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Frightful Friday- Don't Let Shiva Get You-

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  Probably the most revered God of them all in the Hindu religion is Shiva, the god of destruction and rebirth.

Color Portrait of Shiva

  To Shiva’s worshipers the God is terrifying, beautiful and a vision of hope for what is yet to come.

Statue of Shiva

  So, how in the world did such a character end up being a ten foot long albino ferret with mystic powers including mind reading and being able to talk to others telepathically in any language. It all started with a video game franchise called Final Fantasy made by the company Square-Enix. My son loves the franchise so much, he wants to get his game design degree in collage and go to work making the games for Square-Enix in Japan.

Check out Square-Enix online

  In Final Fantasy the characters can sometimes summon help in the form of Aeons, GF’s (guardian force), or summoning monsters, whatever they want to call them in the newest versions of the game series. One of their regularly used summoning monsters is Shiva, a magic creature whose attack power is ice with a special attack move called Diamond Dust.

From Final Fantasy VII (7)

From Final Fantasy X (10) with a lot better graphics

Screen shots of Shiva's Diamond Dust attack in FFX

  The summoning monster, Shiva is strong enough to quite easy take care of the destruction part of the name. As for the rebirth, after her attack covers everything in ice, the haze clears and your surroundings are back to the way they were. Shocking, powerful and absolutely beautiful.
  When my hubby Tim was picking up hamster food at the pet shop a few years ago, he saw cute baby ferrets and he just had to have one. He decided he had to have an albino ferret, because they looked so cool, so we went back to the pet shop and picked one out.

  Eyes blood red ringed in pink, soft silky coat like pure snow and we quickly learned a diva-ish princess personality. Within hours of buying her, we knew the name fit her perfectly. Here is a sneak peek at the real Shiva who is such a character I had to actually make her one in my book New Beginnings.

Shiva forcing my son T.J. to tote her around in the hood of his hoodie. A favorite pastime of hers.
Shiva happily cat napping surrounded by her gazillion toys.

With the greatest love of her life, her baby brother Scooter, who we bought for her when she turned one.

 Want to learn more about the Hindu God Shiva? Here is a good site.

Hindu Devotion-Shiva Link

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