Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Wicked Happy Birthday Six Sentence Sunday-

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    It seems really appropriate that my sister Barbara (Babs) was born in October. Halloween is her most favorite time of year, her Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day all rolled into one. For Babs' birthday today I'll share a picture from Halloweens past from one of my favorite Halloweens years and years ago, with a her as her favorite wicked witch and a crazy gypsy who shall remain nameless. *cough...cough* Me!

  Happy Birthday Babs, try not to be too wicked today! :)


     My #sixsunday from New Beginnings-

  She saw Dragunter walk by the lab where the Paddington's extended family was cooing over the new teeny baby girl and followed silently behind him, staying far enough behind so he would not see her. Going through the walkways between all the buildings, he headed to the edge of the city.

  Once he was out in the open, in a field full of tall weeds, he pulled off his shirt and changed. His
long arms and legs contorted as dark brown hair sprouted all over his body. That body leaned in
on itself as it drew closer to the ground. The man was no more, in its place stood a beautiful
strong wolf. Megumi's boyfriend had become a werewolf.

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  1. Great snippet. So is Megumi the person who has followed Dragunter there?

  2. In my first Zogone book, Old Dreams the big bad enemy is a a vampire. The Puritan Vampire has attacked a number of women. In the end of book three Ancient Enemies, we learn that not only a character named Sam was fathered by him.
    My characters start doing a search to find all of the lost children of the vampire. One of those is Tamayama Yazawa and he only agrees to go with the Zogones if they help him get his sister out of her gang and erase her from their memories of all the gang members. That sister is Megumi.
    He drags her with him to planet Adrivar and she likes the new safe life so much she decides to stay. She meets Dragunter on her first day there.