Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wicked Romance Giveaway/Hop- Finding What is Really Scary

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  Sharing My Favorite Read Giveaway Hop was organized by Reading Romances!

   When you hear the word wicked images of darkness, demons and evil come to mind in the form of monsters and boogie men. But, horrors of pure evil don't always have to be fictional. In the forth book of my Zogone Saga, New Beginnings, Megumi goes from dealing with the vampire breed of monster to the human kind. After reeling in the images of the attack on her mother, Megumi is slowly pulled into a place where others like her, victims, have learned to fight back and have become the monsters themselves.


  Megumi's demons are in the form of Japanese Yankii gang girls. Using her trauma from the past, they reel her in, brainwash her until she willing gives up everything for them. She barely makes it through school, then runs away from home, barely seeing any of her family. She dumps her boyfriend, who begs and pleads with her to stay away from the gang. Refusing to listen to anyone she moves right into the abandoned warehouse with the gang, but quickly learns the other girls’ promises aren't all they were cracked up to be.

  What the wicked gang girls don't tell you on joining!

-Once you are in there is no going back. We own you.
-Make the leader angry, your punishment is a beat down by all the other girls. If you survive it you are lucky. If you don't survive, "Oh well."
-Gang life means rival gang fights. Lose and die.
-Girl gangs have male counter parts. If your gang is allied with a brother gang, they think you belong to them.
-Joining a Yankii gang isn't like joining Girl Scout's. There are no tea parties and cookies here, just violence, drinking and drugs.
-If it can be used as a weapon, it will be. Just watch your back, because a sister can turn that weapon on you at any time.
From the Japanese movie Kamikaze Girls

From the Japanese movie Kamikaze Girls

  By the time Tama comes to get his sister in my Zogone book #3, Ancient Enemies, Megumi is more than ready to go with the aliens when they come to abduct her from the warehouse. Seeing the aliens erase her from the minds of the gang girls, here is her reaction.

  "Seriously… I don't know what to say." Dropping her cigarette on the ground, she stomped it, then dropped an arm across his shoulders. "How can I help? "

  "I want you to leave this world behind, the gangs, the violence and come with me. I need you by my side and I need a way to make amends to you for everything that happened in the past."

  "None of that was your fault. You know that right?"

  "Yeah, I know, but I finally have a chance to really do something for you and this family. Will you leave this crap behind and come with me?" Tama asked glancing up at her.

  "Yeah kid, I had pretty much had enough of this scene. Come on let's make a move first." Turning him around they headed back toward home, Tama looping his arm around her waist in relief, never imagining she would go along with his plans so easily.


  Not so lucky for Megumi, she hops out of the frying pan and into the fire. In her story, Zogone book #4, New Beginnings, she is living on the Zogone's home planet Adrivar, but being in the wrong fighter plane at the wrong time, sends her right back into the hands or rather paws of an evil adversary. Along with her now ex-boyfriend, Zogone solider Captain Dragunter they are captured and held by the Goddess Shiva, a ten foot long albino ferret with mystical powers that loves to play with all types of alien beings.

  So mirror mirror on the wall who is the most wicked of them all. My blog hop question for a chance for one of my followers to win a copy of New Beginnings is-

  Which evil would you rather face? The Yankii girl gangs in Japan with their chains, bats and all manner of scary weapons or the Hindu goddess of destruction and rebirth, Shiva on her home planet carefully kept under her paw?
What you can win here: Is a PDF copy of New Beginnings, the fourth book in my Zogone saga.
How to enter: It is simple, just be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment answering my question with your e-mail address for your chance to win.
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  Over the next few days during the blog hop, I'll share information on where I learned about these Yankii gangs. I'll be sharing all sorts of interesting Halloween bits of wickedness. Come back everyday to read something new and interesting. I might even throw in a surprise picture from Halloweens past. 

                                        Can't wait to see if you win? Grab your copy here. 


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  2. Oh I am definitely going with Shiva ;) Thank you for participating in this fun hop. I have signed up to follow and am looking forward to the journey.

  3. I'd rather take my chances with Shiva. Those Yankii girls sound totally badd@ss!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    GFC: Darlene
    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  4. Id say Shiva. :)

    thanks for the bloggin fun :)

    Im GCF follower-Kym

  5. I's take Shiva. I also follow.

  6. Thank you for this chance to win.Have an amazing weekend

  7. Definately Shiva

  8. GFC: Cassandra Hicks
    I think I would go with Shiva lol
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. I think I would go with the Hindu Goddess! Not sure why. Seems like something I would like! I followed you through my
    Thanks for being part of the hop!

  10. The Wicked Romance Giveaway/Hop has come to an ending and it was a lot of fun. I'm happy to say I picked up a few new followers and had a lot of comments over the week. i love hearing what everyone has to say about my crazy ideas.
    The winner of the copy of New Beginnings was chosen by my son. It is my new follower Denise Zaky. Congrats and I hope you love it. I'll be e-mailing the book to you shortly.