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Hump Day Hunks for a Wicked Girl's Heroes-

Wicked Romance Giveaway/Hop Link!

Oct. 24th- For a Wicked Girl With a Choice of Heroes-

  I shared info on my two heroes last Wednesday, but some of you might have missed it or be new. While I’m doing the Wicked Romance Giveaway/Hop I’ll share the info again, that way you’ll be sure to leave me a comment on the Link above to try to win a copy of New Beginnings.

  To have a worthy hero you need to have a heroine the man would kill for. Our heroine for New Beginnings is named Yazawa, Megumi. By now everyone has learned about Megumi’s checkered past, but I bet you are wondering where the idea for a yankii gang girl came from. Growing up I saw a lot of martial arts movies, filled with gangs, hoods and bikers. The ones that stood out the most were the Japanese gang members dressed in floor length kamikaze coat in vivid colors and the most detailed embroidery.

  After I started reading manga and watching animes I came across the cutes fantasy romance story, with two characters who had been Yankii gang girls in the past. It intrigued me and sparked my interest to learn more.

To watch Fruits Basket online- Go here!

To buy the anime, manga books and other Fruits Basket gear- Go here!

A lot of my readers probably know by now that my favorite movie is a Japanese movie called Nana. Nana was also made into an anime. The opening theme song for the anime led me to learn about a singer/actress Anna Tsuchiya.

Nana anime opening theme- Rose By: Anna Tsuchiya- See it here.

I grew to love Anna, so when she came out in the movie Kamikaze Girls I had to see it. She played the part of a yankii gang girl Ichiko so well, it got me excited to try my own hand at writing a character like her. Showing even more of her usual rocker girl attitude I based my Megumi off of Anna.

Read about Kamizake Girls here.

Watch Kamizake Girls here with Englidsh subtitles.
Now that you know were my Megumi came from, let’s take another peek at her two heroes and see, which guy would you pick for Megumi.

 1- Captain Dragunter- He is one of the Zogone aliens, a military man, a solider. But, the kick in the butt for him is, after an accident he has been infected by an enemy and can't control himself from changing... into a werewolf. On Adrivar, Megumi meets Dragunter and they are instantly attracted to each other. But, after his accident he dumps her, afraid of what he might do to her. That is until he finds out about Ryuu!
Model of Captain Dragunter

   2- Ryuu Harada- Japanese business man who works for his father's company, giving up being a musician to be a stable person in her life. He is Megumi's first love, a man she never wanted to separate with, but they were ripped apart by the Yankii gang. Losing him was one of the biggest regrets of her life, but she knows he can never forgive her for walking out on him. Honestly, she could never forgive herself either and knows she doesn't deserve his love. Ryuu on the other hand will stop at nothing to get her back, including going to an alien planet to find her.

Model of Ryuu Harada

   So let me pose this question again for those who missed it-

  Who would you choose if you were Megumi? The solider or the lost great love of your life? Go home to Japan and try to fix the life you lost or start over with a brand new beginning on the Zogone's home planet of Adrivar? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear the readers opinions on this!

And don't miss tomorrows post and miss out on our special guest, Author Craig Thompson. Come by and help support great authors.

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