Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday On the Road to Wickedness-

  With Wicked Romance Giveaway/Hop just around the corner so I've been telling you about Megumi's life from my book New Beginnings. If you haven't read the rest of my Zogone Saga you are probably wondering, how did a Japanese Yanki gang girl end up on an alien planet? The previous book Ancient Enemies introduces us to Megumi's younger brother Tama. He is the one the aliens come to Earth to capture.

  In Ancient Enemies I break the book up into two parts. The first part is about one couple Josh a Zogone solider and a regular throughout the whole series and a witch named Snow who he finds protecting her aunt, one of the Puritan Vampires victims and her cousin Jade one of the lost vampire children . In part two Jade has joined the Zogone military and helps in the DNA search that found her. She finds Tama and adds a little more trauma into his life. 

  This weeks #sixsunday is from the opening scene of part two were we meet Tama as he sits alone trying to figure out what to do after he has lost control of his powers and hating himself for it, because he doesn't understand how he became like this after being born from an attack on his mother.

  Both of his parents had brown eyes while his were a strange smoky blue like he had never seen on another person and it was the bane of his existence, but he might have never known if Megumi hadn't of told him the truth in a fit of rage.  She told him what had happened that night to their mother and that it was his fault that she had become a Yankii gang girl.

  Then it all changed when the strange woman came leaping out of the darkness at him, wielding a set of double katanas. Long silky black hair fell to the middle of her back, skin as pale as the new moon and flashing eyes pierced him as they flashed brightly. Relying on instinct, he jerked his leather guitar case in front of his face, stopping the katanas descent in an X formation on either side of his face.

  "Human, alien or vampire?" Were the girl's snarled words.

Want to see what happens next?

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