Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday With the Remedy for Wickedness-

    Here is a perfect song with Halloween coming up. It also goes well with my W.I.P. a SFR YA novel. Image what the world will look like around you after a nasty alien invasion. Charred remains, broken buildings, melted cars and fires breaking out everywhere. Now imagine you survive the attack and you are doing anything in your power to remain undetectable to the aliens.

  But, as soon as you start to feel hopeful of living, a new enemy appears. The dead that have fallen, poisoned by the scratch of the aliens, rise again. Undead controlled by evil alien monsters, reanimated walking corps with bones showing, dripping blood and gore, chunks of meat falling off as they stalk you. And chances are this body might have been someone you knew, loved and had already had to bury once.

  This would be the theme song for having to live through that day, desperate to find a remedy.

Remedy By: Seether

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