in the shadows. "It's just a kid and seems like he can't really understand me. But I'm positive he is the life sign we have been chasing."

Out of the darkness came a young man, maybe a few years older than himself around the same as the girl standing over him. Though it was neat and short in the back, his dark bangs fell over his forehead almost touching his eyelashes, shading what he could tell were caring eyes.

It surprised him when the other man kneeled down beside him and said very slowly. "I can fix this."

First the young man held up a hand as if to say he meant no harm and nodded. Feeling a little dumb he nodded back, glancing from one to the other of the two strangers. The girl pulled her swords back and strapped them back in place in the pack on her back, then took a step away from them.

The young man leaned forward and placed a small cold, plastic box against the side of his forehead. An instant later a blinding pain shot through his head, making him scream in pure agony. It felt like his eyes were about to pop out after being burned from the sockets, as water pooled in the corner of his eyes.

After a moment his eyes began to clear and the mumbled conversation around him started to miraculously make sense. "Geez Borus, are you trying to kill the kid. Give a guy a little warning."

"I don't know how to speak Japanese babe, so how was I supposed to warn him?"

"Ah, excuse me… but what did you just do to me?" It took him a moment to realize he had just spoken in perfect English. "Wait, did I just…"

"Yeah kid, you did. What I did was implant the whole English language directly into your brain with a very top secret technological device." Holding his hand out the man shook his with a smile. "I'm Borus Hardigan and my girl here is Jade Bartram. Now who might you be?"

"I am Yazawa, Tamayama. But you can just call me Tama."

 "Ok, Tama it is then." The girl Jade spoke up. "Now back to my original question that you couldn't understand. Are you a human, alien or vampire?"

"Wha… What do you mean?"

"Were you born on Earth?" Jade asked, standing over him like an avenging angel in the darkness.

"Of course I was." Tama replied, getting more confused by the moment.

"Is your mother a normal human?"

"Of course she is."

"And your father? Is he human too?"

Tama sucked in a deep breath and glanced down at his swinging hands, braced on his upraised knees. "Yeah my old man is human too."

There was a rustling of clothes as Jade bet down in front of him and using one finger to lift his chin, forced him to look at her. "You don't sound so sure of that. Is there any chance that your father isn't your biological father?"

"Yeah, he isn't my real father. I don't know who that other man is. The thing is my mother… Well she was…"

"Raped, beaten and left for dead? Now she is either terribly sick or dead?" Jade asked shaking her head in agitation, making all of her lovely hair dance around her face.

"Actually, that is exactly what happened, but how did you know that?" Tama asked, completely shocked that the girl could get the truth so quickly.

"Your mother, how is she now?" Borus asked as Tama continued to blink up at Jade in wonder.

"She has an incurable disease now. Most days she is okay, but some times she has these spells where she falls close to death's door. Some how I always talk her into getting better."

"Talk her into getting better?" Borus asked, but Tama just shrugged because there was no way he could explain it and if he could they probably wouldn't believe him.

Jade spoke again, grabbing Tama's full attention. "What about you? Are you sick or have you had any type of episodes? Have you ever blacked out and had missing time that you can remember? Has anything like that ever happened to you?"

"Nothing like that, other than crying on my mother and healing her." He felt like a complete failure as a man saying that to such a cute girl. "Well until today that is."

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