Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Day Hunk For the YA Hero

 Along with You Were Wrong!, I've also been working on a new SFR YA, which I'm hoping will be later picked up by Harlequins new YA line. When I started this book I had a vague idea of what type of hero I wanted. Being a YA, he has to be a YA like my heroine, but with her world on the verge of all out apocalypse there is no way he could be a simple highschool boy.

When aliens attack the planet, who is best to help fight them other than another alien race who has already fought them and survived to tell the tale. In comes our hero, a young man whose own planet was attacked when he was very young. Their planet’s resources were sucked dry, left desolate, with a good 95% of the populace wiped out.

  The remaining survivors trained, took what they could salvage from their homes, then followed the evil creatures who had destroyed their home. Taking the fight to them, became all they had left to live for. Their world may be gone, but they could stop those monsters from destroying anyone else’s planet.

  For a kid who grew up running, hiding, learning to survive and fight, there was no normal life for him. Instead he became a warrior, running on instinct and adrenalin. Coming into contact with our young heroine is a huge shock to him. His usual confident self, becomes shy and awkward. And it takes his brother’s encouragement to realize these strange feelings mean he likes the girl. By why is it that it takes more guts and pure nerve to kiss a girl than kill an alien?

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