Monday, October 1, 2012

Music Monday- Music For Those Who Value Love-

  Some days it feels like our society has given up on true love. In today's world it is all about hooking up, playing with marriage and breaking up once you get bored with your lover. It is horrofying to think about. To me, when you promise forever, that is how long to stay together, not until you get bored and move on to someone more interesting.

  For my heroine in my W.I.P. Val, from You Were Wrong!, forever just walked out one day without looking back. Val always assumed she would grow old with her first love Aidan, until out of the blue he could no longer deal with being with her. While, her mother goes through men like used tissues, Val is a solid committed woman. Val never wants to fall in love again, because she assumes her heart will alwaysbelong to her ex.

  Petrus throws her for a loop. Where she sees him as just a playmate, it surprises her to have real feelings for him. But, when she sees him with another woman, she has to think long and hard about sticking with him or letting him naturally float back to his player ways.

  This song is to help her figure out who is the right man for her and whose love is worth sticking with.

Stick With You By: The Pussycat Dolls

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