Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hump Day Hunks For the Alien Turned Werewolf-

  Usually for Wednesday I post an excerpt, but with the Wicked Romance Giveaway coming up I'd like to tell you a little secret. When I started writing New Beginnings, Megumi had a boyfriend, an alien solider she met on Adrivar.

  Captain Dragunter is crazy about the sexy spitfire Earthling. He starts dreaming of wedding rings and tiny babies. That is until he is in an accident and genes from an enemy Bayger (half cyborg/half werewolf) are transferred to him. Before he knows it he starts changing uncontrollably.

  Fearing what he could become and what he might accidently do to her, Dragunter breaks up with Megumi. But after their plane crashes and all they have is each other to depend on, he starts to rethink their relationship.

  It doesn’t help when he finds out about Ryuu and is exceedingly jealous. Then again, what man wouldn’t be jealous when he finds out his woman had a first love she had lost and secretly still pines away for?

  For the first time in my writing career, I have two heroes and the reader doesn't know who Megumi will chose until the last chapter!

Want to know who she picks? Grab your copy here today!

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