Friday, September 28, 2012

Freaky Friday With More Thoughts for a Player-

  Though I'm still not up to par, my health issues have just about cleared up. So, this week I've forced myself back into the grind. I've worked more on my YA W.I.P. and written up most of a new scene for You Were Wrong!  Once again, a secondary character pops his nose into the scene to create havoc.
  I mentioned before that Val is divorced, but I didn't tell you about Aidan. From the first day of school in Kindergarten when they meet, Aidan and Val had been inseparable. Other than Shayle, Aidan had always been Val's best friend. Their relationship naturally evolved into young love. They became high school sweethearts, then partners on the race track.

  Aidan never asked her to marry him. They were so close that it was a given that everyone knew was coming. One day Aidan was doing some painting for Val's mother in the living room of the fancy penthouse she had gotten from divorce number three. He was working side by side companionably with Val and Shayle. Then, out of the blue, he stops, paint roller midway up the wall and turns to Val.
  "We should really plan our wedding soon, so it is all done before we have to leave for Summer Nationals this year."

  Unfortunately their blissful relationship didn't last more than two years after the wedding. Val started to become well known on the racing track, she got more endorsements and was promoted to head of their racing crew, while Aidan's rise came slower. Both of them have quick nasty tempers, add on to that being stuck constantly under each other during travel, working together on the track and garage. Add in Aidan's slow boiling resentment, racer groupies constantly hanging around him and the stress piling up.

  When another crew contacted Aidan wanting him to come in and replace their head of crew, get a pay raise and new endorsements, Aidan didn't think twice. He packed a bag and left both his racing crew and Val for the new crew. When Val received the divorce  papers two weeks later, she singed them with a sigh of relief, tired of all the fighting.

  After this you would think a couple like them would hate each other, but to the contrary distance can make the heart grow fonder. When they run into each other at races now, they hug happy to see each other, hang out, go out to dinner together, still  the best of friends.Aidan would always be the great love of her life, no matter how badly they had harmed each other in the past.  But, when he bumps into her at the main race track on Petrus' home planet Franconia, he has other ideas.

  Seeing his ex-wife involved with a younger man, Aidan realizes what he has lost and makes no bones about telling her he wants her back right in front of Petrus. Petrus learning that Val is still in love with her ex makes him turn possessive for the first time in his life and finds himself stacking a claim on Val. I really think the battle between these two men over Val is going to get nasty. We will just have to see which man can change his ways and win the girl.

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